Saturday, 28 February 2009

Ode to Theatre Severn and Pam Ayres

Our long awaited theatre opened its doors last week
Standing beside the River Severn, imposing, bold and sleek.
Its shiny, smart exterior has beckoned for a while
We thought we would see Pam Ayres as we knew she'd make us smile.

We booked a meal in its restaurant as we thought that they could cater
For a hungry threesome keen to eat then slip into the theatre later.
We gave ourselves time enough for starter, main and sweet
All sparkling new and trendy - it should have been a treat.

I'm sure with lots of practice their confidence will grow
But that night they were struggling and the service was so slow.
We were beginning to get anxious and we thought we'd have to dash.
The chicken dish sat cooling as we awaited veg and mash.
Eventually we finished, sadly no time for a sweet
As we moved through to the theatre to settle in our seat.

We scanned the Pam Ayres programme noting facts, photos and favourite rhyme,
Then the said lady stood before us and we listened live for the first time.

Well, we chuckled and we giggled as she told a tale or two.
Her lines timed to perfection and we joined in with a few.
We learned about her hamily and her hubby Mr Russell.
We could agree with all her thoughts about her aging body tussle.

We were entertained for hours by her clever rhymes and wit
And left for home uplifted and we didnt mind a bit
That our dinner wasn't perfect and the service had been slow.
Pam left us feeling rosy and our cheeks were all aglow!

Don't worry Pam - I am no competition!!!!!

Friday, 20 February 2009

The innocence of old age

I have enjoyed writing this little blog over the last few months - knowing that friends and relatives can dip in and find out what I have been up to.

My niece checked out my blog yesterday and raised an eyebrow, as only youngsters can, at the way I have described myself and my sewing sister (her mum).

Well can I just say........

a) We are real sisters and, as she tells everyone, I am the much older sister.
b) We both sew and I often help her cut out curtains etc - hence the scissors.
c) We are great friends and make a great team.
d) We both like to sing along to the music of the "Scissor Sisters".

The pic was from the card I made for her birthday....
I am the taller one with blonde hair with her arms folded under her bosom.
Little sister has grey hair and folds her arms over hers.
I hope that paints the picture!

Friday, 13 February 2009

Just in case you didn't get one either!

Happy Valentine's Day!!


One of my Christmas presents was a ticket to Flashdance at the Hippodrome in Birmingham. So yesterday afternoon I was chauffeur driven to the said city. We arrived early so enjoyed a site-seeing drive round the city before parking up and heading for the italian restaurant.
Having had a super meal, with excellent service from very attentive italian gentlemen, we headed over to the theatre.
I love live music and theatre so I always find it exciting to sit listening to the members of the orchestra warm up and to study the set etc.
We all enjoyed the performance - its great to see young people giving their all in an effort to entertain. The theatre was packed with both old and young. It was a really busy, happy atmosphere.
A great night out and free bed and breakfast too - brilliant!!
Thanks scissor sister.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Crafting update

The scissor sisters have been busy again. Thanks to great encouragement from all, we enjoyed a crafty afternoon this week. The challenge was - to make card "toppers" using the same fabric. We both had 2 pieces of the purpley pink tie-dyed fabric which we decorated with collage, embroidery etc. Of course, once made, we decided they should be mounted on card to show the finished article. The photo shows the cards I made.

Some might think our pleasures are simple but we had a great time as we worked on our little task. We certainly treasure our times together. An afternoon of laughter and creative activity is a tonic to both of us - I can recommend it!!

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Time to be crafty.

Yet another gloomy, overcast day with a few snowflakes drifting down. The roads are clear but I don't feel the need to go anywhere. Instead, I have been dabbling with my sewing and card making gear in my little craft room.

I have equipment and materials galore and plenty of time to experiment.

After years of working in a job which left me with little time or energy to be creative, it really is a treat to have time to indulge in all things crafty!
So, this week I have made cards.

I used lots of half finished bits and bobs and produced about half a dozen cards. Friends and family may be lucky enough to receive one. I can never compete with some of the gorgeous ones I see on the various websites I visit, but playing with fabric, card and trimmings can be very satisfying.
On a grey February day, in a cosy room, looking out on a beautiful snow-clad landscape it is bliss!

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Add a little sunshine...

Just as I thought.

Today the morning sun shone over little Roundton turning it to a mini Matterhorn!

From the warmth of my cosy kitchen, the snow looks perfect today. We have had a few short blizzards since I took the picture but the roads are clear.
My bird feeders have seen lots of action - mostly blackbirds and starlings. During one of the snow storms I noticed a Snipe with his long straight beak, huddling in the nettles in the field over our fence. He was there for an hour but disappeared when the sun shone.

Monday, 2 February 2009

Look no hills!

The view from inside my kitchen window......

The snow has fallen steadily all day, hiding the hills and blanketing my garden, a couple of inches deep. I am sure it will look beautiful when the sun shines but just now it looks bleak.

It sounds as if others have it far worse, so - up with the central heating and on with the home made bread and soup!!