Wednesday, 30 June 2010

WOYWW for W!

Happy Wednesday everyone!!
Today my desk is covered with paper pattern pieces as I am designing a new top for Wipso.
We work together on these projects - she tells me what she would like and then I go away and come up with something. ( Actually she said it was too much trouble for me but I am happy to play with patterns and fabric, so its no problem!!)

Now, on my window ledge you can see the unadorned WOYWW easel - we all love them and I know they will feature on at least 100 desks today!!! Thanks so much to Julia and Mr Dunnit - such a thoughtful thing to do and perfect for the occasion.
Hanging off my sewing machine is the prototype for my padded hangers. I made it up in white silky fabric with a crochet flower attachable brooch. I will pop it in the blog shop later. I have lots more ideas for them but I get a bit side-tracked. ( I am a bit of a butterfly!!)
Oh and mentioning butterflies - not many about up here yet. Lots of bees on my flowers so I thought I would leave you with a few of my pics! I shall be popping over to Julia's blog to join in the WOYWW fun later. I think I managed to visit about 40 of you last week - I will try harder this week, I promise!!

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

WOYWW and a few happy memories!

Happy Wednesday everyone!
My desk is full of pretty stuff today. I have had a busy few days dress making and wanted to do something different. I have sorted out some of my vintage bits and bobs and thought I would show and tell.
On the left are my two latest car boot purchases - a table runner with poppies, corn and flowers and a tray cloth with really pretty, beautifully embroidered flowers on one corner.
At the top of the photo is a lovely table cloth which my mum embroidered. Unlike Wipso and I, she was no needlewoman. However, after Dad died, my brilliant little sister spent hours with her and encouraged her to embroider as a way of passing the time and getting her interested in life again. She was soon popping off to town to pick up threads and tray cloths and eventually made pictures and table cloths. I think she was thrilled at being able to produce such pretty things and we were all thrilled to receive one of her pieces as a gift. Sadly, as she aged, her ability and eyesight waned and that too is embroidered into her later ones, but it didn't matter because she was happy with it!!
Now the funny little sampler at the front must be about 44 years old!!!
I know because I made it as part of my "O" Level needlework exam when I was about 14.
Yes, in those days we were actually taught embroidery. We had a brilliant teacher so I guess we were very lucky and I am sure, along with our genes inherited from our paternal Grandma, that the seeds of our love for crafts were sown then.
So there you are - a few pretties to enjoy on this fab Wednesday.
Now before you settle down to enjoy this afternoon's wonderful football spectacle (lol) do pop over to Julia's blog and enjoy visiting the rest of the WOYWers!!!
Thanks for calling and thanks lots to Bleubeard and Elizabeth for making me her blogger of the day - how nice is that!!!!

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Spot the mistake!

Well it certainly looks pretty doesn't it?

However, it is slightly wrong in one vital area - can you see the problem?

I must have been going at full speed and didn't notice until I had undone and redone the treble rows!!!
I just couldn't get it to lie flat - lol!

Just in case you don't know what African flowers are supposed to look like, I have popped a photo of the finished blanket below.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010


A lovely sunny morning here on the Welsh border!
I hope it's the same for all of you WOYWWers. If this means nothing to you, then pop over to Julia's blog - the originator of this band of bloggers - and join in the fun!!

Today, I will be mostly sewing together crochet, so I have stacked my African flowers on my dining table. I have then to lay them out around the first few that are joined and decide what to do with them. ("Obviously very little forward planning gone on there", I hear you say!!!)

Planning is not my strong point!!
I just made loads of flowers and then went around the outside of them all in pale lilac.
Now here is the question.....
Do I make one big throw for a single bed... or.... do I make a couple of cot blankets?
I intend edging the whole thing in the colours used for the flowers.
Lots to do then. Maybe I should get going!!
Oh and below are the two items for Wipso's little ones. A cute little shrug for the babe and a neat zip up cardi for P.

Have a great day everyone - I shall be round to visit as many as possible and see what you are all up to. Thanks for calling and for all your kind comments.

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Sunny Shrewsbury

Last Friday was a beautiful, sunny evening and after a lovely meal in town, we decided to walk through the park in the centre of Shrewsbury. " The Quarry" is beside the River Severn with Shrewsbury School high on the bank above it.
We wandered back along the riverside, past the School boat house on the opposite bank.

The swans were enjoying the evening too, as were the group rowing near to Grey Friars Bridge.

If you are visitors to the town, then make sure you find your way up to the Quarry and pop into the Dingle. Sit in this beautiful garden and enjoy peace and tranquility for a moment or two!!

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Truth or lie blog award!

A new blogging friend has given me this award - how thoughtful!

Thanks Esther for your award and the kind comments too.

So having included the link to her blog, I must either tell 6 lies and 1 truth about myself or 6 truths and 1 lie ?...

1. I have written a children's story.

2. I was at college with fashion designer Bruce Oldfield.

3. I have visited 7 Greek islands.

4. My best friend is a politician.

5. I like watching football.

6. I have a pet gerbil.

7. I used to make leather handbags.

You can decide which is true and which is not!!

AND - I think I will pass this award on to Wipso

Wednesday, 9 June 2010


Morning all! I can't say good morning - we have very low cloud, mist and rain so it's a bit gloomy out there. No probs - inside is all bright, cheery and colourful!!
My table is full of lovely bubble-gum coloured crochet. Wipso inspired me (along with Shropshire Suz) to make African flowers. Well of course she is much cleverer and quicker than me and has hers all done, as you will see on her WOYWW blog. Me - I am a little slower!!!!
Mine are coming along nicely and I make one or two each evening whilst watching Spring Watch.
Not sure what I am going to make, so all suggestions will be welcome. There are about 36 flowers at the mo.
On the right, you can see my bargain bag of padded coat hangers.
I am going to refurbish them and cover them with fabric and embellishments suitable for a "special" dress hanger. So that will keep me busy for a while!!
I had a lovely day yesterday making comfy hats with matching brooches, for one of Wipso's customers. I hope they are just what she wanted - they certainly looked good and such a wonderful lady deserves to look good!!!
On my window sill, is the latest peacock pic which has gone into the blog shop.
I am popping to my local emporium now but, I will be back later for a flying visit to all you WOYWers out there. Didn't we have a fine old time last week for the WOYWWAC. Thanks to all who popped in to comment on my right regal pin cushion!!! So, Julia and Mr Linky - here I come!

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Dainty ballerinas!

Just a few photos of the dainty aquilegia growing in my garden at the moment.

Like fuchsia, they always make me think of tiny ballerinas in their delicate, flouncy dresses!

We have about 6 different ones in one corner of our garden.

And then we have this giant, growing up the fence beside them!!
We had the same variety of clematis at our last house and it was a real spectacle with masses of blooms the size if tea-plates.
This one has only just settled in here and has this one, gorgeous bloom.
It is Clematis "Lasurstern" and it should flower again later in the year.
Hope you enjoyed the view!!!

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

WOYWWAC - Julia's crowning glory!

Wahoo! Wahoo!! Wahoo!
Well Julia, your "What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday" blog get together has grown from strength to strength over the last year, so much so, that, around 120 or so join in each week now.

Today on week 52 for the WOYWW Anniversary Challenge, I have created, in honour of YOU - Julia, Queen of Snoop - this regal pin cushion.

It comes with a huge thank you for inventing the "WOYWW get together" and thus bringing together so many new friends. The world would be a better place if the friendly WOYWWers took over!! Their sense of humour and caring, sharing attitude would transform a world that at times has lost the plot.

And now, arise Queen Julia and go out to meet and greet the others in your kingdom who wish to congratulate and praise you by showing all of us their WOYWWAC!!

(Should you be wondering what on earth this is all about, then do nip over to Julia's blog and join in the fun!)