Wednesday, 27 March 2019


Just checking into WOYWW for another week.
It's a happy place where crafters join together every week for a quick chat and to share their crafty activity with us by showing us what is on their work desk.

Today, I am sharing my latest little knitties…….

Ben loves Peter Rabbit stories, so I knitted these little bunnies for him.

Of course, I took them to show Annie and she thought Theo would like them too.
So, I knitted another set - and she was right - he does love them!

Then, I thought maybe Ben's little friends would like one each, as a little treat, when he goes to a little Easter "get together" so I knitted a few more!.....

They are just big enough to take a crème egg.
I bought a few Lindor ones but, I am afraid to say, they never got as far as the bunnies!!!!

Well that's it for this week.
Have a good week and enjoy this lovely Spring weather.

xx Jo

Wednesday, 20 March 2019


Health warning - don't get too close to the screen - this week I am working under the tradename of "Sneezy and Snotty"! Can you believe I have yet another cold and hubby has the nasty cough. Roll on Springtime with sunshine and lots of fine "out and about" weather.

This is my latest sewing project....

I am making angels' wings - "Of course you are!"- I hear you say.
My friend wanted to donate some to her granddaughter's school and I have  been busy making them this week - it keeps me out of mischief.
The gold lurex fabric is a bit tricky to sew but the end result is fine, I think.

We did manage a lovely day out at Ironbridge last week, taking in the Victorian town at the museum.

The bridge has been renovated and painted in its original rust red colour. It looked lovely and stood proudly over the rising waters of the River Severn. The flood barriers are up this week. This link shows the river flowing under the bridge yesterday.

Now, I really must apologise for not visiting many desks last week. I blame my cold. I promise I will do better this week.

See you soon.

xx Jo

Wednesday, 13 March 2019


A really quick post today to show you 4 cheery twiddlemitts all ready to go to our local hospital
I took a bagful last week and had a hilarious time trying to park in the drop off zone...

The only parking space was a very tight one and I squeezed my car into it and opened my door. It was a really tight squeeze and as I tried to ease myself out of the car, I dropped my car keys.
So, I had a minutes panic when I thought I couldn't get out and neither could I move my car as the keys had fallen under the car beside me!!
Luckily, I manged to squeeze sideways out of the car and ease my fat bum through the gap. It was even trickier bending down to pick up the keys. I bet the folks on CCTV had a good giggle!

That's it for this week. Sorry it's so short.

Have a great week everyone. I hope the gales are not too fierce where you are.

xx Jo

Wednesday, 6 March 2019


Happy WOYWW to everyone who drops in here to see what my workdesk looks like today.
As you can see - no crafty activity - just set up ready to parcel up Tilly Tea Dance sales when Max brings the list. 
She usually does well around Mothers' Day as her little pieces of artwork make perfect gifts.

I think, when she arrives today, she will be mounting the pieces of work which she did with... wait for it... 2 - 4 year old children at Ben's pre-school group! They had a fab time wet felting with her. Follow this link if you want to see some of the pieces they made ready to create one big collage.

I also want to say-  thanks to everyone who sent me good wishes last week. Thankfully, I am feeling much better. Still not as bouncy as usual but I am getting there.

So, just a short post this week.
I hope you are all well and able to make the most of a lovely early Spring. The daffs are out around the town and Shrewsbury is looking lovely!

Have a good week.

xx Jo