Wednesday, 25 May 2022



Good morning all!
Just look at this lovely little work of art.
I know anyone who swapped ATCs with us received a print of this, but, Annie gave lucky old me the original! I love it and will be framing it to hang in my sewing room. She is such a talented, crafty person.

Below are the ATCs we have received so far....

Always such different ideas and clever ways to present the theme of "Connection".

I know Annie has one or two more so I will show and tell those next week when she has shared them with me. Thanks to everyone who swapped with us - we love to see them and I will display them in my sewing room.

Below is my "garden" themed twiddler.
I just hope the beetroot and carrots don't look to temptingly realistic!

That's it for this week - except for these lovely pictures of the gardens at Dudmaston Hall NT....

We had a glorious day there last week.

Let's hope we get a little more of that sunshine this week.

xx Jo

Wednesday, 18 May 2022

WOYWW 13th anniversary!

 Who would have thought that we would still be sharing our work desks with bloggers around the globe 13 years on! WOYWW, organised and maintained by Julia at "Stamping Ground", has kept us all together, sharing our desks and crafty activity, all that time. We have made wonderful friendships and supported each other over the years. A big thank you to Julia and Jan for keeping us all going. It means a lot.

So, today I am sharing one of my little ATCs. The rest of them will be winging their way to you if you have said you wanted to swap. I have most addresses but if Ali and Susan still want to swap please email me your addresses and Annie and I will join up and send you our ATCs.

My sunflower celebration cake has a tiny Ukraine flag included on it to show our global support and connection. Maxine has a Ukrainian friend and it has been very hard for them to cope with all that has been happening.

AND finally....( I can never add that to the end of my blog without remembering our lovely friend Shaz. So, on our 13th anniversary, I felt I needed to add it and include her in our thoughts and celebrations.)

My crafty activity for this week...

This is the back and the front of my latest seaside twiddler.

I needed a short lighthouse to fit in the space and thankfully LLJ had a lovely photo of her local one on her blog!

Best wishes to all on our Blogiversary!

xx Jo

Wednesday, 11 May 2022



Good morning all!

Just a quick post today.

I need to pop these little beauties up to the hospital this week.

I have made six Jubilee twiddlers altogether.

I might add a royal personage to the two plainer ones but it depends how busy I am as they are a bit time consuming.

They certainly look bright and cheerful and quite regal, I think!

Don't forget if you want to swap ATCs with me then leave a comment below - you can get a sneaky peek here if you didn't see my last week's post.

Have a good week.

xx Jo

Wednesday, 4 May 2022



Good morning all!
My lead photo is a sneaky peek at some of my ATCs for our 13th anniversary.
I can't get to see Julia's blog (my computer won't let me in!), so Annie reports back to me.
As the theme is "Connections" I thought I would extend my Ukraine brooch theme.

If you would like to swap with me, just leave a comment and I will see what I can do.
I think 13 years of WOYWW friendship and connection is well worth celebrating and we are forever grateful to Julia and her buddy Jan for keeping us going all these years. I know we all really value the friendship and sharing of all things crafty!

We are still hoping to have a gathering at some point this year and we wondered if September might be a possibility - perhaps a bit of feedback from everyone on that might help. Of course it would depend on the availability of our hall if we are to do it here in Shrewsbury. What do you think Julia,/Jan and all??

My latest twiddler is a more masculine Jubilee themed one this time.
I want to get a few of these made so they can be in use for the Jubilee so, I need to keep going.
I have nearly finished five so far.

Well that's me for this week.
If you read this Jan - would you kindly link me to the Queen of Snoop, our lovely Julia as I don't think Annie is able to blog this week.
Thanks lots.

Have a good week.
xx Jo