Wednesday, 18 May 2022

WOYWW 13th anniversary!

 Who would have thought that we would still be sharing our work desks with bloggers around the globe 13 years on! WOYWW, organised and maintained by Julia at "Stamping Ground", has kept us all together, sharing our desks and crafty activity, all that time. We have made wonderful friendships and supported each other over the years. A big thank you to Julia and Jan for keeping us all going. It means a lot.

So, today I am sharing one of my little ATCs. The rest of them will be winging their way to you if you have said you wanted to swap. I have most addresses but if Ali and Susan still want to swap please email me your addresses and Annie and I will join up and send you our ATCs.

My sunflower celebration cake has a tiny Ukraine flag included on it to show our global support and connection. Maxine has a Ukrainian friend and it has been very hard for them to cope with all that has been happening.

AND finally....( I can never add that to the end of my blog without remembering our lovely friend Shaz. So, on our 13th anniversary, I felt I needed to add it and include her in our thoughts and celebrations.)

My crafty activity for this week...

This is the back and the front of my latest seaside twiddler.

I needed a short lighthouse to fit in the space and thankfully LLJ had a lovely photo of her local one on her blog!

Best wishes to all on our Blogiversary!

xx Jo

Wednesday, 11 May 2022



Good morning all!

Just a quick post today.

I need to pop these little beauties up to the hospital this week.

I have made six Jubilee twiddlers altogether.

I might add a royal personage to the two plainer ones but it depends how busy I am as they are a bit time consuming.

They certainly look bright and cheerful and quite regal, I think!

Don't forget if you want to swap ATCs with me then leave a comment below - you can get a sneaky peek here if you didn't see my last week's post.

Have a good week.

xx Jo

Wednesday, 4 May 2022



Good morning all!
My lead photo is a sneaky peek at some of my ATCs for our 13th anniversary.
I can't get to see Julia's blog (my computer won't let me in!), so Annie reports back to me.
As the theme is "Connections" I thought I would extend my Ukraine brooch theme.

If you would like to swap with me, just leave a comment and I will see what I can do.
I think 13 years of WOYWW friendship and connection is well worth celebrating and we are forever grateful to Julia and her buddy Jan for keeping us going all these years. I know we all really value the friendship and sharing of all things crafty!

We are still hoping to have a gathering at some point this year and we wondered if September might be a possibility - perhaps a bit of feedback from everyone on that might help. Of course it would depend on the availability of our hall if we are to do it here in Shrewsbury. What do you think Julia,/Jan and all??

My latest twiddler is a more masculine Jubilee themed one this time.
I want to get a few of these made so they can be in use for the Jubilee so, I need to keep going.
I have nearly finished five so far.

Well that's me for this week.
If you read this Jan - would you kindly link me to the Queen of Snoop, our lovely Julia as I don't think Annie is able to blog this week.
Thanks lots.

Have a good week.
xx Jo

Wednesday, 27 April 2022


 Hi folks!

I am back sooner than I thought.

I was summoned for jury duty but they didn't need me so I am free!

Thanks to all you lovely folk who, when I said I was on a secret mission, hoped I would be having a fun time. no - just had to set aside 10 days or more in case I was called to court. Thankfully I wasn't - it would have been interesting but I am happy to forego the experience.

So - here are the lovely bits and bobs I have been busy with....

Birthday cards and a new baby card..

These two are a bit retro. Max used to make little free-machined cards like this and sell them - she was about 12 at the time - a sign of things to come I guess.

A little hang over bin for my SIL....

And last but not least my Jubilee twiddler.....

This week I have a little visitor here for a few days so I am up with the lark doing the school run.

Last night he stretched out in his big bed and said "Ah, this is the life!" 

I assume he is happy to spend time with us!!

Have a good week all.

xx Jo

Wednesday, 13 April 2022



Good morning all.

Just a little update on the brooches for Ukraine funds.

I made 5 more of them and they have little brooch pins on the back. I have sold two more so the total raised so far is £95.

If anyone wants one. Just let me know. Then, make a donation to any of the funds for Ukraine - Red Cross, DEC, Unicef  etc - tell me that you have done that and then I will pop one in the post for you.
First come first served.

Below are my latest little twiddle mitts...

"Gone Fishing"

And "Springtime"

This may be the last post from me for about 3 weeks as I am on a special mission that I can't talk about.

So, stay well everyone and enjoy the lovely Spring weather.

xx Jo

Wednesday, 6 April 2022

 Good morning all.

These weeks fly by and here we are in April already.

It's been a busy few days - trying to make the best of nice weather for a trip to Attingham and lunch out and then to complete a little task Max's bestie brought for me. (See last photo).

Firstly, I thought you might like to see the latest "under the sea" twiddler....

It was my hubby's idea to put a mermaid in it. She is sitting amongst the seaweed and coral beside her treasure box. (I know - it's totally over the top but I loved doing it and it might put a smile on someone's face - who knows!)
And then,

Note to self - find out exactly what you are being asked to do before you say yes!!!

The "little job" was to make new covers for seat cushions. Foolishly, I imagined a nice little sewing job like I did here.

But no, it was to re-cover seat pads -  a totally different job requiring tools and  hours of staple pulling, re- padding, renewing fabric and lots of STAPLING!!!!!

I was pleased with the result - I just hope they fit the chairs.

So that's it for this week.

Enjoy this lovely Spring weather.

xx Jo

Wednesday, 30 March 2022


Good morning all - Happy WOYWW.

I thought I would share my rainbow twiddler that is half made.

Don't the colours just lift your spirits!

Below are the beautiful flowers and wonderful artwork given to me on Sunday.

My clever daughter gave me the little needle felted picture. (Click on the pic to see it better)

She had made it as part of the workshop she was teaching this week and then finished it off with lovely handstitched flowers. I love it.

And then my grandson gave me this lovely water colour that he had painted of his Mum and his Nanny on either side of him. A very good likeness of all, I think!
That's my show and tell for this week.

Thanks to our lovely WOYWW friends, £75 went to various charities for Ukraine for the kilt pin brooches that  I posted last week. Well done all. We WOYWWers would soon sort the world out given half a chance!

xx Jo


Wednesday, 23 March 2022



Another week - another WOYWWednesday!

These weeks fly by don't they.

I was clearing out a few bits and bobs and came across some big pins.

I had intended making some little fabric brooches ages ago but never got round to it.

So, this week I decided I would make some little brooch/ bag tags/flags to raise funds for the folks who are suffering in the Ukraine War.

I found, amongst my many old pairs of denims, a dark navy pair - perfect for the backing on my little flags. The tiny Ukraine flags are made from a scrap of check fabric from my local footie flags.

The national flower of Ukraine - sunflowers - are needle felted and then the petals are hand stitched around each flower head. I left raw edges for effect and just stitched around to secure the backing with a bright yellow thread. Lastly, I stitched them onto the kilt pin. they are about 7cm x 8 cm.

I thought it looked good hanging on my navy bag....


If anyone wants one. Just let me know. Then, make a donation to any of the funds for Ukraine - Red Cross, DEC, Unicef  etc - tell me that you have done that and then I will pop one in the post for you.
First come first served. 

I do have plenty of denim but no more giant pins - but I do have brooch backs. 
So if you just want a little brooch let me know - I could always run up a few more, if demand was high 😀
I guess every penny counts when things are so desperate out there.

We are so lucky to have peace and glorious Spring weather here.
I am counting my blessings.

xx Jo

Wednesday, 16 March 2022



Good morning all.
I seem to have had a very busy few days.

Firstly I used my needle felting bits and bobs to make a little sunflower tribute to Ukraine.
I shall put it on my window sill as an act of support for the desperate folk of Ukraine and hope that soon there will be an end to the appalling ordeal that they are suffering.

As Max's chief admin officer (that's the title I have awarded myself!), I have been busy making workshop packs for her. I think I made 40 last week.

Don't they look pretty when all the "fluff" is laid out in rainbow stripes ready to pack?

And now - I'm not trying to upstage my little sis here BUT....

Max brought her friend's giant teddy round so that I could reduce the length of it's legs so that it fits into a smaller bedroom. I think I chopped off about 15 inches of each leg and then re-stitched and stuffed them so that it looked more like a normal, if still rather large teddy.

Here it is, sitting on a king-sized bed!

That's it for this week.

I hope you are all well and have been able to enjoy the beautiful Spring weather while it lasts.

xx Jo

Wednesday, 9 March 2022



Good morning all!

Today Tilly Tea Dance is coming over for a quick "staff meeting".

We need to get a collection of her artwork ready for the re-opening of "The Bog Centre" at the Stiperstones. She always does really well there so it's great to be able to fill the shelves with some of her lovely stuff.

So, yesterday, I spent the day "finishing"/packing some beautiful little felted bookmarks and framing some of her little felted and embroidered flower pictures.

Over the weekend I finished off these two little knitties. They are tiny - new baby and 6-12 month size so didn't take long to knit.

When I ran out of little garments to knit, I took out my twiddler knitting and finished off this one....

It made me think of St Patrick's Day although I doubt I will have a sack full to take to the hospital by then!
Well, that's me for this week.
Have a good week everyone.

xx Jo

Wednesday, 2 March 2022



Good morning all.

I thought you would like to see the finished Saucepan Man outfit.

All the pans etc are made from shiny, silver fabric. Ben helped me to make the two little pans on the front by gluing fabric to Bisto tins.

The rest are all soft sculpture pan lids/utensils etc. the outfit is topped off with a saucepan hat!

My photo of him from the front wasn't very good so I have left you with a very swish rear view. 

He loved the outfit and said "It's much better than I expected!!"

The photo below is the pack of ten twiddlers all ready to be dropped off at the hospital.

They are cheery aren't they.

So that's me for this week.

I am back on Tilly Tea Dance admin this week so I may be a bit slow with my WOYWW comments.

(nothing new there then).

Have a good week.

xx Jo

Wednesday, 23 February 2022


Good morning all!

I hope you have survived the gales and are not too badly affected by floods etc.

We are all fine here although Shrewsbury has lots of floods beside the River Severn which flows around the town centre.

This week I have another little twiddler - a Footie themed one this week.

And then, my latest little knittie for my God daughter....

It's knitted in James Brett Marble DK. 

Of course, I always have to try and match sleeves and fronts with this, not quite random, wool. 

I just don't feel happy knitting it straight from the ball and letting it be completely random. I think it looks Ok and it's really cosy and can be "cool tumble-dried" which is not always the case with yarns these days.

So that's my crafty activity to share with you this week.

I have worked on the Mr Saucepan outfit with Ben today - he helped make little pans to stitch onto the waistcoat. I will take a photo of him wearing it when it's finished.

And finally...

This is what I took out of my potato bag today.

I haven't done anything to it.

It just made me smile.

Have a great week.

xx Jo

Wednesday, 16 February 2022



Happy WOYWW to all who pop in to see me today!
Just two little photos to share with you today.
Above is my latest little knittie - just using up the leftover yarn (well, and a little bit more that I had to purchase when I ran out of leftovers!) 
I think the little flower buttons just finish it off nicely.

Below is the contents of a little bag of goodies that I found in the local charity shop.
It is supposed to be a kit for making a knitting needle holder but I doubt I shall use it for that. There are two lovely toning fat quarters and lots of extra bits and bobs which will all get used at some time in my sewing room - a bargain for £2.99 I think.

Well that's it for this week.

I have admin for Tilly to do and then Ben has requested an outfit for Book Week after half term. He thinks he would like to be Saucepan Man from Enid Blyton's Faraway Tree adventure. Never a dull moment here - luckily I have lots of silver fabric and stiffening to make saucepans and a hat.

Take care all - I hope you are all well and looking forward to a bit of Spring-like weather when we get past the gales for this week.

xx Jo

Wednesday, 9 February 2022



A cheery good morning to everyone who pops in to see what has kept me busy over the last week.

Well, at last, I managed to use up those lovely little beach huts!
I made seven A5 book covers and a little draw string bag.
They will be winging their way to to Jan and Julia over the next few days - so look out for your Postie you two lovely ladies.
I really enjoyed spending time with my sewing machine and was quite pleased with the results.

Below is my latest twiddler.
It's a bright pink colour way with a few bits and bobs added for interest and twiddling.
(Maybe for a female twiddler but who knows!)

Last week I managed to pick up a nasty head cold but it has now dried up and I am back to normal thank goodness.
Thank you to you lovely folk for commenting on my scalded hand. I have to report that the cold water did the trick and I don't have a mark on me which is remarkable considering a whole cup of boiling water went over the back of my hand. I feel very lucky and am being much more careful this week!

I hope you are all well and enjoying getting out and about to view the snowdrops.
We saw them at Attingham last week but I didn't manage to take a snap.

Have a great week.
 xx Jo

Wednesday, 2 February 2022



My blog post has a seaside theme this week...

Firstly my latest twiddler - I like making these as they are bright and cheery and everyone has probably got memories of a seaside trip. I put knitted seaweed twiddly bits and bobs and buttons etc to discover in the flotsam and jetsam!

Below is a little crafty project. If you remember the beach huts that I had on Ben's old cot bumper - well I removed them all and thought maybe a little collage on the cover of a notebook might be a way of using them. 

It would be simple to do and I thought maybe LLJ might be able to flog them in the shop to raise a few pennies for RNLI.
What do you think?
So that's it for this week.

I am nursing a slightly stinging hand. I accidentally spilled a small cup of boiling water over the back of it. It's fine as I put it straight under the cold tap but it could have been nasty. Note to self - take more care when pouring boiling water in future!!

Have a good week

xx Jo

Wednesday, 26 January 2022


 Good morning all.

Thank you for all your lovely comments last week.

I worked hard with Tilly's admin and created packs for her "Shropshire Hills" needle felted picture workshop on Saturday. She said it all went well and the packs were fine. I popped over to help her clear away tables/chairs at the local venue. It's a great space and she has everything so well organised that it goes like clockwork.

I will be busy this week making packs for her "Bluebell woods" workshop this week. It keeps me out of mischief!

My latest twiddler is a Spring/countryside one...

I have partly finished a seaside one so that will be four made so far this year.

I didn't really count last year's but I am sure it was well over one hundred.

And finally....
Here is the latest crazy cake from my kitchen!

Ben said we must make a cake for his Grandad's birthday. So here it is.

His idea for decoration was a "Where's Grandad" cake.

This is what I rustled up with my left over Christmas fondant icing.

Ben will love it - not sure about Grandad when he realises which one he is!!
The yummy, rich, fruit cake will go down well with all of them.

So that's it for this week.

Have a great week all.

xx Jo

Wednesday, 19 January 2022



Just a couple of rainbow twiddlers on the go, to share with you today!

I found some nice bright chunky yarn on offer and of course I couldn't resist adding a bit to my rather large stash.

I think they look bright and appealing. I have added a few colourful, fancy buttons to both and also a few crocheted twiddly bits too.

I now need to spend time on a little bit of admin for Tilly Tea Dance's Saturday workshop.

I may be gone for some time...

Have a good week all.

xx Jo

Wednesday, 12 January 2022

WOYWW -bigger and better!

 Just a little update on the Amaryllis from last week.

All nine blooms on the 2 stems have now opened up and it is just the most stunning plant I think I have had. I know it won't last long but it is so beautiful and a delight to greet me as I enter my kitchen each time.

When I was teaching, my little ones used to love painting them and I am tempted to dip a brush in a pot of red paint and give it a go! Maybe I will have a go with Ben when he is here over the weekend.

My craft room remains unused at the moment but that's because in spare moments I have continued with my knitting challenge - to date - 3 hoodies, a little cardi and I have almost finished a little lace edged jumper.

So, as you see, never a dull moment.

I hope you are all well and able to make the most of life in these weird times.

Maybe later in the year I can email you all and say "Party in Shrewsbury - bring your own booze!"

Meanwhile, stay safe and well.

xx Jo