Wednesday, 27 April 2016


I am a bit slow at posting my WOYWW today.
I have a happy crafter here, busy wet felting some background pieces, and I am having fun keeping Ben busy!
So just a couple of things to share with you...

Firstly, another peek at my ATCs for the WOYWW 7 swap. I have made about 20 so, it will be first come first served, if anyone would like to swap with me. I think Annie and I will be posting a few out together as usual so, if you would like one, leave a comment  and I will do my best. We always love to send our little ATCs around the globe and it's lovely to hear from our blogging buddies in return.

These are the latest Twiddle muffs that I have finished. My friend gave me a bag of chunky wool and I managed to make all of these with it. I think I have made about 30 now. I think that will be enough at the moment as I have a few other jobs I want to do instead.

Here is my latest little Katie Morag sock doll. I sent her to replace a lost one so it was good to help out someone in need!
That's all for now folks - thanks for calling by and for all your lovely comments.

have fun...

x Jo

Friday, 22 April 2016

Friday smile

Well now, what a lovely, unexpected gift this is!
I love surprises don't you?
I did a little crafty job for a friend and today this arrived.
It's a beautiful, little Emma Bridgewater vase with the prettiest frilly, palest pink tulips and creamy hyacinths.
AND a box of chocs too!
Thanks lots to the thoughtful lady who sent them.

So, this is what made me smile today and I am sure, as the flowers open, they will keep me smiling into next week.
If you want to join in with Annie's Friday smiles, then pop over to her "A Stitch in time" blog and see what everyone else is smiling about today.
Have a lovely weekend.
x Jo

Wednesday, 20 April 2016


We are stampeding through the year - I don't know where the last 2 weeks went!
I was here at home, busy with all sorts of activities and the usual jobs etc.
Time just whizzes by.

So here I am ready to show you what I have been up to and the state of my work table for WOYWW.
Join in if you are a fellow crafter with an urge to expose all to other like minds!
This is the little blind that I have finished for Maxine...

 In spare moments I made two cards for my two favourite ladies...

So, firstly I need to say that the inspiration for these two embroidered collages came from Diane - Velvet Moth. Her work is stunningly beautiful and her set of winter inspired collages prompted me to dabble in a different colour way. Thanks Diane - Maxine and I really love your work!

This is the one I made for Annie (Wipso - A stitch in time - little sis) for her wedding anniversary.

And this is the one that I made for Maxine's birthday.

I dumfed (needle-felted) some silk onto felt and then added lace and other bits and bobs before embroidering and beading.

Well that's it for this week.
I have homemade chicken soup and freshly baked bread buns waiting for lunch with my little visitors.
See you soon.
Have a great week and thanks for calling by.

x Jo

Friday, 8 April 2016

Friday smile

Just a little photo of my garden visitor this week.
Ben thought it was cute!
It took a liking to our primroses so we didn't really want it taking up full time residence.
We haven't seen it since we cut the lawns so, maybe it has gone to greener pastures!

We are going for a walk around Church Stretton today.
The weather forecast is reasonable so keep your fingers crossed. Of course there is always the antiques and collectable emporium to visit should it be too wet to go to Cardingmill Valley.

Have a great weekend.

x Jo

Wednesday, 6 April 2016


Well folks - where did last week go?!!
Here we are on our WOYWW show and tell day, again.
Well not really a lot to show and tell!
I had a busy week with outings and visits but my desk didn't see much action, other than Tilly Tea Dance finishing off her pictures to deliver round the county.

So here is a quick look at my new storage arrangements in my room - still not fully sorted but beginning to look more like it......

Maxine needle felted the little flowers below.
She doesn't like it and says she is going to pull it apart and start again, but I think it is pretty and would be fine once she has added detail - what do you think?

AND here is the little hedgehog bread bun I baked for Ben yesterday.....

I think someone has nibbled his nose.

Well that's it for this week.
I am on duty for curtain shortening at Annie's this morning and then I think my room is being used for dumfing fun!

Have a great week all.

x Jo