Wednesday, 28 December 2016


It must be my age!
All the days seem the same at this time of the year and it's Wednesday already!!
So, just a quick view of my table end.

My little sis bought me a little patchwork measuring square for Christmas - perfect for cutting lots of small items with my rotary cutter.
My daughter - another partner in crime gave me the fab fat quarters - cute little robin print - perfect for my little crafty activities.

Help yourself to one of the chocs - I have already eaten far too many!!

And lastly - here's the little hoodie that I knitted for a new family member - cute isn't it.

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and are now looking forward to your New Year celebrations.

All the best for 2017!
love from Jo

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

WOYWW - Merry Christmas everyone!

My table is empty, no work to be seen.
So my photos just show you this festive scene....

These are the trees, decked at Attingham Park
(No flash allowed and it was really quite dark!)

But all looked so splendid and trimmed up so neat
I thought I would share them - a Christmas time treat.

Merry Christmas everyone - I hope you have a lovely weekend!
x Jo

Wednesday, 14 December 2016


My desk is covered with freshly mounted Tilly Tea Dance work so I will show you what I managed to fit into my busy schedule this week instead!

There has been a lot of action on my work table - much fun had by all!
Steady on there girls - I mean sewing action......

Firstly, here is the little row of Christmas sacks that I made as Ben's advent calendar. He has loved peeping in each one to find a little treat/treasure each day.

Next is my trickiest project for a while.
I made two of these little puffy/quilty mats for Ben and was asked to make one for the latest addition to his playmate group - a tiny little girl who lives on a farm and I am sure will have fun with this one.

 And finally....

A little bit of teeny tiny knitting for the same little one.
You can see by comparing it to my pattern just how tiny she is.

I am probably going to make a few cosy sleep suits for Ben with the pattern after Christmas.

So that's me for this week.
Hopefully I will squeeze in a few minutes blog hopping to see what you have been up to. I have been useless at getting round the desks for while and I am really sorry.

Have a good week.

x Jo

Wednesday, 23 November 2016


 Good morning all - WOYWW seemed to pass me by last week! I don't know where time goes.

Most of my crafty activity has been knitting based over the last few weeks. I think I have made about 40 little Christmas pudding covers for Terry's chocolate oranges - these are to be sold for charity this week.
I also finished another little Christmas doll and typed out 45 names for a "Name the doll" competition so that 2 more charities can also benefit from my knitty nonsense! (All good fun.)

Below you will see that I have been kept busy by Tilly Tea Dance who has been very busy with her needle felting, making brooches, pendants and fab pictures ready for her up-coming craft fairs. She is at Craven Arms Discovery Centre this weekend.
I am the "finisher-off"  - mounting and framing her work for her.

I just wish I had taken a photo of my lounge yesterday. She filled every available surface with lovely work so that her aunty could come Christmas shopping and chose a few gorgeous pressies for friends and family - now that's what I call a personal shopping service! We had a lovely snack lunch and a good chat so, much fun was had by all and I even managed to keep Ben entertained too, while all this went on. Never a dull moment here!

So, that's it for this week.
I hope you are all managing to keep dry after the shocking weather on Monday.
keep cosy!

x Jo

Wednesday, 9 November 2016


Better late than never!
Here is my new helper standing guard by my sewing machine.
She is knitted using the pattern from Dollytime
Such a cute little doll and a really easy pattern to follow.

I think I might donate her to charity as a "Guess the name of the dolly" fund raiser.
I just need to find a few Christmas related names!!!

I hope you are all keeping warm and cosy - we have workmen in doing a few "touch-up" jobs and they think it makes sense to leave the outside doors open!! However, I am upstairs in my sewing room and it's lovely and cosy there.
At least we don't have snow ... it sounds pretty nasty in the North.

That's it for this week - I hope I can whiz around and visit a few of our WOYWW desks soon.
Have a good week.
x Jo

Wednesday, 2 November 2016


Good morning from my wonderfully neat and tidy craft room!
I spent a whole day spritzing it up and rearranging a few things and it looks pretty good.
If the day had been brighter I would have taken a photo (my excuse!)

Instead you have a photo of the new friends who have appeared following a few evenings knitting.
There is Little Jack a cute little ted.
He is sharing the space on my boxtop with three little knitted friends who will be off to their new home with one of Ben's little girl friends.
There is far to much giggling going on over there - keep the noise down you three - please!
If anyone is interested I will send you the pattern details - but check out Wendy's patterns on Etsy here for the tiny dollies - they are gorgeous.  Dollytime.

My next project is to re-cover the computer seat. We bought a great remnant from Simon Boyd in Shrewsbury - a bargain. They had loads of lovely fabric off cuts in their remnant bin but I was with my other half so I was limited in how much I could bring home! ( But I will be going back soon!!!)
I will do a before and after pic for next week.

That's it for this week.
Thanks for calling by.

x Jo

Friday, 28 October 2016

Friday smile

Only a two year old can have so much fun with a cardboard box!!

xx Jo

Wednesday, 26 October 2016


Here we are again
Happy as can be.....

Where do the weeks fly to?
This week really has flown.

Maxine has been busy dumfing (needle-felting) some fab new pictures and brooches so I have been busy mounting and packaging them in my spare time and playing with diggers, dumpers and dinosaurs for the rest of the time! Happy days!

 I have also been creating some of my woolly hearts made from felted wool jumpers. So here are a few of them!
That's it for this week.
Sorry it's so short but that's good isn't it?

Thanks for calling by.

x Jo

Wednesday, 19 October 2016


Good morning all!!
I am back!
We had a few days in Yorkshire last week so my there was very little going on in my craft room.
This week I am back in the swing of things with some pre - Christmas crafty activity - well it is October so I think I can mention the C word now don't you?!

My table is loaded with hot-washed wooly items which I am going to use to make some little Christmas hearts. You might be able to spot one tucked in amongst the woolly loveliness there somewhere. The pretty ribbons are from The Works.

AND then....

I have been knitting Christmas pudding covers for Chocolate Oranges - well what else do you do in the spare hour or two when you chill out in front of the television?
They are for a local charity to sell at their Christmas fair.
They knit up quickly but the leaves and berries are a bit fiddly - I managed to make ten to send so far.

Well that's it for this week.
Ben and Maxine will be round later so I will have a busy day - yipee!

Just to say too.. hello to Neet - I met her for the first time at Annie's last week and she is a lovely lady!
I hope you are feeling better Neet, and that fresh sea air did you good!

Have a great week - join us in the Stamping Ground blog hop with the lovely Julia - see you at your WOYWW desk later.

x Jo

Friday, 14 October 2016

Friday smile

Just one of my birthday bouquets to share with you today!
The colours are so vibrant and glorious I guess they will make anyone smile!
have a great weekend.

x Jo

Friday, 30 September 2016

Friday smile

Happy Friday!
I just wanted to share my rainbow from the other day.
Glorious isn't it!

x Jo

Wednesday, 28 September 2016


Good morning all and welcome back!
I have been missing from WOYWW for a couple of weeks due to pressure of work!! lol

It has just seemed to be a hectic time with preparing for Ben's birthday party and then the poor little thing was poorly and couldn't go to his proper party with all his buddies so we had family tea here.
So my table hasn't seen much action by me.

 I did manage to mount the little sheepy brooches and pendants that Tilly finished.
They are all ready to go into bags and then they will be delivered to the local shops she is helping to stock.

My little dollies are all packed ready for their new little friends - lots of little birthdays for Ben's little girl friends.

AND lastly wasn't it a most beautiful sunset last night.....

Short and sweet but I really wanted to join in this week.
Thanks for calling by.

x Jo

Friday, 9 September 2016

Friday smile - Clematis Josephine

Just a little photo of the one and only bloom this year on Clematis Josephine!
Annie bought it for my birthday and it has settled in nicely.
I hope it runs riot and covers my fence next year!!

Join Annie for more Friday smiles over on "A stitch in time" blog.

Have a great weekend.

x Jo

Wednesday, 7 September 2016


Better late than never!
Welcome to my work table - this week has been mostly doll/teddy clothes week.
Ben's teddy needed a few bits and bobs for his holidays so he now has a T shirt and shorts, nappy and holiday bag.
I have also been finishing off my little dollies outfits including a sleepsuit, nappy and knitted cardi. I still have a few more to finish ready to go in the little birthday bags.

The rest of my week has been spent mounting pictures etc for Tilly Tea Dance and then we went over to The Quirky Fox gift shop in Llangollen to deliver them. It's a beautiful little shop/gallery and we were met with a very warm welcome by one of the owners who loved Tilly's work.

So that's it for this week - short and sweet.
Join in with the mad blog hop over at Julia's Stamping Ground.

Thank you for calling by - a big hug to all who need one!!

x Jo

Wednesday, 31 August 2016


Good morning all!
This is my desk today until Maxine arrives to sort and clear. She has had 2 fab days at Acton Scott and has 2 more this weekend - then we will get our room in order!

We really need to make space as she has this new toy to play on

We decided it would be handy if she had one of her own and I found this one on ebay. It is really brilliant and the seller packaged it perfectly and even included some books and some wool.

My only crafty activity for this week has been the finishing off of a couple of twiddlemuffs and some picture mounting for Tilly.

Well that's it for this week - I hope I can get round your desks a bit faster this week.
Thanks for calling by and leaving lovely comments.

Have a great week.

x Jo

Wednesday, 24 August 2016


I think my table is all set for some finishing off jobs for Tilly Tea Dance.

She left a pile of beautiful little dumfed pictures for mounting and some teeny tiny embroidered inchies all ready to be attached to silver pendant blanks.
So, it looks like I will be busy later this morning - firstly I have to nip over to baby sit Ben while Maxine has her hair cut.
Then, wahoo - a birthday party this afternoon! With a bit of luck and fine weather it might be tea in my school friend's garden with friends and family - perfect!

If you feel like joining in with our workdesk show and tell, then pop over to Julia's Stamping Ground and share your desk with a few like minded crafters.

Have a great week.
Thanks for calling by.

x Jo

Wednesday, 17 August 2016


Well who stole last week then?? It doesn't seem five minutes since I was posting myWOYWW post a week ago - Must be a sign of old age creeping up on me.

I seem to have had a busy time but not much crafting.
I blame the Olympics - watching it - not taking part -lol!

I treated Ben to a doll and a pushchair this week - he loves it - he's called Tom.
I thought a nappy and matching bib would be useful so spent a while making these two.
Note how girl centred dollies are - why don't they show a boy holding the bottle for dolly??

I have managed another Twiddlemuff and Annie delivered four to the local nursing home for me so hopefully they will be put to good use.

I have also been helping Tilly get together her latest shop stock.
This week she is working as "artist in residence" for a day at Acton Scott museum so that will be fun.

So, that's it for this week.

Thanks for calling by.
Have a great week.
x Jo

Wednesday, 10 August 2016


Well - at last, a bit of crafty activity from the Twiglet work desk!!


 Firstly, my wool rovings and yarns all laid out ready for wet felting.
I haven't done any wet felting for ages so it's fun to have a dabble and just for a change I raided Tilly's stash of gorgeous yarns and rovings!

Below are the dollies' clothes mentioned last week. Apparently they were well received by Ben's little friend. Her mummy is expecting a new baby so she is dolly mad at the moment and spent ages changing dolly's nappy! I think I shall be making a few more of them for other birthdays coming up in the next few weeks.

These are the latest twiddlemuffs...
Some are going to a local residential home, so I am sure they will be well loved and twiddled.

Today, I will be hosting Maxine and Ben. She is so thrilled with the response to her "Tilly Tea Dance" creativity but with success comes more hard work, so she will be dumfing and stitching while I play diggers and dumpers!

Have a great week everyone and thanks for calling by.

x Jo

Wednesday, 3 August 2016


Well it's been another busy week here.
I even managed a bit of time at my sewing machine making a set of dolls clothes for one of Ben's little friends. I made a top, skirt, cardi and nappy BUT forgot to take a photo! I might ask Tilly Tea Dance to post one on her blog as she now has the outfit.
I have also been helping my friend gather the fabric and bits and bobs to make a quilt for her newest grandaughter. She did an amazing job and sent me a photo today of the finished item. What a labour of love....

My twiddlemuff knitting is still ongoing and I used up some oddments to make 3 more for the local hospital.

Meanwhile, Tilly has been using my desks for more crafty creations. She is busy organising more workshops and creating beautiful little pictures and brooches for local shops. AND I have had fun keeping Ben busy - we had his cousins to play today and, once he got used to them, he really enjoyed sharing his toys with them!

So that's it for this week.
Have a great week and enjoy your crafting.

x Jo

Wednesday, 27 July 2016


Good morning all!

It's a bit overcast and gloomy here but still quite warm.
It rained overnight so it's a bit too damp for outdoor play this morning - maybe that means I can potter quietly and craftily indoors!! I fancy doing a little bit of wet felting using some new natural pre-felt. (I might update this later if I manage to finish any)

My table has lots to snoop around for you today. Just bits and bobs that keep appearing as I tidy drawers and cupboards. AND my latest unfinished twiddlemuff - yes I know I said I would give it a rest but Karen at the hospital was so pleased with my donation of footie twiddlemuffs, and the rest, that I thought I might make a few more when a find time.

Here is the link to the media release about the footie ones..

And lastly - just look at this little beauty...

It is the Tom Thumb fuschia that LLJ brought for me last year.
It is packed with tiny blooms and looks a real picture! Thanks Jan - a perfect specimen - and so is the fuschia!

Well thats it for today - it's now pouring down so I shall finish baking my bread buns and get felting!
Have a good week. Thanks for visiting and for your lovely comments.
Join us all blog hopping around the globe over with at Julia's Stamping Ground - so good to see you back there Julia!!

xx Jo

Wednesday, 20 July 2016


What do you post on WOYWW when you have had a busy week doing all sorts of things and yet nothing has happened on my workdesk??
It's unusual for a week to pass without just a little bit of crafty activity!
I am blaming my happy days spent with Ben, my DD who raids my craft stash and then makes the most lovely things with it all, and the hot weather!
So my table has a few bits and bobs waiting for attention.

I will be happy to get back in there on a dull day when I have the urge to create.

Meanwhile, I am playing diggers and dumpers on my pebble patch, blowing bubbles and throwing the ball high up into the apple tree and listening to the laughter as it rattles back down to the little boy at the bottom.
I am baking buns and making nice lunches and family teas. I am whizzing round the housework like a demented house elf,  cleaning in the minimum time and making the iron fly over any piles of ironing that come my way!

Now a trip to Ikea calls so I will see you later when the day has cooled off and I am ready to chill for an hour or two.
Hope you are keeping cool but enjoying the lovely weather.
So, I am popping over and say welcome back to Juila and also say a big thank you to Jan for looking after us so well over the last few weeks. Join us in our mad blog hop over at Julia's Stamping Ground.

x Jo

Wednesday, 13 July 2016


The weeks seem to fly by don't they - here we are again baring all, on our work tables, for WOYWW.
And today I am baring all in more ways than one!

Having finished knitting my twiddlemitts I had a request to try "Knitting Knockers". Apparently they are in demand and can be used by new mums to get the idea of breast feeding and also they are used by breast cancer survivors. They certainly make a soft, light little boob.
I found a pattern that can be knitted on two needles so I gave it a go.
I am not totally convinced but will probably try a few other methods before I give up.

Having made a few little inchie pendants for Maxine last week - I thought I would share a couple of them with you...

She will of course run with the idea and create some little inchie works of art. I just enjoyed playing with tiny scraplets of dumfing and stitches.

Well, that's it for this week.
I am on Ben duty again today so I need to organise some fun activities. Although, if yesterday is anything to go by - he will be happy with a walk to see the huge diggers on the building site.

So, enjoy a quick snoop at my crafty fun.
If you want to join in then just share your workdesk with us by linking up over on Lunch Lady Jan's fabric Frenzy! 

Have a good week.
Thanks for calling by and for your lovely comments.

x Jo

Wednesday, 6 July 2016


Good morning all - thank you for dropping by to visit my craft room!
It's in a sorry state - I have just taken two quick snaps of the chaos before I tidy it ready for Maxine to arrive.
She is preparing and finishing pictures for her craft fair on Saturday.
I am entertaing Ben or vice versa I am never quite sure!!

So what is there for you all to snoop?

 Well as you see I have two main craft areas - a table and an ironing boad!!
Why is it, when I have a perfectly adequate table, I need to use my ironing board for things other than ironing?!!
Anyway - here they are - snoop for as long as you like - ask questions or just leave a comment - nothing too rude please! I am going to tidy up in the next hour - honest!

Sending love and good wishes to all our friends around the globe.

x Jo

Friday, 1 July 2016

Friday smile

Here is the beautiful clematis that Annie bought for me back in October.
It was appropriately called "Happy Birthday".
It has just burst into about 20 blooms against my front fence and is a glorious deep purple colour.

Also snapped is the garden gnome fixing the garage guttering!

Happy Friday one and all!

Join in with more Friday smiles over aon Annie's blog "A stitch in time".

x Jo

Wednesday, 29 June 2016


 Just a few jolly pictures to brighten a rather gloomy day!

Firstly the lovely ATCs I have received over the last week or so...
I love the way they are all so different and each one a tiny work of art.
Thanks lots to our WOYWW friends from around the globe.. Cardarian, Sharon K, Lisa D. Laura and Elizabeth. They really are beautiful and I now need to make a little book to keep them in.

 Here are two little pals who have been having a snoop around my untidy work table today!
We are calling them Izzy and Ben because they are a little gift for Ben's bestie Izzy.
Ben has a set that like to hide in the pockets on my red cushions and he loves them.
(I think he would quite like these two as well so I will have to put them up out of sight!)
Oh - and of course, all credit must go to Flutterby Patch - the creator of the little knitted dolly pattern.

AND lastly, my Shrewsbury Town Footie Club Twiddle muffs.
(So glad I didn't knit England ones - oops!)
They are all ready to go to the hospital along with the final bunch of about 20 normal ones.
Now I need to find something else to keep me busy - a little dumfing maybe?

That's it for this week.
I am sending a special hug to Julia and a big thank you for writing such an amazing blog yesterday. We are with you all the way and willing you back to good health blog buddy!!

Thanks for calling by.

x Jo

Wednesday, 22 June 2016


My work table is looking a bit dejected today.
I have been painting frames for Maxine's "needle-felted garden" workshops.
Each little frame is painted and waxed and has a little piece of linen, all ready for attaching a little finished "dumfling" to.
The rest of the bits and bobs are left overs from other activities. Do you like the printed cards? They are prints of Maxine's finished needle felted pictures. She has about 6 different ones and they make a colourful display on her table at craft fairs etc.
The cash box looks impressive doesn't it!! Unfortunately it's empty - just a handy place to keep a float for workshops etc.
Now here is what I have really been spending odd hours on.....

My addiction!

AND now that it has moved into the realms of themed twiddle muffs.....

On the left is one finished one and the other muffs are ready to sew together and trim up!

The wool was supposed to be for the footie muffs but I just couldn't resist the gorgeous colour in that random ball - so I guess I will still be knitting muffs tfor a few more weeks yet!! All in a good cause.
(Just in case you don't know what they are.... they go to the local hospital for use with patients with dementia/Alzeimers).

AND the owl...
Well Ben loves him and loves the little chair that he can climb onto so I often go in the lounge and find them both sitting together on my chair!!

Well that's it for this week.
Join in with our WOYWW fun over at Lunch Lady Jan's blog.
Here's hoping that Julia is recovering well and able to check out a few of our desks and make sure we are all behaving ourselves! Best wishes Julia, if you are having a sneaky peek at my desk today!!

x Jo