Friday, 30 November 2012

Finished by Friday 6

Well another Friday has come round, following a busy week.
I might be a bit late posting this one as I am trying to finish off a few projects and I have to fit a social life in!!
I am going to the Frost Fair at Attingham Park today so it will be interesting to see how well the crafts there are selling.
Thursday was mammogram day - I always have a chuckle when the letter arrives telling me I need to attend for my mammogram in Tesco's car park!!!

I digress - you came to see my crafty activities....

Two little angels for the swap that Jo of Jozarty organised...

Grace and Joy

This is the latest little pinafore dress that I made for Lexi.
I love the little flower buttons on the shoulder.
The fabric is a fine babycord so it should be nice and cosy.

Lots of kind folk decided to "like" our blog shop link on Facebook.
Thanks lots everyone.
If you haven't done so but would like to "like" us then follow the link...
Facebook - Sisters Crafty Creations

That's it for this week - see you next week.
x Jo

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

WOYWW - do you like us?

Well look at that!!! A tidy desk at long last.
Yes, all the clutter has been tidied away now that our craft fair is done and dusted!!
If you have read our earlier posts you will know we had a fun day but sold little. The shocking weather and possibly the fact that there were other craft fairs in nearby villages, meant that the footfall was poor and I think some only came to avail themselves of the wonderful refreshments!!
Anyway - we are always so optimistic - we decided to revamp the shop and then add a Facebook link to our shopping opportunity.
So-(and this is where I find Facebook hilarious) - if you like us - how about following the link
Bonkers I know, cos we know you lovely folk like us or why else would you spend your Wednesdays popping in each week - lol.
OK so that's where we are up - my little sister and me.

My table has a few of my latest projects:
  • little Christmas wreath collage beginnings that may eventually become Christmas cards
  • a dumfed background which I hope to finish as a gift
  • a little chunky hoodie that I am making for little Steve who is rapidly outgrowing the last one that I made him
  • my Mollie Makes magazine - I haven't bought one for a while as I thought there were too many "empty" pages but this one had a few nice items - including a needle felted chicken by our blog buddy Gretel Parker of "Middle of Nowhere" blog.
AND below is little angel, Serena, who flew over to me from LL Jan this week. She is really lovely and so beautifully sewn by the talented Jan. I shall treasure her.
Jan called her Serena because she has a serene demeanour - like me then!!! lol

 If you want to read more about our craft fair and see photos, then scroll down and also do the same on Annie's blog - A stitch in time.

Now join in our Whats On Your Workdesk Wednesday blog hop by popping over to Julia's Stamping Ground and following the links.
Have a great week - keep dry and cosy!
x Jo

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Shop revamp and free gift

This little dolly is called Phoebe

So folks, we had a great day at our craft fair on Saturday and returned home to sort out and re-vamp the shop.
All the sold items have been removed and we have now added a whole new shelf of Scrapbox dollies.
Pop over to Sisters Crafty Creations and have a look for yourselves.
Feel free to check out all the shelves using the right hand links or search for individual items using the left hand links. If you see anything you want to purchase simply email either Twiglet or Wipso to arrange sales and payment by Paypal.
The first 5 customers spending over £20 before January will receive a free Scrapbox dolly with their order.

x Jo

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Fun at the fair!!

(With apologies to Debbie Cook and Fiddlers Dram)

Didn't we have a lovely time
The day we went to Marton...
A foggy wet day, but we went to play
And all for a wonderful day, you know
That I carried the sack, lots of goodies to pack
And we wondered what ever we went for
Nevertheless we had done our best
Crafting a few of our favourite things
As the weeks went by.

Do you recall the thrill of it all
As we walked up to the hall door
Then to our stall we trundled it all
That made our feet and backs ache
Annie, M and me had one cup of tea
Then we took the gorgeous crafts out
Making a display - a wonderful array
As the rain poured down

Wasn't it great greeting family and mates
As they came to see our goodies
Then we ate lunch such a bright, cheerful bunch
As we chatted to all and sundry
They all looked quite damp, stood under the lamp
As the gloomy day closed in so quickly
By half past three we were ready for tea
As the rain poured down

Annie, M and me we finished our tea
And we said goodbye to the craft fair
We stacked the cars high with goods left to buy
I wondered where all of the folk went?
Wouldn't it be good to have sold all this stuff
And go home with our pockets a jingling
As we drove through the mud we said it was good
As the rain poured down!!

Well that's about it folks.
Guess we were in the wrong place, on a foul day, this time.
Better luck next time.
We will be re-stocking the blog shop and maybe adding a give-away or two so keep a look out.

Pop over to "A stitch in time" if you want to see more photos.

x Jo

Friday, 23 November 2012

Finished by Friday 5

Just a quick "Finished by Friday 5".
I am busy with all sorts of odd jobs, labels, bagging and boxing up all our craft fair goodies etc.


Here are the dollies all ready for their travels.
I pinned them into my wicker/tartan picnic basket - I knew I would find a use for it eventually. We certainly haven't had a summer for picnics have we!!
They are all very excited and much giggling and whispering is going on in there!

 Below are just three more little items for the craft fair.
  • A little framed needlefelted picture.
  • A poppy "dumfling" mounted on card
  • A needlefelted/beaded collage mounted on the front of a little notebook. 
Just one more day to get those last bits finished before the craft fair.
 If you live anywhere close enough, why not come and see us at

Marton Village Hall Craft Fair
Saturday 24th November
10am - 4 pm
(About 18 miles from Shrewsbury on the B4386).
 That's it for this week - see you when all my craft fair goodies are sold out -next week!
x Jo

Wednesday, 21 November 2012


 I am chuckling to myself today - I think my table is the same as last week but with an extra layer on top!!!!

So - please enjoy a good root around - there's bunting, half made Christmas card collages, a picture  frame waiting to be filled, a sketch book waiting for a cover and some pretty vintage embroidery.

Below is my spare bed covered with goodies ready for the craft fair next week......
Such pretty bits and bobs - fabric collages, cards, brooches, needlefelted pictures, wedding bunting and draught excluders

AND a wonderful selection of gorgeous cushions - some with sequins, some velour with hearts filled with buttons and some great patchwork ones.

 If you live anywhere close enough, why not come and see us at
Marton Village Hall Craft Fair
Saturday 24th November
10am - 4 pm
(About 18 miles from Shrewsbury on the B4386). 
We would love to see you and I am sure there will be lots of lovely things at the fair - perfect Christmas gifts.

Lastly, this beautiful little angel came through my letterbox yesterday - she flew all the way from Jozarty.
Her name is Nitika and she is the angel of precious stones. Won't she just look perfect on my tree this Christmas. She even came with those pretty little ribbons too - I shall put those to good use I am sure!!
Thanks lots Jo. I hope my little angel is winging her way to you today and arrives safely with you soon.

OK folks - thanks for visiting - you are such a nice bunch. I really enjoy popping over to your workdesk to see what you have been up to.

Hope we see you at the craft fair!!
x Jo

Friday, 16 November 2012

Finished by Friday 5

Welcome to Finished by Friday 5!

I know lots of folk pop by to see what I have been up to each week.
Thanks for calling and feel free to leave a little comment just to say Hi!!

Just a few bits and bobs to share this week.....

Two gorgeous ivory/grey/black patchwork draught excluders.

They are made with various furnishing fabrics.

Each one is embellished with hand embroidery and leather flowers trimmed with vintage buttons.

I am taking these to the craft fair - I think there is a lovely one in our Sisters Crafty Creations blog shop if anyone is interested. Email me if you fancy a different colour scheme!!

A sneeky peek at a little angel's wings as she posed for a photo in the sunshine yesterday. She will be winging her way to Jo for her angel swap next week.

I had pics of some of my little Christmas cards and a gorgeous little scrapbox fairy to show you but Blogger keeps telling me my quota has been used up. Does anyone else have this problem?

Will try later - meanwhile have a fab weekend and don't forget to give generously to Children in Need!!

x Jo

Wednesday, 14 November 2012


 Well, as Christmas is only a few weeks away, I thought I would let little Chrissie start our post today.

She is about 7 inches tall and has a little hanging loop so she can hang on the tree.
I have been collecting junk beads for legs and arms. You can see some more which I found in the pound shop, on my table below.

My table is a bit of a mess - it's a bit of a dumping area at the moment.
You can see some gorgeous red babycord waiting to be made into a little frock for Lexi. Then there are the little notebooks I bought from the NEC last Thursday. The rest needs sorting and tidying away.

My latest project is spread over the chair back waiting to be finished.
I made two more draught excluders to sell at the craft fair.
We saw some at the NEC and they seemed to be selling quickly so perhaps I am "on trend" for once!!
Can you see angel's legs peeping out from underneath? I am joining in Jo's angel swap so they are waiting for their name labels before I pack them up ready to post.

 The belt and packs of beads were some of my car boot sale bargains. I should have enough for my dollies' legs now!!!

Below are the beautitful hand embroidered napkins all freshly laundered and starched ready to be transformed into a crafty item or two.
Well that's all from me for this week.
I will post all my finished bits and bobs on Friday.
So, pop back if you want an early snoop or just scroll down and see what I made last week.
Join in our Wednesday blog hop - pop over to Julia's Stamping Ground and follow Mr Linky!
See you soon!
x Jo

Friday, 9 November 2012

Finished by Friday 4

Welcome to Finished by Friday 4. 

My little golden girl is here to show off her gorgeous dress and beady limbs!

Just remind me should I ever say "I fancy making red onion chutney" again......
After chopping a big bag of red onions - enough to half fill my large pan - and weeping copiously -  I added the rest of the ingredients. The contents simmered and filled the house with a wonderfully lingering aroma!!
AND the end result ...... just 3 tiny jars of chutney.
Needless to say - life is too short for that - I will be stocking up at the local deli where they sell my favourite.
The above quiche was much quicker and totally delicious. I used leeks with asparagus and feta cheese.
We had it with a salad on day one and then with a baked potato and baked beans on day two.

AND lastly  - ta - da!!!
...a few of my little scrapbox dollies.
I think I have made 27 but that includes the little fairy that I showed you on WOYWW and also I made the little girls a witchy scrapbox dolly for Halloween (forgot to take a pic of them!)

I called this one Crimble.
More Christmas scrapbox dollies next week......

Thanks for popping in - I am glad you are enjoying my show and tell.

That's it for this week - see you next week.
x Jo

Wednesday, 7 November 2012


Another week has flown by and here we are again on What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday checking out what our crafty blog friends are up to. I am sure the lovely Julia would be happy for you to join in, so just pop over to her Stamping Ground and add your name to Mr Linky.

We had a little birthday girl yesterday so I made her a scrapbox fairy for the front of her card - I think she will love her don't you?

I haven't spent much time in my sewing room this week. I seem to have been out and about a bit instead. So, my work table has been a dumping ground for all the bits and bobs that I have been busy with in the evenings.
AND here is where I spent my creative time in front of the TV with boxes of crafty bits, creating little scrapbox dollies. I will show more on my "Finished by Friday" post, so pop back and have a look. They are all so cute!!

I use beads for the dollies arms and legs. Maxine and I have quite a stash between us, but these were a bargain from our local car boot. Glass ones and wooden ones - perfect!!
I will be making dollies in blue and purple next week!!

Short and sweet today.
Thanks for calling in and leaving such kind and friendly comments.
x Jo

Friday, 2 November 2012

Finished by Friday 3


Welcome to finished by Friday 3
Another busy week has whizzed by.
This week I have been dress making.

My second attempt at a dress for Lexi.
I think I have the size right this time.
The fabric is  Laura Ashley, I think - it has a nice cosy feel to it. I trimmed it with a little bright pink panel and pocket.

A little denim skirt - I made up the pattern for this one.

This is a little check frock made from a cosy cotton skirt. I had a matching T shirt which I chopped down to make one for Lexi. The braid was a scrap from my ribbon jar - it matched perfectly with the colours of the dress.

I ought to get Lexi to model them but they have all been poorly this week.
Hope they are soon better.

This little frock is made from brushed cotton. I made it from the copy of my pattern that I made for LLJ - just to make sure it worked. I also took photos as I went along so that I could include them with the instructions. I hope you can make sense of it all Jan!

I trimmed this one with scraps from the T shirt and a little mouse.
And lastly another  cosy pair of slippers made to match the little spotty frock.

That's it for this week - see you next week.
x Jo