Sunday, 29 March 2009

Another purple coo!

Follow the link.
For all those who love purple - again.
I chuckled when I came across this one on a craft site I was looking at.
The purple coo seems very popular at the moment!!

Friday, 27 March 2009

Back to the 1970s

It seemed a harmless activity - reading a favourite blog but today it worked like a time machine and I was transported back to my student accomodation in Sheffield in the early 70s.
We lived in a terraced house on Shoreham Street which ran alongside Bramhall Lane - the home of Sheffield United FC - then a First Division Team ( the top division in those days!!) More about football later.
My room was a tiny attic room with just a bed.
Being the resourceful soul that I am, I dragged my then boyfriend - now husband - in to construct a wardrobe from hardboard in one corner. He is good with wood in a basic, manage and make do sort of way - Chippendale he is not ( Ooo just thought, maybe he could be a Chippendale - that would stop him being bored in retirement!!! - I digress)
Next came the decorating - remember its early 70's - so vibrant orange walls and lime green gloss on the wardrobe and paintwork certainly livened the room up.
A green throw and cushions added the finishing touches.
We spent our final two years as students in that house and I have never laughed so much since.
My house mates were a great bunch and I am still in touch with two of them. I know its the exhuberance of youth but every day was filled with fun and adventures and yet I still managed to achieve Credits and a Distinction in my studies to become a teacher.
Back to the football. Of course it was a useful phrase to drop into conversation with any fanciable male - " yes we live next to Bramhall Lane - and can see the pitch from our bedroom". Actually you could only see into the gents loo (from the waist up) if you were standing on the bed in the front bedroom - oops too much information there I fear!!! However, we did get into the match for free for the second half so we were always popular on match days. Happy days.
Bramhall Lane has been updated since then - all mod cons I am sure. Shoreham Street still exists but I doubt the views are the same!

Knitting for aids orphans in South Africa

I blame the internet blog sites - If a blog has a link to a site that interests me, then I have to follow the link.
Last week I was a guest visiting and the topic was knitting. Someone had added this link so off I went to investigate.

I have lots of oddments of wool, so this week I used the hat pattern on that site and knitted these little ones for aids orphan babies. Now all I have to do is parcel them up and post them.
I hope they get there ok and that 3 little ones can be warmer and cosier.
I might use the rest of my scraps for blanket squares next.

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Epilepsy Day

It's Epilepsy day today, where people around the world have been asked to wear something purple and support Epilepsy.
I will be wearing my purple anorak when I go to Newtown.
I have just washed my big, purple towels.
Now I guess if I log on to Purple Day for Epilepsy I shall find out how to donate to this worthy cause!

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Bears for adoption

Hopefully, I have managed to upload a little slideshow of the latest in the range of needle felted bears made by my clever sister. They are so cute we thought you would like to see them!
If you would like to adopt one, then you would need to contact the maker and give details etc and I am sure she would create one for you too!

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

For all bird lovers.

Check out the link to the RSPB website - Moments page.

Along with hundreds of other bird watchers, I added one or two of my favourite bird photos that I have taken recently. Today, my photo of a pheasant strutting proudly across my back lawn is the "moment of the moment" on the first page!!
There are some stunning photos there with wonderful captions.
Bird watching can be as simple as having a couple of feeders in your garden to entice them in.
The rewards can be so uplifting.
I never cease to be amazed and delighted by nature in all its aspects. Birds have a special place in my heart, especially the little robins who appear at times when I am need of a special "moment".

PS Just been back on "Moments" page and it has changed.
If you want to see my pic you can put pheasant, garden, robin or water in as a keyword search and they will appear - twiglet.

Friday, 13 March 2009

Purple power

For lovers of all things purple....

My beautiful purple iris, now in full bloom.
Sadly, a little critter is biting the heads off - do rabbits do that?

Just a bit of felting fun - a Purple Coo.
As an occasional guest on the Blog, I thought I would say thank you for the jokes, tips and much more!!!

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Crafty developments!

Our latest craft project is needle felting. This involves using dyed wool rovings and sharp barbed needles to create wool sculptures and pictures. I have seen it at craft exhibitions alongside wet felting which I have dabbled with a little. Recently, whilst surfing the web, I came across a few needle felted items and my interest was stirred! Of course once I shared this with my clever, sewing sister we were off on a journey of discovery. If you have an hour or two to spare and want to see some clever stuff - just google "needle felted sculptures" or "needle felted pictures" and see what the really clever folk are doing!

You will see from my photos that we are just dabbling but its great fun.

Mine are the little pictures which I have mounted on cards so that my daughter can sell them for the charity she works for.

I have sculpted a gerbil and a meerkat but I think I need more practice!!
On the other hand my sister is well away, as you can see from the little animals she has made.

Watch this space for more crafty developments!

Monday, 9 March 2009

Theatre Severn guided tour

On Saturday we went on the "Friends of the theatre" - Theatre Severn guided tour.
It was supposed to happen before our first theatre trip but was over-subscribed so we had to wait until this week.
Nevertheless, it was really interesting to be shown around by one of the theatre managers who could explain how it had been planned and developed.
Its a bit like the tardis. Not very attractive from the outside, appearing to be squeezed into a small space beside the river. However, once inside, you can appreciate just how much has been fitted into the building.
The place has a very spacious, open feel to it with lovely views of the town and the river from its balconies and windows. It still needs artwork and more furniture, in the open public areas, to detract from the bareness of the new architecture. The inclusion of the old chapel/tyre shop, brick building certainly makes a feature of the main bar area.
The theatre itself is very comfortable and inviting - holding about 650 seats. It certainly looked cosy from the stage looking out towards the auditorium. I can imagine that the performers will feel really close and in touch with their audience.
We also popped back-stage to the green room and the dressing rooms, although quite basic, are a vast improvement on those facilities at the old Music Hall.
Apart from the main theatre, there is also the Walker theatre holding 250 pull-out seats. I think this can be used by local theatre groups, schools etc as well as for performances put on by the theatre itself.
There is also a large dance studio which will surely be an asset to the locality. Dance exams can now be held here instead of pupils having to travel to Birmingham.
The restaurant has apparently got over its first night teething troubles (see previous blog!).
Its a bright, airy cafe bar overlooking the river.
I am sure we will be back soon for another performance. Its great to have such good facilities on the doorstep and I am sure the good folk of Shrewsbury have waited long enough.
Apparently, many of the acts visiting the Music Hall put up with the poor facilities because they loved Shrewsbury and the warm reception they received from the audiences here.
So, best of luck Theatre Severn!