Saturday, 30 July 2011

SOS - Sort Out Saturday

This is what happens when you spend the week crafting and sewing without having a good tidy up as you go along!!!
M came over and we had a good time playing crafting and creating.
She made these gorgeous dumfed cards - seascapes, tiny moorland scenes and fab mini dumfs in silk/lace and yarns - beaded and buttoned. They are all mounted up on card and looking good.

I came back from Wipso's last night with my gorgeous velvet bag filled with scraps of tiny flower print fabric to use on my Montgomery collages. I must get down to making the last 4 in my 12 picture series.
My bag was in our blog shop Sisters Crafty Creations but I decided it was just what I needed for my little crafting or shopping trips.

We had a brilliant evening crafting while the men were at footie.
Best of all - we parcelled up 30 -yes I did say 30 little dresses to send to Sew Scrumptious for her "Dress a girl around the world scheme" that she is supporting.
We were like 2 school girls ooh-ing and ahh-ing over all the pretty little frocks.
Wipso made 21 - where does she find the time in her busy daily schedule???
So - they will be winging their way to Louise today, ready to go out to Kenya next month, I think.
Here are the last 3 of my dresses.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

WOYWW - Twiglet is good at sharing....

Hi folks - just a quick post today.
I have daughter M here for a few days and we are having a crafty/chill out session or two.
So we are sharing my work table.
M was busy yesterday making little dumflings with my embellishing machine.

Today she is making another doorway collage - this time its based on a door at Ludlow Castle and will be a wedding present for friends who get married there soon.
I will blog it later if it is finished in time.

I printed off her medieval door way on canvas. They look quite good and will be fine mounted on card I  think.

So we are sharing all our crafty bits and bobs - fabric/threads/beads etc.
It's great to have her company and we have a good chat and a giggle over all sorts of things.
It will do her good to absorb herself in craft work and I know she will go home refreshed.

When we were looking through photos for the collage we came across this one....

Now, I repeat........I am good at sharing .............but not that good!!!!!!!

Have a great day.
If you want to join in our blog hop then head on over to Julia's Stamping Ground where you will find lots more busy crafters willing to share there desks with you.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

A pretty pair!

I knew I had two little lemon pillowcases somewhere!
These two will now join the other pillowcase dresses which Wipso and I have been busy with over the last two weeks.
 (click link to find out more)

I think I shall be helping Wipso cut out some more tomorrow
and we will probably be posting at least 20 to Sew Scrumptious fairly soon.
Click the link to see Sew Scrumptious' washing line full of little dresses!!

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Take 2 laundry bags!

Update from yesterday's post.......
You remember - Kate gave me a pretty laundry bag to upcycle to make a little dress, as part of the Dressing a girl around the world scheme, that Wipso and I have decided to support.
Well Kate - what do you think? Will it do?
I un-picked the bag and re-cut the fabric, adding a little bit of pretty floral print at the hem and for the binding and straps. Then I cut out the little horse from the rest of the bag and appliqued it to the front of the dress - cute isn't it?!

Of course, then I got to thinking that, somewhere in the depths of M's wardrobe, there was one of her laundry bags - she obviously doesn't need it (lol - why is it in her wardrobe here and not her wardrobe in her own home, I ask myself.)
So after rummaging round I found it, washed it, un-picked it and, as before added a few bits and bobs and here it is as good as new.

Now I need to add it to Wipso's TEN that she has been busy with this week and T's beautiful little first attempt that she made with us on Monday. All together we should have at least 15 to post to Sew Scrumptious who has been collecting these dresses for girls in Africa.
Of course if anyone else has a laundry bag that looks as if it is good enough to make one of these pretty little frocks do let me know!!!

Wednesday, 20 July 2011


Good morning all!!
A tidy work table for you to check out today.

At the top is my latest little pillow case dress (See last week's blog for details). It will be joining several others once Wipso has found the time in her busy schedule to make the TEN that she has cut out ready to sew.
In the front of my photo you can see a pretty laundry bag sent to me by Kate of Noseycritters blogspot. She hoped I might be able to use it for another little dress. I will do my best, so look out for an update later in the week. I love the little tag she sent with it - I shall be saving that one - thanks Kate!
On the left is a remnant of the fabric I used to help a friend make Roman blinds last week. There was only a small piece left so I suggested I use it for a collage to go on the wall between the two blinds. Now I will have to get thinking and come up with a design for it. Will blog it when its finished.

Short and sweet this week. Have a great week all of you. Thanks lots for all your comments. I will be round to visit your desks later. OK - lets see what Julia's Stamping Ground looks like today....

Monday, 18 July 2011

Fun day Monday.

What a fab fun day Monday!!
Wipso and I cut curtains this morning ready for her to sew tomorrow.
Then we had delicious, home baked bread buns for lunch before T arrived for our crafting afternoon.
We made more pillow case dresses.
(See blog below)
Above is my latest.
Wipso - not satisfied with one pillowcase, came armed with 2 duvets, which she had purchased at a charity shop. She then proceeded to make 3 out of the 10 we had cut out!!!
T and I plodded on with our little efforts.
As T is a relative newcomer to sewing, I helped her with each process - what a lot of skills she picked up too....
  • attaching bias bindings
  • making bias tie straps
  • making a pocket
  • putting in elastic
  • using the overlocker
I think we should be running workshops Wipso!!!! We could even throw in a course on making Roman blinds too! lol

Thanks for a fab day.
Will you have room to blog all your ten little frocks???

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

WOYWW - crafting overdrive!

Good morning all!
Nice tidy desk today - just three of my latest pieces of work.
Two more of my Montgomery series of pics and a special Golden Wedding picture for two special friends.
The lovely Tina from Indigo Moon came over for coffee this morning, so I cleared my work table and put all the things that I had made over the last month on my dining table. They filled the table and it was great to share my work with a "real artist". So - thanks for your kind comments Tina! It's what keeps us moving onward and upward isn't it.

The other "make" of the week is this little dress. Sew Scrumptious has been collecting dresses made from a pillow case for girls in Africa - its the Dressing a girl around the world scheme.
So I decided it was about time I joined in. This is my effort. I used one pale blue pillow case and then trimmed it with the contrasting fabric from my remnant box. I think Sew Scrumptious has collected well over 100 of these little dresses and has already posted 50 out to Malawi.

OK folks - time to nip over to Julia's Stamping Ground and join the rest of the blog hoppers.
Have a great week!

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

WOYWW - Twiglet exposed!

Happy Wednesday all!!
This week we have had fun day Monday - thanks to Wipso and friend T - we had lots of giggles, chocolate and crafting.
Haircut Tuesday - might bare all and show you what it looks like.
WOYWWednesday sees me crafting lovely gifts for friends' birthdays and a special wedding anniversary.
Not sure what the rest of the week will hold but I won't be bored, that's for sure!

My table is loaded with bits and bobs that I will need for one project or another.......
  • a couple of pieces of fabric from the carboot sale
  • two little picture frames for me to re-fill with some of my collages
  • a half-made collage
  • the latest Quilting Arts mag
There is always something to keep me busy and, just to have time to craft for the sheer pleasure of it, is my idea of heaven.
This is one of my little projects from last week.
It's a named card (name deleted) for a friend to give as a Christening gift.

I used embroidery canvas as a base and then added lace, fabric, buttons etc to make the little picture.

Hope you have a great day.
Thanks to all who visited and left lovely comments last week. I had a busy week so only managed to visit about 30 desks - not many when you think there are about 150 of us blog hopping each week!
Must try to do better.
So, over to the lovely Julia's to see if she is bothering to blog for us today or if she has handed it over to another very capable friend like last week!!!

Oh and here goes - I will bare all.......
My hairdo - thanks to Val for another great job!