Friday, 26 June 2020

Friday smile

Just a beautiful clematis to make you smile today folks!
Annie bought me this one too - for my birthday and it's called "Happy Birthday".

It's a lovely warm purple colour and rambles over our fence at the front on the house and is much admired by passers by.

I am sure it will benefit from the thunderstorms today after such high temperatures over the last few days.

Thanks for calling by.

xx Jo

Wednesday, 24 June 2020


Here we are again - another week another Wednesday!
Good morning to all who care to take a peek at what's going on here this week.

Max wanted some silky threads for her bookmarks so I found some lovely Madeira threads in my drawer and then I dipped into my big box that Annie gave me. These are from China and NOT Madeira thread but they work into collages etc very well. I've used quite a few of these but they do last for ages.

My desk hasn't seen much action this week. I made a couple of masks for family and then mended a jacket seam but that's not very exciting!

I need a new project to get going on!!!

We have managed a couple of walks at Attingham Park and I took this photo of the foxgloves. 

It was a delight to walk amongst the trees and listen to amazing birdsong.

So, that's it for this week. I hope to have more to show you next time.

Before I go... Quote for the week from Ben at bedtime...

"Mum, I wasn't born so that you could love me. I was born so that I could love you"

What a thinker!

Have a great week.

xx Jo

Wednesday, 17 June 2020


Good morning to all my WOYWW friends around the globe and to anyone else who drops in to see what I am up to!

I have had a really crafty week and enjoyed everything I have done.

Firstly, I finished off a couple of twiddlemitts. The photos show the front and back of my seaside version has 3 fish, fishing net and a treasure box with gold buttons stitched inside.

and then the poppy fields one....

 I love the colours and textures and hope they bring as much joy to the patients, suffering from dementia, who receive them.

AND then I managed to get some lovely soft, viscose fabric to make another wrap around skirt.
It looks really smart and I think my friend will love it.

So that's my lot for this week.
Keep well and stay safe!

xx Jo

Wednesday, 10 June 2020


Good morning all.
I hope you are all well and keeping safe.
I have had a busy week and even enjoyed a little bit of crafty activity!

Annie bought one of Tilly Tea Dance's felted and embroidered bookmarks (see all here). Before I dropped it off with her, I took a photo and printed a few off for Tilly to use as cards. It photographed really well and I even think I might make a print to go on my wall - subject to the boss agreeing of course!

Below is a little bit of my dressmaking fun enjoyed this week too. Maxine's bestie wanted me to make a wrap around skirt for her Nan. She sent me a skirt to copy so, I made a pattern and found a piece of fabric in my stash.
This is the skirt I made and posted to "Nan". It fitted perfectly and now I have to find some really nice fabric to make a couple more. It's tricky as I have to rely on online fabric shops and of course we really have to "feel" a fabric to know if its the right one.

Ideally I would like Tencel or viscose and I have trawled the internet. I just wish I could pop to Watson and Thornton in Shrewsbury as I feel sure they would have the perfect thing.
Sadly our local traders are unable to open just yet and who knows if ever again?

Several of our unique shops in town are already closing down due to Covid 19 restrictions. It's really sad as Shrewsbury is known for its wide variety of independent traders.
We had a fun afternoon yesterday when Ben and Max came to play. Ben proudly showed me his 4 page story about a naughty princess that he had written - such wonderful work for a 5 year old (proud nanny here!). I repaid him with some of my own limericks that I had written so I will be interested to see if he can come up with one of his own. 

Well, that's it for this week.
Have a great week and stay safe.

xx Jo

Wednesday, 3 June 2020


What's On my Workdesk this Wednesday?
I decided to knit a little "In threes" cardi and will probably put it with the others that I made for the hospital a few weeks ago.
Due to Covid 19, I don't think they are accepting them just now but I am sure they will be glad of them soon.
The yarn is a soft cotton mix by Wendy. I love the little lemon flower buttons that are waiting to be stitched on.

I need to find another challenge now.

I am hoping Maxine will find me some "Tilly Tea Dance" admin now that we are able to get together - albeit in my garden, six feet apart!

She brought Ben over for an hour to enjoy the space and the sunshine. 
Ben and his dog had a great time racing round and we even managed a game of cricket. 
It was so lovely to have their company and Ben was proud to show me how he has become a very competent and confident little reader in the last few weeks! A big pat on the back to Max for that - they have worked hard, together, on their home schooling.

I hope you are all enjoying a little more freedom but like me, taking it slowly and carefully so that we don't let the virus into our lives.

It was great to hear that our poorly friends are on the mend!
Sending WOYWW love and best wishes.

xx Jo