Wednesday, 26 May 2021


 Good morning all.

Thank you to everyone who has sent ATCs to us Shropshire gals. Annie and I have had a couple of celebratory get togethers to pass on ATCs sent for both of us - good excuse for a chat and swap -its been so long since we have been able just to pop over to each other whenever we wanted!

I have loved everyone of them and the detail in each little work of art has been a delight.

Here is my collection so far.....

Aren't they all lovely?

Thanks also to Lynn, Angela and Sylvia whose  wonderful little packages have arrived safely. I will take photos and put them in next week's WOYWW.

Thanks to all of you who commented on my little needle-felted ATCs. They were fun to do too and I had forgotten what pleasure I get from a bit of felting. I even got a positive response from the Queen of Felting - Tilly Tea Dance - so they must have been OK!!

My latest twiddler is called  "What did you play with?"

I think I have the arms (or legs) slightly wrong on the roller skater as she appears to be skating in both directions somehow (or is it just me?).

I have yet to make a stitched label on my sewing machine. I thought making a question of the label might stimulate a conversation where possible.

I said I would make as many twiddle mitts as possible during lockdown (since January). To date I have made 73 and I am hoping to have completed 100 by the end of June. Some are simpler than others so take less time but I really enjoy designing and making the themed ones as they are more fun. (Simple pleasures).

If the weather had been a bit better I am sure I would have been out and about more this week. We did manage a Friday lunch out - although it did seem weird being in a room with so many other folk.

We need a bit more sunshine and warmer weather. My garden could certainly do with it to encourage my seedlings etc to grow a bit faster.

I hope you are all able to enjoy a bit more freedom and some may even get away for a little break - well deserved after our enforced hibernation!

Take care all and stay safe.

xx Jo

Wednesday, 19 May 2021

WOYWW 12th anniversary!



Well here we are. 
Can you believe that we have been linking up our crafty work desks for 12 years now?
Thanks to Julia and her glamorous assistant Jan, we have kept going through thick and thin, feast and famine and... yes we are still going!

What a year we have had. We missed our annual get together last year due to the pandemic and I don't think we will manage it this year either. So, our annual online celebration is all we have.

My little ATCs, which I will be sharing with those who have sent me details, are like a little wish list of places I would like to see when we can get out and about more - sea and rolling hillsides!

Thanks to all you wonderful WOYWWers for sharing your desks and crafty activity, for your encouragement and lovely comments but most of all for your friendship. Long may we keep going.

Lastly, a little word of remembrance for our special friend Shaz, who we lost this year.
She always made such beautiful ATCs to share with us and always had a kind word or funny comment for us all. We miss her and Annie and I decided we would send Doug an ATC just to keep up the tradition. I know she would like that and loved our little offerings each year.

So, as we roll into another year of desk sharing and because some of you would suffer withdrawal symptoms if I don't... here is my latest twiddler for your enjoyment!!

Best wishes to all.

xx Jo

Wednesday, 12 May 2021

This week I managed to finish off my Welsh twiddler. Living near the Welsh border, I thought it was appropriate as lots of the patients at the hospital come in from just over the border.

 I loved making the little Welsh lady and embroidering a tiny red dragon on the flag.

 No comments about my leek please - I got a bit carried away and it is a rather large one!

I have finished off my ATCs and Annie and I have co-ordinated our efforts so that we can save postage and post together. Anyone swapping with us is welcome to send ours to one or other of us and save your postage too - we don't mind and will have a sharing out event when we can.
I will be asking Annie to link me to Julia's blog with an asterisk so that I can do my PIF ATC anyway.


If you have asked to swap ATCs with us, don't forget to let us have your address.

So, that's it for this week.

Looking forward to a bit more "safe socialising" next week.

xx Jo

Wednesday, 5 May 2021


 My desk has seen a bit of action this week but I won't be sharing it until our WOYWW 12 anniversary.

I have been making my ATCs - well, should I say I have been trying to make them. My first lot weren't very successful so I had a re think and decided to needle felt again this time. I am quite happy with the result - never perfect but fun to do.

So, my only item to share is this...

I thought our Scottish friends might like this one.

My next one is a Welsh one but I am finding making a tiny dragon flag a bit tricky!

I hope you all enjoyed your Bank Holiday - Monday was pretty wet here so a day for crafting and snooker final.

Don't forget to let me know if you want to swap ATCs - it's always fun getting little delights through the post!

Have a good week.

xx Jo