Wednesday, 29 January 2020


Happy Wednesday!

I have a busy week this week - a big birthday to celebrate with a 70 year old!
He will hate me for telling you but what the heck - at our age we are lucky to still be alive and kicking!
Yesterday I baked a cake and following Ben's instructions iced it and put a railway track and a model train on top (Edward from Thomas the Tank) - along with 7 candles one for every ten years!!

Here it is....

It won't win any awards but will taste good and Ben and his Grandad will love it I am sure!

As you can imagine - not much time for crafting other than my latest  twiddlers...

That's my lot for this week.
I hope you haven't got too much snow.
None here but the wind is cold and the skies are a bit heavy at times.

Have a great week.

xx Jo

Wednesday, 22 January 2020


Another week another WOYWW!
My work table hasn't seen much action - apart from a bit of Tilly Tea Dance admin. - getting a few mini sheep landscapes mounted for Etsy and local shops.

I think the bug I had over Christmas is still lurking - either that or I am getting old! I seem to run out of bounce quicker than I usually do.
So, to fill the odd lazy hour or two, I am back knitting a few more twiddle mitts for the hospital. They will use them with their patients suffering from dementia. I try to add buttons, ribbons, knitty bits etc so that there are lots of textures to investigate and things to twiddle.

I knitted the little heart as a Christmas tree decoration and then forgot about it. I think it makes a cheery addition to the latest little mitt.

Well that's it for this week.
See you next week!!

xx Jo

Wednesday, 15 January 2020


Good morning - another WOYWWednesday has whizzed round!

This week I have been making my annual fund raisers - Katie Morag outfits for World Book Day. I popped them on ebay and any funds raised will go to our local cancer charity.
The jumper already has bids on it so that's good.

The little skirt is made to look like a little kilt in cosy brushed cotton.

Hopefully, I am back to full bounce this week!!
I have more energy and even managed a 4 mile walk around Attingham park on Sunday.

I am rushing to get organised today - Tilly is coming to do some wet felting and I have Ben later after school.

I hope you are all well and not too blown away by the storms over the last few days.

xx Jo

Wednesday, 8 January 2020


Happy Wednesday everyone!
After my slow start to the New Year, I am feeling a bit better but not quite back to my usual bouncy self!
Annie was looking for extra fabric for her Luna Bunny clothes, so I had a good sort through my drawers - always a good idea at this time of year!!
I had lots of pretty little prints which I passed on to her so she can just dip in and share it.

I also found all this gorgeous vintage linen which had been hiding away for years.

I haven't any plans for it just now but if anyone has any ideas do let me know.
I love all the hand stitching - white on white - some of which is probably a hundred years old.
Most of it will have come from car boot sales etc
I really should do something lovely with it - it deserves a second life.

So here's to a creative year ahead then.

I will look forward to checking out more WOYWW desks this year. It's always good to see what our clever, crafty friends have been up too.

xx Jo

Wednesday, 1 January 2020

WOYWW Happy New Year!

Happy New Year all!
I'm typing this as I cough away 2019 and welcome in 2020.

I'm usually quite a healthy girl really but have had one of the Winter bugs doing the rounds and been coughing away since Boxing Day! So, it's been a tedious week of keeping warm, sipping honey and lemon and spooning down the vile cough medicine my dear daughter brought for me. Today, I ventured out for a little walk so hopefully it will blow the cobwebs away!

The flower is one of the two orchids in full bloom in my kitchen and they certainly put a smile on my face every day.

I hope you had a lovely Christmas and that 2020 is a happy and healthy year for you all.

Looking forward to meeting up with some of you in June!!

xx Jo