Wednesday, 25 March 2020


Thanks for all your lovely comments about Tilly's work and her business. We are trying to be positive so she is spending what free time she has designing, creating and advertising. Hopefully it will pay dividends when life gets back to normal.
Thanks lots to you lovely folk who popped over to her Etsy site and boosted her sales. She is extremely grateful and hopes you love the pieces you bought.
Of course she now has B at home and will not bring him here in case we "cross fertilise" - or whatever the medical term is!!!

I messaged Julia re 2020 CROP in June and we both agree we should cancel it now so that people can stay safe and cancel any other arrangements they may have made for travel etc.

We will try to rearrange the CROP for later in the year but who knows what will be the situation by then! Think positive - maybe September might be a good time.

My contact - (Dementia nurse at the hospital) said they definitely needed the twiddlemitts and a lovely lady on our estate picked them up to take to the hospital when she was next on duty.

So, apart from shopping for ourselves and an elderly friend, I am staying home and keeping away from folk. Somehow, weirdly, there doesn't seem to be much spare time in my day. I shall just keep knitting till I get fed up.....

Luckily we have a good sized garden where we can get some fresh air and exercise.....

Looking good at the moment!

Keep well and keep safe everyone.

xx Jo

Wednesday, 18 March 2020


What a difference a week makes!

Last week we were busy getting stock ready for Tilly's local shops and outlets and preparing for workshops.

Today - the workshops have been cancelled and the local outlets like the Bog centre are not opening for the new season as normal, so that Tilly has suddenly lost most of her income. She will just be one of the many small businesses who will struggle over the next few months.
On a positive note, Tilly has put her pictures, that I showed you last week, on Etsy - to see them follow this link ...

Our hearts go out to those who are struggling to survive the illness the virus brings, but also the many staff who are having to cope in these shocking times. We will soon be told to stay at home, so our lives will become restricted.
BUT - to date, we are fit and healthy so we will do our best to help where we can and to keep ourselves well occupied and make the best of a most awful time for our country.

I'm not sure that the hospital will want to receive a bag of twiddlers just now, but my latest efforts are ready and waiting......

I hope you are all managing to keep well and keep cheerful.

I guess our June WOYWW get together will probably have to be cancelled but we can always re- book for later in the year when things are back to normal.

Take care all and keep crafting!

xx Jo

Wednesday, 11 March 2020


The world looks a grim place - floods, fire, plagues of locusts, wars and now this virus.

Hopefully we can all keep clear of most of it.
It's definitely a case of "Keep calm and carry on" here!

So this is what Tilly and I have been doing....

My table is loaded with beautiful needle felted pictures that I helped her to frame and mount.

She is has decided to sell some of the gorgeous sample pieces that she makes during her workshop demonstrations. She has added extra detail with hand embroidery and beading. I love them!
They are mounted on card and framed in a 20cm x 20cm white frame.

I think they will be going on her Tilly Tea Dance website this week so if you want to see them in greater detail follow the link.....

I remember teaching Max how to needle felt years ago. She has always loved it and her talent far outstrips mine. Maybe I should sign up to one of her workshops!!
I do occasionally have a play with the rovings and my little dumfer but really I just love to see an expert at work. Today she is working with a local WI group. They must like working with her as this is the second workshop she has done with the same group.

Well that's it for my WOYWW this week.

Keep safe and take care.

xx Jo

Wednesday, 4 March 2020


Annie and I have been swapping again!!

She needed buttons for her little rabbits coats so I delved into my button jars and came up with a tiny bagful of mini turquoise buttons. Between us we might have 8 matching ones!

I also found some neat little buttons for the two prem baby coats that I knitted last week.

My sewing table hasn't seen much action - just a quick repair or two as needed.
I did have a good clear out of left over fabrics from my stash, none of which were very exciting and had been there ages, so they have gone to the local charity shop.

I hope you haven't been too badly affected by the floods. Ben's school was closed for a couple of days so he came here whilst Max was busy with a workshop. We had fun making and decorating gingerbread men. Hence, I never managed to post anything for WOYWW last week - or half term week either.

Shrewsbury was badly hit by the floods and is still waiting for more rain to come down from the Welsh hills. However, we are all well away from the river so haven't been affected - other than traffic problems when lots of the roads closed.

Let's hope March is a better month and we can look forward to the joys of Spring!

xx Jo