Wednesday, 31 December 2014

WOYWW - New Year's Eve

My desk is empty but I thought you might like to see the finished quilty play mat that I made for Ben.
He loves it and so does his Mum!
You may remember seeing all the little red puffs I was making a few weeks ago.
It took a while to get it all together but it was definitely worth the effort.
He now has lots of his baby toys clipped round it through the ribbon loops.

As I have nothing else to show, I thought I would do a quick round up -
Out with the old in with the new....

Things that last year brought...
  • A wonderful grandson - such a joy for us all
  • Lots of fun and time shared with best buddies and family
  • A visit to hospital - thanks to wonderful treatment in hospital, I now feel back on top form after almost a year of not feeling well
  • A brilliant week of crafting fun at Montomery at Maxine's exhibition
  • Lots of get togethers with fellow crafters for workshops and other crafty activity
Things to look forward to....
  • Moving house to be nearer to friends and family
  • More crafty activities as above!
  • Plenty of baby sitting and playtimes with the youngest family members
  • Shopping for a new set of clothes - losing 2 stone makes quite a difference!
So, to all my WOYWW buddies...
All the best for 2015
May it be a great year for you all!

x Jo

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

WOYWW - Happy Christmas

Just one of my little Christmas cards wishing you all a very merry Christmas!
Thank you for being such caring and thoughtful friends and for all your good wishes and lovely comments over the last year.
WOYWW always brings a smile to my face - there are so many crafty, clever folks out there and I love seeing all the wonderful things that happen on your workdesk. I love the humour that can be found on many of the WOYWW posts too - you know who you are!!!!

Thanks lots - here's to many more!

All the best


PS - the card was  a copy of an idea I found on Pinterest by

Wednesday, 17 December 2014


 At last, I have found time to pop my WOYWW post up for this week.
I have been busy working on my ironing board with all these ribbons and braids.
Of course I managed to get glue and Bondaweb on my ironing board cover so I am hoping Santa will make me a new one! ( Ha!)

Below is the little Christmas tree that I was making with the ribbon.
Now, I don't know about you but I think I might be a bit busy next Wednesday, so I will use my cheery ribbon tree as my WOYWW Christmas card and wish you all a very happy Christmas!
Don't you just love all the cheery red colour and that little row of machine embroidered hearts across the middle.
I have made a few cards using a photo of it but will probably be posting it off soon - or I will miss the Christmas post completely!

Have a fab time everyone.
Love and best wishes

Friday, 12 December 2014

Friday smile

Happy Friday!

This is what made me smile yesterday.
My daughter was busy making a Santa sack for baby Ben and as busy as a new Mum is, she was picking up her needle and thread inbetween feeds to blanket stitch round his name.

It made me smile as it is proof that all the hours we have spent together crafting have paid off!
AND - she is a left hander so has to work out how to do each new stitch she tackles for herself. I did say there is probably a left handers embroidery book out there but she is happy to muddle through. She certainly did a much neater, more accurate job than I would have done. Well done Max!

I am sure Annie will have lots more Friday Smiles over on her blog "A stitch in time" so pop over and see what is making everyone else smile this week.

x Jo

Wednesday, 10 December 2014


 A little guessing game for all the lovely folk who pass this way looking for Whats On Your Workdesk Wednesday!
I have a special little project on the go for a certain little somebody in my family.
Can you guess what it is?
I know some of you out there have made similar ones so I am sure someone will come up with the right answer - I wonder who will be first!

As you can see, I am right back into sewing mode, thank goodness.
Below are some little net and voile dressing up outfits - fairies? princesses?

 And this is a little Tree Fu Tom tabard.
I have finished all the costumes that I am going to do for now - Christmas will be taking over and I need to make a few cards before it's too late.

Thanks for popping by - hope all your Christmas preparations are going to plan - I am always a bit last minute with mine so the next few weeks will be a bit hectic!

Have a good week.

x Jo

Wednesday, 3 December 2014


This looks more like a "Twiglet" table doesn't it!!!
At last - and just a bit each day - my energy and enthusiasm have returned.

So, on my WOYWW table today you can see the little dressing up outfits that I have made for play group.
  • A little witchy skirt and cloak
  • A princess dress
  • A pirate waistcoat and trousers
  • 2 knights tabards
  • A spaceman tabard
I still have lots of fabric left so I am sure I will have more to show and tell next week.
For some reason Blogger has been a real pain this week - sometimes it won't let me load anything and then when I get into a blog, it won't let me comment. Apologies to all who I didn't manage a return visit to.

It's good to be feeling much fitter and stronger - I even drove my car for the first time in over a month yesterday - what a treat!
It's a cold and frosty morning here but the sun is shining and the hills look beautiful.
A quick snap from my kitchen door......

 Have a great week everyone.
x Jo