Wednesday, 26 August 2020



I have been busy with my little lavender bags this week again.
One or two of our WOYWW buddies said they would like some so I made a few extra.
(I still have about half of my bag of lavender left!!)

I found some chunky lace which looked good on the cotton fabric that I found in my stash. So, I made a few larger bags and a few small ones to go with them.

I have bagged them up in twos and will be posting out this week.

If anyone else would like a couple let me know.
Needless to say my sewing room smells lovely and I have been sleeping really well recently! 😴

I hope you haven't been blown away by the gales across the land.

It's not been too bad here so far.

Have a good week.

xx Jo

Wednesday, 19 August 2020



Max wanted a few lavender bags to put amongst her yarn and roving bags - smells nice and keeps the moths away.

So, I treated us to a 500g bag of Cotswold lavender. The bag duly arrived and I must admit I went for value for money without really thinking how much 500g of lavender would be!

Now I have an ample supply to fill about 50 little bags.
Here are a few that I quickly made yesterday.
I spread them out on some pretty table linen - crochet, lace and broiderie anglais.
My room smelt lovely.

Needless to say, I have plenty left so I will make a few more later in the week and pop some in my drawers. ( Now then LLJ - don't spray your coffee all over your desk again!)

If anyone would like a few lavender bags leave a comment and I will delve into my fabric stash and see what I can do.

My sewing room is out of action until the workmen have put a new window in but I should be able to put it straight on Friday and get going again.

Have a great week.

xx Jo

Wednesday, 12 August 2020



Just a quick post today as I shall be busy with my little playmate later on!

New Tilly Tea Dance postcard stock arrived today. Max likes to include them in parcels etc if an extra note is needed and I love the foxglove pictures that she makes. I think this one is perfect to reproduce in prints.

The little pendants below are hers too. They are tiny wet felted landscapes on which  she has hand embroidered tiny flowers. I mounted them in the blanks for her and I think she will put them on a cord or silver chain.

I am slowly getting to grips with the new edition of Blogger. I even found out how to reduce my photo sizes - tiny steps!!!

That's about it for this week.

Have a good week all!

xx Jo

Wednesday, 5 August 2020


Today we are "in the pink"!

I picked a tiny posy of sweet peas as a little birthday celebration photo for LLJ and also in memory of our Mum who would have been 99 this week. Both ladies love sweet peas. Their fragrance filled my kitchen and it really was just a few stems.

I've made a few more masks for family and friends. Now we are wearing them for outings/shops etc we will all need one to wear and one to wash and a spare one in case we are caught short (lol I'm not sure that's really what I mean!)

My latest twiddler is a lovely rosy pink affair with bobbles, hearts and flowers. Plenty to twiddle and stroke.

And lastly - why is it that my nails grow beautifully during July and then it is a all downhill after that, as they split and look a real mess by the Autumn?

So that's my "pink" for today.

The year is ticking by too fast. It is unlikely that we will be able to meet up at a WOYWW get together anytime soon. We will have to make do with our desk share each Wednesday.

I hope everyone is well and keeping safe.

xx Jo