Wednesday, 25 January 2012

WOYWW - fancy dress anyone?

Good morning and a happy Wednesday everybody!
My pretty Dendrobium orchid has over a dozen blooms on it this week so I thought I would share it with you.
(It is much nicer to look at than the contents of my sewing room which looks like a whirlwind has blown through it.)
I have been very busy making little dressing up outfits for a friend's 4 year old grandson.
What fun I have had too and all for free.
I have lots of fabric so I just raided my stash and this is what I have made so far......

A tiny army dress uniform

 A Magician's outfit

And a little pirate's suit.

Then I raided Annie's stash and have fabric to make a clown costume and some knight's capes to go with the tabards I am in the process of finishing.
Hopefully I can make a couple of princess and fairy outfits to complete the dressing up box.

So - that's how to keep a sewing lady happy for a few days.
I hope your week has been as busy and so much fun.

just to pick your brains.....

can anyone think of a crafty activity using leather scraps?

I think I could manage to stitch them on my sewing machine and may even be able to cut them with my Cuttlebug. I just need a few ideas of things to make. Each piece is about 8" square.
I might even have a little gift for the ideas I manage to make! So - if you would like to leave a suggestion (now, now!!) I would love to hear it.

To join in our WOYWW blog hop just follow the link to Julia's Stamping Ground.

Have fun!
x Jo

Wednesday, 18 January 2012


Good morning all!!
My table looks a bit too tidy for me - Max's little grey chenille/button heart cushion, my rainbow stickers and my "Montgomery in stitches" postcards.
I have been looking through my books for a bit of inspiration
Such cold frosty weather over the last few days - I have enjoyed being cosily tucked into my sewing room making little frocks. You will see from Annie's blog competition/give-away that we managed to cut out 88 frocks just over a week ago.
Here are the 25 frocks that I have made since then. My time was a bit limited as I had to spend 3 days waiting in at daughter M's for her plumber/Waterboard to sort out her low pressure on her system. Anyway - all done now so I can fit in a bit more dress making.

 I think the check frocks would make a good school uniform - do you recognise the pockets from last week?

I posted a parcel yesterday, to Louise of Sew Scrumptious containing the 40 dresses I made before Christmas. I think I have lost count how many I have made altogether now but I guess it's over 200.
I hope Louise has plenty of storage space! She is doing really well in finding folks who are happy to take them out to Africa so I am sure that soon, lots of little girls will enjoy wearing these pretty little frocks.

Thanks to all for popping over here and commenting so kindly.
OK - follow me to Julia's Stamping Ground and see what all the other WOYWWers have beeen up to this week.
x Jo

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

WOYWW - pretty pockets

Today I will be mostly working on my ironing board!
I am making little collages, on pockets, for our little frocks for the "Dress a girl around the world scheme."
Here are a few that I made yesterday.

I always work on my ironing board when I am using Bondaweb ironed onto the back of the fabric that I cut up for collages. I have a nice new ironing board cover on it - I  am such a messy worker - the iron and cover get coated in melted adhesive.  
Once I had finished my "Give-away" collage for Jo of Jozart, I cleaned up my iron and put my new cover on.
Just in case you haven't seen Jo's collage on her blog, here it is. 

She loved it and even hubby D was fascinated by it so I take that as a compliment. (The men in my life don't usually take a huge amount of interest in my crafty activities!)
If anyone thinks they might like a little collage then email me ( ) for details. I really enjoy making them and its great to see a photo transformed into fabric and  brought to life with embroidery.

I think this week will be spent making a few more little frocks. Annie and I cut out loads on Saturday when the men were at footie - in fact she has made a competition out of it for her Wipso blog celebration "Give-away".
Pop over and join in!!

Ok folks let's head over to Julia's Stamping Ground and see what she is up to. Then we can join in the blog hop that is........ Whats On Your Workdesk Wednesday!!
Have a great day.
x Jo

Sunday, 8 January 2012

January bargains and Tilly Tea dance too!

The little sock dolls have been getting very excited!
Wipso & Twiglet have decided to have a January sale in the Sisters Crafty Creations blog shop.
All the little sock dolls are hoping to find a new home and Twiglet has been ironing their little carry bags ready for when they go on their travels.

Lots of handmade items are reduced so check out the Special Offer shelf and see if you can pick up a bargain.

It's a damp gloomy day today, although we did have a quick walk before the low cloud descended.

So, I think an afternoon of crafting and loading up M's Etsy shop would be a good idea.
She has some gorgeous grey cushions with button hearts and a pair of fab pink sequin cushions which are all for sale now. Pop over to Tilly tea dance at Etsy for a sneaky peek.
Here are are the tiny hearts she made recently.

Have a happy Sunday.
x Jo

Friday, 6 January 2012

UK Handmade Valentine Showcase

I just noticed this on the UK craft blog - an invite to get the opportunity to showcase handmade items for UK Handmade Valentine's Showcase. Too good a chance to miss - so I have left a link to my pretty heart brooch.

We are about to launch our January sale in the blog shop so pop over to Sisters Crafty Creations if you are looking for hand crafted gifts! I have made a start, but keep popping back as there will be more to add to the Special Offer shelf over the next few days.

Happy browsing - Jo

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

WOYWW for 2012

Good morning all and a very Happy New Year to you!
So that was Christmas then - didn't it just fly by.

We had a quiet time - unlike Wipso, who didn't know where she would be from one day to the next - bless her. Of course Santa came and left me lots of lovely parcels. He seems to know me well and always leaves really useful crafty items!

On my desk are the fab boxes he left - just perfect to fill with beads and buttons, so I have done just that.
He also left a beautiful crafty book with some great ideas for things to make.
Thanks to all who organised Santa so brilliantly - you know who you are!!!

The bright pink knitting will be a little hoodie for twinnie L - its so warm and cosy - I think she will love it.

Here's hoping you all have a wonderful, crafty and creative 2012 - looking forward to seeing what you all get up to.

Now over to Julia's Stamping Ground to join in the blog hop.

Thanks for calling. x Jo

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all my blogging friends and followers!
Let's hope 2012 brings good health and happiness to you all.

We are braving the elements on this damp dreary day - it's so mild we decided a short walk would blow the cobwebs away.

Thanks to all for your lovely comments and friendship over the last year.
Maybe this year we can meet up with one or two of you.
Have a great day.
x Jo