Wednesday, 31 August 2011


Good morning Wednesday Workdesk Watchers!!

Now, do I show you the before or after.?
My sewing room is a tip.
I have been busy making little dresses and crafting with M.
The result is one very untidy workspace.
Oh go on then here it is .......

Now-  I will tackle the boxes and bags that are lying around the place and have it all ship-shape by lunchtime.
And the outcome of all the mess?...

Lots of little frocks ready to post to Louise soon.
I hope the "Dress a girl around the world" scheme still has room for a few more as I have a feeling I will be receiving a rather large parcel of fabric soon!

M. made lots of little dumflings to put on the front of her little wedding cards and finished off some fab bunting and her Baboushka picture. They will go in her Etsy shop later this week.

And the view from my window as the sun went down on Sunday evening.....

OK - just a quick post this morning - Wipso called and curtains need cutting!!
So, I will be down on my hands and knees at her feet this morning - she is called Wipso for a good reason.
I just have time to add my name to Mr Linky and leave a message for our great blog organiser Julia - I hope she is technically well set up this week!
Thanks to all who visited here and left lovely comments last week - see you later. x Jo

Monday, 29 August 2011

Latest range!

Just a quick post to add the latest frocks to our range!!

The two little pink dresses and the lilac one in the middle on the picture below were made using some of the lovely pieces  Sue from ScoopyStuff blog.  sent us.
The dark floral ones are made from material that a customer of Wipso's brought for us.
The lilac dresses on the left and right are made with  fabric sent by that the lady who follows Wipso's blog but as yet doesn't have her own blog. Thanks's made a really pretty dress.

Thanks to everyone for their kind donations. We will keep sewing - I think we have made over 120 dresses now!!

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Anything will do!!!!!

I received a lovely little parcel today from one of my best Yorkshire buddies!
She sent me a holiday pareo ( fabric length you wrap round your bikini as a cover up).
It was beautifully soft fabric in hot vibrant colours - just perfect for a couple of little frocks.
She also sent some light curtain fabric- in muted blues/beige/pinks.

I just had to get going straight away.
I added some of the duvet fabric that I had dyed flamingo pink - for pockets and bias binding. It is perfect for those jobs as it is nice and soft. It just takes a while to cut yards of 2" bias strips - but what else would I do on a showery afternoon!!!

So here you are J. Many thanks for your parcel. I am sure you will have made 5 little girls very happy, somewhere in the world.

So - as my title says.... anything will do.
To date we have recycled...
  • pillow cases
  • curtains
  • skirts
  • laundry bags
  • shirts
  • sheets
  • duvets
  • fabric oddments
What else can you challenge us with?
We are happy to transform anything suitable into a little frock for the "Dress a girl around the world" scheme.
(Check out Louise's blog - Sew Scrumptious - if you want to know more)

Awards Day!!!

Firstly, I think Wipso and I will be awarding the "Sisters' Crafty Creations" award to Adrian of Cari Crafts who has kindly donated all sorts of lovely bits and bobs for us to trim up our little dresses for the "Dress a girl around the world" scheme.
So a big thank you to him for the donated ribbons, trims, elastic and lots more. We will make good use of them.
Annie and I both use Cari Crafts for our haberdashery items and always receive an excellent, often next day, service. So, folks if you need any crafty bits and bobs then check out Cari Crafts online service.

Now I have to say thanks to my little sister Wipso for this award.

Of course I am a regular appreciated follower! I follow her all over the place!

Now I have to pass this on to 3 of my followers. Very tricky as there are so many folk out there who regularly pop into my blog.
Well, if I have to choose,  I will choose these 3 lovely bloggers.......

Suz - she always leaves such cheery comments and is an amazing crafty blogger with lots of fab crochet designs and ideas as well as brilliant suggestions for home decor transformations.
Sue H - another very positive lady who takes a real interest in all of our crafty activities and is one of those really clever card makers!!

and last but not least I will pass the award back to my most faithful blog buddy - Wipso as she is nearly always the first one to comment - its that psychic ability of hers to know when I have blogged!

Wednesday, 24 August 2011


Good morning all - a table full of pretties to look at today!!

 A dainty vintage table cloth and 4 pretty table napkins - my latest car boot bargains!
A handmade brooch and buttons - gifts from our friend T - back from her hols.
A pot of Anne Sloan plum coloured chalk paint - not sure what I am doing with it but fancied trying it.
AND my latest 2 little frocks.

Below are the rest that I have made since last week....
If you would like to see the 50 little dresses we posted to Louise last week then follow the link to her  blog and catch up on all the "Dress a girl around the world" news. She is now an international co-ordinator and has collected over 270 dresses so far!!

A big big BIG thank you to all those kind bloggers who have been sending fabric parcels to Wipso - you will recognise lots of the beautiful material in the little frocks we make over the next few weeks. THANK YOU!
And lastly .....

My daughter M has opened her Etsy shop!

She has lots more lovely hand crafted items to add to her shelves, but it takes a while, so keep a look out over the next few weeks!!

Have a great day everyone - I will pop over to Julia's Stamping Ground and see if Wipso has got to Mr Linky first this week.
See you later.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011


Happy Wednesday everyone!
The weeks whizz round too quickly don't they.

As you will see from Wipso's blog we have both been busy dressmaking. It certainly keeps us out of mischief - as if!!!!!
So the machines have been busy this week and are still out on my table.

However, I have also had time to spend with M. crafting. She made the little beach hut collage in the middle of the table. Next Saturday we are hoping to get her Etsy shop up and running so you will be able to check out her other crafty makes then.
I spent a day making a collage for a friend. We made roman blinds for her daughter's stairway and there was a scrap of fabric left over so I created a canvas picture to hang between the 2 blinds. I hope she likes it.

In the bottom left of my photo you can see a tiny sweet tin that came from Ebay full of little mother of pearl buttons. Pretty isn't it. Also the little wooden cotton reels were my latest car boot purchase -
I couldn't resist them. How often do you see wooden bobbins these days?

And lastly... these are two of my latest little frocks made from fabric sent to Wipso by our kind blogging friends.

This pretty 70s style pink floral one was made using a sheet sent to us by Di.
It really is lovely soft fabric and looks so pretty. There is lots more fabric so Wipso and I will be busy creating different designs and sizes in this gorgeous stuff. Thanks lots Di.
This fabric started off white but I thought it was a bit impractical so I dyed it a dainty shade of turquoise.  It is cool cotton "broiderie anglais" that came in a parcel from
Thanks again.

Now for the wonderful Wipso magic moment of the week!!!
We often have a telepathic moment - she will ring me or I will text her with exactly what each of us has been thinking, but this one is a step too far!!
I was sewing and quickly set my machine for a pattern to trim the top of a pocket. (a matter of pressing buttons for menus and settings) I did so, and set off sewing, only to find, instead of a little flower pattern, which I had set - the machine sewed this..... note - a little row of A for Annie.

It couldn't possibly happen by accident - so I want to know how Annie is managing to use her remote control 12 miles up the road on my sewing machine!!

See you on the WOYWW blog hop. Have a good week and thanks for popping by.

Friday, 12 August 2011

More pretty little frocks

Just to show you my latest 5.
(I can't keep up with Wipso - she must be making them in her sleep!!)

The two pink ones are made from a duvet. I had a fab flamingo pink dye which I have used on a couple of duvets to brighten them up. So for these two I combined a bit of dyed fabric with some of the original duvet. I think it works. I am having fun designing these simple little frocks with the fabric available to us!

The pretty floral one in the centre is made using more of the lovely fabric Karen sent us.
The dark blue stripe was a pillow case Wanda sent us all the way from USA.
The tiny navy frock was made with fabric  Anne sent us.
Thanks to all those lovely folk for helping the cause and for allowing me to have lots of fun designing and making.
If anyone else feels the urge to tidy their airing cupboard/linen store and find some useful fabric for us, we will be happy to keep sewing. ( email me for details)

Today M is coming to craft, so, yet another lovely day!!

Have a good one everybody!

Wednesday, 10 August 2011


Good morning all - bright but cloudy up here today!
I am late getting my post organised today, so I am here at the computer in my dressing gown with a coffee (very unusual for me as I am always up, showered and dressed before I do anything each day).
So just a quick post with a couple of pictures of my table yesterday.

M came over for a chill out crafting day.
She has two little projects on the go - gorgeous bunting made with cream fabric trimmed with vintage crochet bits and bobs............. 
and here she is with hundreds of fab buttons decorating little, pale grey, chenille cushions with a heartful!

We had a fab day of crafting and laughter. She is a joy to be with and we make yet another great team.

Crafters of the world unite!
I am sure it would be a nicer place if everyone crafted together now and then!

Funday Monday was fun with Wipso too. We  bagged lots more dresses from the gorgeous fabric Twiggy and Karen sent us this week. We then set to and made 5 dresses between us during the afternoon.
I made two little dresses from Karen's fabric ......
A pretty little Laura Ashley print with a tiny pocket and a big flower!

Another tiny print, trimmed with red.

Both dresses look so sweet. Thanks Karen for the fabric.
I brought a few more home which I will be sewing later this week.

Right - now I need to post this and link to the lovely Julia's Stamping Ground. Julia and our WOYWW blog friends said such nice things about me and Wispo this week, I shall enjoy whizzing round a few desks to thank them for their kindness. See you soon!! x Jo

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Shropshire hills

Just a few photos to share with you.
We went over to the Stiperstones for a walk and to pick Whinberries (billberries).
It was a lovely afternoon but the fast moving grey clouds threatened rain,
We were lucky. We climbed to the top of Black Radleigh and enjoyed a panoramic view.
I made a little video but the wind sounds like I am munching my way through a massive bag of crisps - I wasn't - honest!!
( I tried to upload but Blogger was playing up! )

I don't think I will win any Oscars!!
We picked quite a few whinberries and will be sharing them with Wipso and friends.
Then we headed over to "The Bog Centre" for a coffee.

Here are just a few more pics from a splendid afternoon.

A view from the top of Radleigh to the rocky outcrops on the crest of the Stiperstones.

A carving by the Shropshire carvers of famous sites within the boundaries of Shropshire.

Our farmers rear a wonderful range of livestock - alpacas at "The Bog".

We made it home in time to see this fantastic rainbow.

Wipso texted to tell me to check out Sew Scrumptious' blog. Louise has really done us proud and has blogged all 30 of the little dressses we made for the "Dress a girl around the world scheme".
We have had a fantastic response from some very kind blog friends, who have sent Wipso parcels of beautiful fabric to make more little frocks. So funday Monday will be spent cutting out and bagging up more little dresses for us to sew next week. We are blessed at having such a useful talent and it is lovely to be able to help others and have such a lot of fun at the same time!!

Friday, 5 August 2011

A trip to an art exhibition

Daughter M and I dashed off to Welshpool today to look for bits and bobs for our latest crafting venture. We found lots of useful stuff in one of the local charity shops, so everyone benefits from our little shopping spree!!

On our way home we stopped off in Montgomery to visit Tina of Indigo Moon. She is having her first art exhibition in the local Old Bell Museum gallery.
We were amazed at how many wonderful assemblage pieces and multi media pictures Tina has created. We knew she had been busy working away in her art room for months but we had no idea how many little works of art she had created!

I often check out the art exhibitions in the gallery but have never seen one with so many lovely pictures - large and small, along with pretty little brooches and tiny moleskine journals. Tina's artwork even extends to individually handmade business cards.

If you can manage a trip to Montgomery, it is well worth a visit.

Today the sun was shining on this pretty little town and it looked as if it had stepped off the front of a chocolate box. Flower tubs and hanging baskets are everywhere, making the town look cheerful and welcoming. Normally we would have stopped at one of the charming town cafes for a coffee but we were in a rush today.

M has been busy making items for her Etsy shop. She is determined to develop her artistic and crafting skills and hopes to sell some of her lovely ideas.
She was also very impressed with my washing line of little dresses. Wipso and I thought we might manage a total of 50  but I have a feeling we will be nearer 100 when we finish, judging by the amount of fabric we have to work on. A big, big thank you to all those who have taken the time to post little fabric parcels to us. We promise we will use it wisely and creatively to make as many little frocks as we can for the little African girls.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

WOYWW - dumflings!

Happy Wednesday everyone!
I hope you are all well and enjoying the summer weather.
It has been very pleasant here on the Welsh border over the last few days.
I have been busy beading up some of daughter M's little needle felted dumflings.
She made some tiny seascapes with yarn, wool and machine stitching. I have added a few beads etc to give a bit of detail to the foreground. I think they will be mounted on cards ready for when she opens her Etsy store!
I use the little "Hang about" as a bin for bits and pieces while I am working - very handy!
Checkout our Sisters Crafty Creations blog shop if you want one!

Any other spare time has been taken up with dresses for the "Dress a girl around the world" scheme.
Here are my latest creations.

We have had some lovely donations of fabric and Wipso and I spent Monday cutting it up and putting it in bags ready to sew. That's what the heap of bags/fabric is at the top of my pic.
So, we will be busy for a few more weeks yet, I think.
If you want to donate any clean pillow cases or pretty fabrics suitable for little dresses please email me and I will send details.

OK - that's enough from me - enjoy your weekly blog hop and if you want to join in then nip over to Julia's Stamping Ground and follow Mr Linky.
Hope you enjoy your visit here - I will be over to see as many as possible later today!!