Wednesday, 24 November 2021


Good morning all!

Nice to be back - I was busy helping Maxine with her Tilly Tea Dance display for the exhibition at Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre in Craven Arms last week.

I thought you would like a nice splash of colour to start your day.

Above are the ten twiddlers that I took for the Dementia team at the hospital last week.

Below is the seaside one in close up...


It's a quick post from me today as I am going to the opticians this morning and I forgot to get this post ready last night.

Have a great week all - hope you are keeping cosy!

xx Jo

Wednesday, 10 November 2021



Good morning all.

Another week, another WOYWW.

This week I am sharing my latest twiddler.
I thought the poppies would be appropriate for Remembrance Day this week.
I have parcelled up the latest ten twiddlers to drop off at the hospital later in the week..
I might make a few Christmas themed ones next.

Don't faint... but. I have actually made a few Christmas cards in a mad crafting moment last week.
I might share them a bit nearer the season.

Hopefully, I am nearing the end of the admin for Tilly Tea Dance so I might have a bit more crafting time to think about the festive season - apparently it's 46 days away, according to Steve Wright on Radio 2 today!

So, that's me for today.

Have a good week.

xx Jo

Wednesday, 3 November 2021

Good morning all.
I love this crisp Autumn weather don't you? 
(Well it's better than the torrential rain we have had over the last weekend!)

My craft room has seen a hive of activity over the last week.....

Chaos rules!
I am busy sorting, coding and packing Maxine's artwork for her Tilly Tea Dance exhibition at the Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre in Craven Arms. It is very time consuming and I get in a tizz trying to keep tracks on it all. I am sure, as they say, "It will be alright on the night!"

I even managed a real treat last Saturday.
Tilly Tea Dance asked me to join her for the day at her workshop at Bayston Hill Shrewsbury.
It is only a couple of miles away so I was able to get there nice and early and to stay late and help her pack away.
We had a lovely day - it's such a treat just to enjoy her company and see her in "action" (Proud Mum here).
We were also joined by Sarah B so that was lovely. Good to see her and catch up on her news.

We felt we should mask up for this photo...

 but Max asked one of our other crafters to take a snap of all three of us...

We both had fun needle felting our bluebell pictures .....

Sarah didn't want to show hers as she is giving it as a gift soon.

Lots more crafting going on - any suggestions what I can recycle these cot bumpers into? 
I made it for Ben's cot and I guess it's been sitting in a cupboard for the last few years.

There are ten lovely beach hut collages and it seems a shame to dump them. ( LLJ - maybe I could make something for your RNLI shop?)

So that's me for this week.
Have a good week.

xx Jo