Wednesday, 27 May 2020


Another week - another Wednesday!
That time has flown by and here we are, all ready to take a sneaky peek at everyone's work desks again.

I've been busy knitting a few more Nurse mates and then I put them on our local FB page. My neighbours have chosen the one they would like and swapped it for a tin (or more) for our local food bank.
A win/win situation. I get to keep busy each evening with a bit of happy knitty fun and they feel good about donating to the food bank. The little children that pass my window, where I display them, love to look at them and count them all!.


I decided to use an idea that seems quite popular at them moment - a little fabric rainbow. I stitched it on to some blue linen and then made a needlecase to keep in the lounge. This replaced a scrap of felt that I had been using to store my big darning needle for stitching up my knitty items!

And lastly just a few flower pics to share with you.

Some lovely tulips that my niece gave me.

And my beautiful clematis tucked beside a fragrant broom bush. Annie gave me the clematis a few years ago - its called Josephine and has gone from strength to strength - I love it!

Well that's it for this week.
I hope you are well and keeping safe.

Have a good week.

xx Jo

Wednesday, 20 May 2020

WOYWW 11th anniversary!

Happy WOYWW 11th anniversary!

So, amazingly, we have shared our desks with our global blogging buddies for 11 years.
Who would have thought that such a simple idea would have blossomed into such a wonderful community of love and friendship. We have shared not only our desk activity but also the ups and downs of life along the way. 

This year, of all years, it has been good to keep in touch virtually as we have been left with very little else by way of "connection". Our much awaited Crop 11 here in Shrewsbury was cancelled so we have been denied that fun "get together". It hasn't stopped us linking up, messaging and calling friends to keep in touch and help one another.
So from my desk to yours comes a little collage by way of celebration.

It is my own design but the basic idea comes from a clever crafter called Flossy Teacake. Like many crafters, she has been selling online to help keep afloat. I bought one of her little house collages and it inspired me to have a go myself.

It was a treat to do something crafty - other than, bags, hats, gowns and masks!!!

I will be raising a glass of Prosecco tonight in honour of our 11 years of friendship.
CHEERS! To one and all. Thanks to Julia and Jan for keeping us on the straight and narrow and enabling Mr Linky to do his thing!

 I will be round to see what you have been up to later!

xx Jo

Friday, 15 May 2020

Friday smile

This is my Friday smile....

My broom and clematis Montana are lovely at the moment and especially for you Annie... you can see my clematis Josephine is just coming into bloom - with loads of buds!

Have a good weekend all.
xx Jo

Wednesday, 13 May 2020


 Apologies for not visiting many desks last week. I have been working on theses gowns for NHS. We are given duvets etc and then transform them into a gown for use in the community. I sent this photo to the kind lady who gave me the duvet and she sent such a lovely message back. Apparently it had been her late Mum's favourite duvet and she said she would have been so thrilled to know it had another life!

On VE commemoration day my hubby showed me an old newspaper from the day, belonging to his Dad who was in the RAF. He had saved it and we put it on our window with the bunting for folks to have a passing glance .

I had to chuckle at some of the adverts....

AND 75 years later we are still having to resort to baking powder when there are flour shortages in the shops!!

Take care and keep safe all. I am not even going to mention the new rules and slogans!!
Looking forward to my one to one meeting with someone in the park though!!!!

xx Jo

Wednesday, 6 May 2020


Good morning all!

Today I am showing some lovely little items on my desk.
One of my college friends has a little sewing business in Leamington Spa and as things are at the moment she has been selling her stock online. So I treated myself to these little goodies. 

The little cotton reely things are actually heavy pattern weights. I have seen folks using them on "Sewing Bee" and thought they would be really useful. Also I just loved the little rainbow buttons - not sure how I will use them but you can never have enough buttons can you?

This week I have been busy sewing medical gowns for our community NHS.
Our group have dropped off good quality duvets for me to transform. 
This one was fun as the front of the duvet was a patchwork design and the reverse was stripey.
I used the stripe for the sleeve as it was only a single duvet, so not enough to do the whole gown in one fabric.
I think I might need to space out the fastening ties a bit further apart as I imagine this one might expose the nether regions but then all medical gowns are designed to do that aren't they?!!!

I hope you are all keeping well and staying safe.
We are all fine but then we are mostly staying home - just a food shop every 10 days.
All our good wishes to Ellie and Alan. I hope they are both feeling much better soon.
Well - I need to go and write a story for Ben now. He wrote the most amazing story for me this week. All credit to Maxine for doing such a great job of home schooling. He was so proud of himself when he read it to me.

Have a good week.

Stay safe.

xx Jo