Wednesday, 24 February 2016

WOYWW - room with a view!

 Good morning all!
Just a quick view through my sewing room window just after seven this morning.
A rosy pink sky and the moon - so pretty.
Not much actually on my WOYWW for today so I thought you might like to see my Twiddle mitts.
I think we may have a dozen to post to Ludlow for use with their elderly folk over there. They were fun to make and several of our friends actually found it quite theraputic to sit an twiddle too!
So cheery and cheerful don't you think?
Well it's short and sweet today - thanks for popping in to visit.
I will be round to your desk later - sometimes much later!!!
Have a great week.

x Jo

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Katie Morag style dressing up skirt

It's World Book Day in March and I just thought I would put a llink to my Ebay page in case anyone is looking for a little girl's dressing up skirt for a Katie Morag outfit.
I know they were very popular last year.
It is made in poly cotton fabric with a kilt style and embroidered pin.
Check out this link HERE if you are interested.
 x Jo

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

WOYWW - room for crafting!


Good morning all!
I thought I would share our little gift sent to us from Sam aka Hettie. She said she saw it and thought of us - so kind and such a fab little book. I love Janet Bolton's work and I know a little boy who would love some Noah's ark collage pictures for his wall so I am sure the book will provide lots of inspiration. Thanks Sam.

Now don't faint but, yes, I am actually getting somewhere with the organising and sorting in my room.
I still need one more Kallax cupboard to complete the look but will need to get a shopping list ready for Ikea before I take the 80 mile round trip. 
So, below are just two photos of the room so far.
The heart shaped message board was made by the clever quilter Jo of Jozarty. It looks good there don't you think?

At least now we can craft in comfort without having to climb over boxes and bags of "stuff"

This week I finished off the little aran jumper and made a few more Twiddle mitts - so it's been a knitting marathon. When I started making the mitts I sorted out all my most suitable wool. Since then it seems to have doubled in quantity!!! Does anyone else find this happens when you begin a little kind deed?
When we made dresses for the "Dress a girl around the world" scheme the same thing happened. Fabric appeared from nowhere and we ended up making over 400 dresses!
I am not sure I could knit that many twiddle mitts but nevertheless that wool is definitely reproducing in my cupboard over night!
Here is Ben's aran jumper - it worked up a tad too big so I will save it for the Autumn and knit a smaller one for him.

Well that's it for this week.
See you around your desks later.
Have a great week.

x Jo

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

WOYWW - overdrive!

Good morning all - WOYWWers and everyone else who likes a snoop to see what I am up to!

Well this week I am in top gear or maybe even overdrive! (Am I showing my age there?- I suppose it was before 5th gear was invented).

The little sewing room is taking shape and I have spent a few hours clearing and sorting - it still seems a never ending task but it is looking more like a place I want to spend time in. I might even show and tell next week.
This week you can see the results of my busy sewing and knitting fingers....

I had a fab red linen shirt which I decided would make two cushion covers to go on my new Ikea sofa cover in my breakfast kitchen. It was tricky making sure I had enough bits to patchwork together but I managed to make a matching pair. They each have a little pocket so that I can hide little treasures in there for Ben.
 The other cushion is one that I made from a recycled aran jumper a while ago.

Next, are a couple of twiddle mitts or probably "muff" is the right word. (Stop sniggering - you know who you are!!)
We seemed to cause a few giggles with these over the last week or so!
If you would like to know more then click this link here.
It does seem like a great idea  so we tried to add extra textures and bits and bobs to twiddle.

AND lastly one of my little Katie Morag skirts complete with faux kilt pin!
So that's it for this week.
I think I will have another busy week ahead.
I am knitting a little aran jumper for Ben and that is certainly keeping me awake as I have to follow the pattern line by line.

I hope you enjoyed your snoop around.
Have a great week.

x Jo

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

WOYWW - fancy a bit of twiddling?

I try to join in with WOYWW each week but some weeks (like last week) fly by leaving me wondering where the time went!
I know what I did in any spare moments - I made 24 little spaceman tabards in silver spandex with planets on the front! They were fab and I got them all parcelled up and handed over, then realised that I hadn't taken a photo of any of them!! All that work and nothing to show for them!
So, this week I am definitely going to show you what I have been up to...

While the men were out at footie we "ladies" knitted twiddle mitts.
If you would like to know more then click this link here.
We are making ours for a local charity in Ludlow.

Here is Annie modelling an alternative use...
Note the little bobble which we thought looked like a little nose.
We had quite a giggle thinking of items that we could attach to be twiddled!

This is the one I finished this morning.

I have loads of chunky wool oddments so I will probably make a few more - as I always say.. knitting stops me from falling asleep when tv gets a bit tedious.

My table is loaded with bits and bobs.

I have made a couple of Katie Morag skirts. They were very popular for World Book Day dressing up costumes last year. I will put them on ebay again, I think.

We have Ben here today and he has just woken from his afternoon nap so I am off to do nanny duties and have fun singing and reading stories. He is a happy little chap!

Thanks for dropping in - have a great week.

x Jo