Friday, 30 August 2013

Friday smile

Look what I found in my garden this week.
I couldn't resist a photo of this saucy little beetroot.

I quite fancy having my hair that colour!

I think he/she needs a name.
Any suggestions?

Join Annie's Friday Smile over at "A stitch in time" - we all need a giggle on a Friday.

x Jo

Wednesday, 28 August 2013


Good morning to everyone who has popped into my blog to see what's on my work table today.

It hasn't seen much activity this week.
I have been plotting and planning a few crafty items but nothing much to show for it.

The dinosaur fabric is out so that I can decide what other colours I need to buy to make a quilt.
I think turquoise and orange would go well with it - what do you think?

The lighthouse picture is a little fabric collage that Maxine made.
She has sold one or two - this one is for sale if anyone wants it.
Contact me if you do and I will send you details etc)

I bought a Craftseller magazine - just for inspiration really.
Has anyone else seen it?
I am not sure I will buy another one but it did have a couple of freebies and one or two interesting items.

Short and sweet this week - I am out with my little sis today so goodness knows what mischief we will get up to!!!

Thanks for calling by and leaving lovely comments.
I will be round to visit your desk later in the week.
OK Mr Linky and the lovely Julia - here I come to join in the WOYWW fun.

x Jo

Friday, 23 August 2013

Friday smile

Don't you just love it when the sun shines and the butterflies descend on your garden.
This afternoon I had about 6 Peacock butterflies, a Comma, a Red Admiral, 2 Small Tortoiseshells and lots of Cabbage Whites - all on the buddleia plant.
My camera and photographic skills didn't allow me to snap them all - some were out of focus but the splash of colour in that butterfly collage certainly makes me smile.

And below are some rather fuzzy snaps of the Red Kite that was cruising the field at the back of my house. I think there is an adult and a young one around the vicinity.

We are so lucky to be able to see them so close to home.

What has made you smile this week?
Pop over to Annie's blog "A stitch in time" and see what has amused her this week.

Thanks for calling.
x Jo

Wednesday, 21 August 2013


Happy Wednesday everyone!
These Wednesdays seem to come round just a bit too quickly!

I hope you are all well and enjoying the sunshine and showers.
My work table looks like I have just dumped stuff on it today - that's because I have!
Just have a nose around and see what there is to snoop.

This week I have been busy helping to make dressing up outfits for a toy shop assistant in a school pretend toy shop. I also made little Lexi and Sam a similar set so that they can be shop keepers too!

I had a lovely surprise when I met up with Annie at the weekend.
She brought a little pressie back from her trip to see the girlies - Julia, Jan & Di.
The lovely Di had made us both beautiful magnetic bookmarks and  a matching decorated candle.
What a great idea  and so much appreciated - thanks lots Di.

Another gift came from Tina at Indigo Moon, Montgomery.
She popped over for a coffee and brought me a bag of ribbons - just look at it all!
I am sure we will find some good uses to put it to.

That's it for this week.
See you on the WOYWW round up later on - join Julia and co at her Stamping Ground.

Thanks for popping in.
x Jo

Friday, 16 August 2013

Friday smile

Home grown veg!

I only have two small raised beds so don't imagine a huge allotment full!

BUT - it's always nice just to be able to nip into my garden and pick a handful of rocket or a few fresh herbs.
This week I have a tiny bunch of dwarf French beans and a few little beetroot.
 I am roasting the beetroot and will chop up the beans and steam them to go with a homemade meat pie that I am making for tea later. YUM!

The other thing that made me chuckle was the memory that came to mind as I chopped up a cereal box so that I could save the useful bits of card.

"Nothing funny about that!" I hear all the paper crafters say.

No, but it reminded me of when I was about 4 or 5 years old - that was in the 1950s!!
Soap used to come wrapped in a nice piece of crisp paper inside the trade wrapper.
I used to love unwrapping a fresh bar of soap and saving this small scrap of paper to write and draw on.  We didn't have much spare cash for drawing books and notepads.  
Just imagine the children of today having to do that.  ("Notebooks" were little books with lines on the paper in those days!!)
Happy days!

Join other Friday smilers over at Annie's blog "A stitch in time". You are sure to find something to smile at over there.

Have a great weekend.
x Jo

Wednesday, 14 August 2013


Good morning all!

I hope you are all well and able to enjoy this Wednesday blog hop around the crafty workdesks of the world. If you are not sure what this is all about, just follow the link to Julia's Stamping Ground and join in. There are lots of happy, crafty, bloggers around the world just waiting for you to check out their Wednesday work space!

After showing my sneaky peek at my new bag last week, lots of you asked to see the full monty, so here it is....

The fabric was from Abakhan and the little needle-felted brooch is one that I made last year.
Annie also made a bag - check out her blog..
 "A stitch in time" if you want to see the funky fabric she chose for hers and her finished bag - it's really fab!

Not much else happening on my workdesk at the moment.
I did sort out some of my crafty goodies to send to one of our blog friend's charities that they support.
I am sure the children involved in Muffins Dream Foundation will have fun with this little lot.....

Thanks for calling by my blog and for leaving such kind comments.
Have a good week.
x Jo

Friday, 9 August 2013

Finished by Friday with a smile!!

 My little LillyBo Quilt is all finished and packed neatly inside its little tote bag.
The 3 dollies are tucked in the pocket ready to go - and what a lot of excited giggling and smiles there have been - and that's just from me!!!!

Here is the finished quilt complete with its LillyBo Quilt label that says who made it, where and when and who it belongs to when it is eventually given to one of the little ones in hospital.

I have loved every minute of making it.
I think that watching Annie's little grand children grow up has made me truly appreciate how lucky we are to have healthy little ones around us. So every quilt goes with love and the very best wishes to each little child who will receive one.

If you would like to see more about Jo and how she is helping promote LillyBo Quilts at Abakhan fabric shop in Liverpool, then follow this link LillyBo Quilts. (It's worth a look!!)

Of course, in the process I have learned lots and each quilt gets better and better.
I even think I might invest in a bit more equipment to help make the quilt making process simpler.
Our friends who helped us last week with the bag making have all the right gear and Annie and I were quite taken with the big cutting board and rotary cutter.
So, I shall be surfing the web for a good price for them!!

Well, that's what made me smile this week.
How about you?
If you want to join in then follow this link to Annie's Friday Smile post on her "A stitch in time" blog.

Have a good weekend

x Jo

Wednesday, 7 August 2013


 I am a bit late posting my WOYWW today.
AND - you are only getting a sneaky peek at what I have been making this week!!
Annie and I went on a bag making workshop yesterday.
We had a fab day - lots of laughter and crafting with two lovely friends.
I ran out of time and fabric so my bag isn't quite finished.
I am really pleased with it so far, so I will make sure I do the last little bit later today, ready to show and tell later in the week.
These are my other "makes" this week...
 A pretty little lace flower made using an idea I found on Pinterest.


Two little dressing up outfits for the twins.
Sorry for the photo quality - I used my phone and I think I must have sneezed at the same time!!

Doctor and Nurse outfits - of course they both wanted to wear the one with the velcro-ed on watch on the pocket!! So, I guess I need to make another little watch for the Doctor!

Have a great week - see you later when I check out your desk.

x Jo

Friday, 2 August 2013

Friday floral smile.

Just a little summer colour from my garden to make you smile today!
It is another beautiful bright and breezy day here in the Welsh Marches.
I hope it's the same for you.

For more Friday smiles just pop over to Annie's "A stitch in time" blog and see what the others have found to make them smile this week.
Have a lovely weekend.
x Jo