Wednesday, 27 April 2022


 Hi folks!

I am back sooner than I thought.

I was summoned for jury duty but they didn't need me so I am free!

Thanks to all you lovely folk who, when I said I was on a secret mission, hoped I would be having a fun time. no - just had to set aside 10 days or more in case I was called to court. Thankfully I wasn't - it would have been interesting but I am happy to forego the experience.

So - here are the lovely bits and bobs I have been busy with....

Birthday cards and a new baby card..

These two are a bit retro. Max used to make little free-machined cards like this and sell them - she was about 12 at the time - a sign of things to come I guess.

A little hang over bin for my SIL....

And last but not least my Jubilee twiddler.....

This week I have a little visitor here for a few days so I am up with the lark doing the school run.

Last night he stretched out in his big bed and said "Ah, this is the life!" 

I assume he is happy to spend time with us!!

Have a good week all.

xx Jo

Wednesday, 13 April 2022



Good morning all.

Just a little update on the brooches for Ukraine funds.

I made 5 more of them and they have little brooch pins on the back. I have sold two more so the total raised so far is £95.

If anyone wants one. Just let me know. Then, make a donation to any of the funds for Ukraine - Red Cross, DEC, Unicef  etc - tell me that you have done that and then I will pop one in the post for you.
First come first served.

Below are my latest little twiddle mitts...

"Gone Fishing"

And "Springtime"

This may be the last post from me for about 3 weeks as I am on a special mission that I can't talk about.

So, stay well everyone and enjoy the lovely Spring weather.

xx Jo

Wednesday, 6 April 2022

 Good morning all.

These weeks fly by and here we are in April already.

It's been a busy few days - trying to make the best of nice weather for a trip to Attingham and lunch out and then to complete a little task Max's bestie brought for me. (See last photo).

Firstly, I thought you might like to see the latest "under the sea" twiddler....

It was my hubby's idea to put a mermaid in it. She is sitting amongst the seaweed and coral beside her treasure box. (I know - it's totally over the top but I loved doing it and it might put a smile on someone's face - who knows!)
And then,

Note to self - find out exactly what you are being asked to do before you say yes!!!

The "little job" was to make new covers for seat cushions. Foolishly, I imagined a nice little sewing job like I did here.

But no, it was to re-cover seat pads -  a totally different job requiring tools and  hours of staple pulling, re- padding, renewing fabric and lots of STAPLING!!!!!

I was pleased with the result - I just hope they fit the chairs.

So that's it for this week.

Enjoy this lovely Spring weather.

xx Jo