Wednesday, 21 January 2015

WOYWW - oops!

Well folks - I know some of you think I am a talented crafter - and I have to agree - sometimes I am just that!!
BUT - just to make you all feel better - I am not good at everything - and this is a clear example!

I have a lovely pattern for a chunky toddler cardigan - James Brett Marble Chunky.
I used the right wool and correct size needles.
Somewhere in the finishing it all went pear- shaped and it looks all wrong and mis-shapen.
I guess I need to unravel it and start again.
What better job on a cold winter's night - lol.

I hope you are all surviving enjoying this cold weather - we had snow again yesterday afternoon.
It didn't bother me as I had just had the most perfect day with Maxine and baby Ben, here for lunch.

Have a good week and do join in our happy hopping around the WOYWW world of blogging crafters.

x Jo

Friday, 16 January 2015

Friday smile

Just how I like to see snow - from the inside, where I am warm and cosy, looking out on a beautiful blue sky and snow capped Shropshire/Welsh border hills!

Have a good weekend.
Join Annie for more smiles and a giggle or two over on her "A stitch in time" blog.

x Jo

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

WOYWW - beach huts and a quick transformation!

Another week has flown by and here we are all ready to check out the desks of the crafty members of WOYWW. Thanks to the lovely Julia of Stamping Ground fame, we take a weekly look around the craft desks of the world!

My crafty activities have been limited by the need to keep my room tidy ready for estate agents etc.
So, I have finished my little beach huts cot bumper and it is now velcro-ed to the cot sides - and very smart it looks too. Here are a few photos for you. . .

Then, because I wanted a quick fix for a bathroom picture, I did a little bit of refurbishment....


After I had cut and stuck flowers from an old Next T-shirt....

It will do the trick - and actually goes rather well with the new towels and bath mat!

It seems to take me ages to get round desks these days but I get there eventually so I hope you can be patient with me. I really do enjoy seeing what everyone is up to.

Have a great week
x Jo

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

WOYWW - Beach huts in January!

Happy New Year to all my WOYWW followers and anyone else who might pop in here for the first time this year!
It is just a quick post this morning as I have a list of jobs to get through today - I was awake for 3 hours in the night and then overslept, so have to get going now.

I hope you like my cheery fabric beach huts - I am making a cot bumper with them.
I will show you more pics next week when I get it finished.
It's too dark this morning to take a good picture but the little huts look fab now I have trimmed them up.

I know a few of our buddies have been unwell recently so I am sending a big WOYWW hug to them all and our best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Join in with the WOYWW fun over at Julia's Stamping Ground.
Have a great week.
x Jo

Friday, 2 January 2015

Friday smile

This is what made me smile this week!
It must be a first for me...
I opened these tiny Christmas cookies - a gift from a friend made by the The Queen of Hearts Cookie Company - they looked so beautifully made, that I decided I couldn't eat any until I had shown everyone how pretty they were.

 Also, Santa brought Maxine some tiny cookie cutters like these so that she can make cookies with Ben when he is big enough. So Max - this is what he will expect them to look like!!!

These hyacinths were only just popping out of the soil during the week before Christmas and now look at them - totally gorgeous and they smell wonderful. I know Annie can't have them in the house because of the perfume but at least she can enjoy them on my blog!
Now, if you want more Friday Smiles - just pop over to Annie's blog - "A stitch in time" - it is her 100th smile post this week.
Have a lovely weekend

x Jo