Wednesday, 29 December 2010

WOYWW and 'twixt Christmas/New Year give away!

Good morning all!
Scruffy here again!!
Yahoo - the snow has all gone so Twiglet is going to see her poorly little sister Wipso today.
She has left me here, on her table,  guarding her Turkish Delight and browsing some of her crafty Christmas gifts. I don't know what she will be making- I just hope she will share some of the 101 buns if she makes any from that little baking book.
The lace and crochet looks fab doesn't it - Ooo and that little owl notebook - I bet she will have ago at some like that  - she loves owls.
I think she wants to make some little boxes too - I guess that's why she has opened out that folded card so that she can design some of her own.
I have heard that she also had a new sock doll book, so I am hoping she will make some new friends for me! I bet she will have lots more to show you in the New Year.
Well, if she doesn't come back soon, I will be tempted to take a bite out of that chocolate - do you think she will notice?

Oh, I nearly forgot to tell you...
Twiglet says if you are a follower and leave a comment below, she will put your name in the draw for another of her little brooches.

Sister's Crafty Creations will be having a New Year Celebration next week I think, so keep an eye out for that too!!!

Have a great day everyone - now where is this Mr Linky on Julia's blog - I think I have to click something to join in the WOYWW fun... Here I go.......

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Happy Christmas!

I just had to share this beautiful, snowy scene with you all.
Wishing everyone a merry Christmas
and a happy and healthy New Year!

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

WOYWW just before Christmas!

Here I am, little Scruffy, sitting on the work table, covered in snowflakes, waiting.
I am not sure what I am waiting for but, whatever it is, it's happening on Saturday.
Twiglet popped me on this shiny silver paper with the cosy little fingerless mitts she has just finished making. You know.....she just chopped up a jumper and before I could say "Jack Frost" she had whizzed them up!
I wish she had finished that hot water bottle cover 'cos I could do with that to sit on.
Thank goodness, I cut my little Christmas tree down early. It's grim outside at the moment.
Just look at the frost and snow on those trees.
Twiglet has been feeding some very hungry birds this week.
She has even made me a mince pie or two!

Well, I think I shall go and decorate my tree ready for "the big day"!
Have a wonderful Christmas everyone
and here's hoping 2011 will be a brilliant, happy and healthy New Year for you all!!

Friday, 17 December 2010

Brooch give-away result!!

Thanks to all my followers - old and new - who joined in my first Christmas give-away!

I popped all the names in a dish and picked out the winner........
Hope you like the view too!!
And the winner is..........


Congratulations Jude and I notice you were one of the early birds on Wednesday too.
So, if you send me your name and address, I will pop it in the post asap.

We have snow again today and its pretty grim. The view below should look like the one on my header!!!
Oh well - the shortest day in 4 days time - hopefully we will have seen the last of the snow and can look forward to Spring (ever the optimist)!
And just to prove me wrong, as I was finishing this post and pulling the name from the dish, the sun began to shine and the whole world is a nicer place!!!!

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

WOYWW give away!

Happy Wednesday everyone!
Another cold and wintry one I fear so, to cheer everyone up, I have two things to share with you.

Firstly, on the left is one of my brooches.
It's about 3 inches across and combines red and black fabrics, finished off with a metallic button.
It's my little pre-Christmas giveaway for one of my lucky followers!!

So dear followers, if you would like it, just leave a comment to say so below, and I will pick a name from the hat on Friday.

Update........Give-away now drawn!

I might do another little giveaway next Wednesday so don't forget to pop back and see if you have won this one and sign up for the next!

Now below you can see a little group of my Christmas robin cards.
They are only little fabric collages, but I think they look quite sweet don't you?

Just a short post this week - everyone will be far too busy to read a long one.

I hope I manage to visit a few of your blogs this week - it's so lovely to see what you are all up to - especially all the wonderfully creative Christmas cards you have to show! So, I shall pop over to Julia's blog often, over the next few days and check you all out! Have a great week!

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Curtains for WOYWW!

Don't panic dear friends - it's not the end of WOYWW !!
It's just the little curtains that I ran up for M's little Velux window. She thought a real Velux blind was boring and couldn't afford one anyway, so we came up with this, as an alternative.
Its made from a bargain single duvet with a slot for the telescopic rail at the top and a hem at the bottom. The second rail just holds it in place. Not a screw driver in sight!! Easy peasy.

M then found some of Wipso's gorgeous crochet flowers (here) and we added some of my fab antique lace and a button - glued the whole creation onto a clothes peg and "voila" - a perfect little clip to hold the curtain in place when its drawn back. She was so thrilled, she called her neighbour round to look. Strangely enough, she also had just the right length of fabric to match her blinds, so a second one was made.

I left two, happy and cosy young ladies when I ventured back on the icy roads to the hills!!

And on my desk today.......

A felted jumper ready to re-cycle. (I think a cosy hot water bottle cover and maybe some fab little Christmas tree hearts and some little mittens) . Hehe - one jumper goes a long way!!
And a heap of fabric for a bed throw. Just a few jobs to keep me busy in this freezing cold weather.
And a lovely little lavender bag made by my blog friend CalicoKate in Scotland.

Well that's it for today - I do hope you are all managing to keep cosy and safe in this atrocious weather. Take care!

Right then, you wonderful WOYWWers - I am nipping over to a few of the 150 posts that you kindly put up every Wednesday. I never manage to see all of them but I do enjoy popping in to as many as I can. If you want to join in this mad blog hop, then go to the WOYW Julia, chief organiser's blog and follow Mr Linky.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

The craft fairy and WOYWW.

Well today, dear WOYWWers, the little craft fairy has been busy on my table!!
On Saturday Wipso and I went off to the craft fair, leaving behind daughter M for an hour or two. She has very little time to craft in her busy working week, so, I guess leaving her in my craft room was a great temptation!! When I came home, she had gone back to town and left these goodies for me to consider!!!
I think she would like me to run up a couple of cushions so, I may do just that, this snowy afternoon.

My window ledge is littered with gorgeous crochet flowers just waiting to be added to a crafty project or two. Any ideas? I have used some for my brooches in the blog shop.

Now the pic above was the little birdy Wipso had on her bird table this week!! lol - a huge, fluffed up male pheasant. He was very brave too, even when the three dogs were allowed out, he just hid under the bushes and kept very still! All three dogs went straight past him and didn't seem to notice him.

And lastly, I think little Scruffy decided to choose his Christmas tree today. He is outside eyeing up my tiny fir tree in the snow and has his little clippers in his duffle bag at the ready.......Oh no! Tim - ber!!!!!!!

Ha - and now I expect I will have to help him carry it in and decorate it!!!

OK - enough Twiglet madness - hop over to Julia's blog if you want to join in with the WOYWW fun.
Thanks for calling - take a look at our earlier posts if you want to know more about our Christmas crafty activities! Or pop over to the blog shop and check out our new goodies.

Monday, 29 November 2010

Beat the weather and the Christmas rush!!

Wipso and I have had a great time loading our new shelves in the Sisters Crafty Crations blog shop.
So, please make yourself a cuppa, pull up a chair and have a browse through all the new goodies. You will find lots of wonderful ideas for Christmas gifts.

There are lots of fabulous new Brooches and Gifts, and also two new shelves....a Sock dolly shelf with some cute creations  and a Christmas shelf with decorations and other goodies.

There are Felties waiting to be adopted and Puppets longing to be played with [suitable for over 3 year olds].

There are one off Pictures and sets of Cards that would also make lovely gifts.

We really hope you enjoy browsing and hope you find something you'd like to buy. Please contact us with orders and any queries at

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Our stall at the craft fair!

Well - it was a cold, snow covered morning when Wipso and I set out for Montgomery.
The treasure that is Mr Wipso drove us over there and helped us unpack all our bags and boxes.
With Tina's help we set out a fantastic stall, loaded with goodies.
I guess the poor weather kept a good few customers at home, nevertheless, we had a brilliant day.
We sold quite a lot, met old friends and made a few new ones.
Later in the day, the sun shone and the view from the upper floor of the Town Hall, towards Welshpool, was wonderful on this cold winter's day.
Montgomery town must have been quite full because Tina's shop Indigo Moon had a busy afternoon too.
The craft fair was held in aid of the NSPCC so I hope they did well. We bought raffle tickets and had a go at guessing the name of the knitted mouse but of course we didn't win.
By 3.30 folks were starting to pack away so we did likewise and then waited for our knight in shining armour to re-pack the car and take us home.
A great day - thanks to Tina for suggesting we help fill her tables - apologies if we overwhelmed her with our all our goodies!!
Our Christmas goodies will be going into the blog shop on Monday, so, if you are in need of a few stocking fillers or tree decorations or Christmas rag wreaths, then pop over to Sisters Crafty Creations and check us out.

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Craft fair goodies!

 Here are just a few of the goodies we are taking to the Montgomery Craft Fair on Saturday!

All the items in this picture have been made over the last year and are already in our blog shop.

(Click on the Poppy picture link on the right of my blog if you would like to check out the rest of the items in the shop!)

The items below are not in the blog shop so you would need to leave a message in my comments and I will get back to you, if you would like to buy any of them. (Postage extra)

 The sock dolls posed so nicely for this snap.
Snow bunny snuggled down in her own cosy little bag and Zebra thought she would blink when the flash went off, so she kept her eyes wide open!
Scruffy sat quietly for a change and the others just mooched in the corner.

Sock dolls, like these, are not toys for children under three, as they have buttons and attached bits and bobs.  Snow bunny in bag £10.50
Others £7.50

These little tissue box covers come with or without a box of tissues. ( Cheaper to post without)
£5 with Kleenex cube
£3.50 without.

My last two items are made from re-cycled sweaters.
The cushion is made from a pure wool, made in Scotland sweater. It has a front, buttoned opening and is about 12" x 12". £18

The tea pot cosy is made from a gorgeous pure wool Fairisle- style jumper and has a detachable brooch in toning colours on the front. £9

Wipso made these gorgeous little Christmas creatures.
The little Christmas mice have ribbons so that they can hang on your tree. They are about 3" tall.£2.75

The teddies can also hang on your tree and have a little poem as well.£1.75

Wednesday, 24 November 2010


This is the state of my work room today!
Busy getting ready for next Saturday's craft fair at Montgomery, so my room is stacked out with bags of things ready to go (will post more pics of them tomorrow).
Bags and boxes everywhere!
I need to start this morning with a huge tidy up and sort out before I start any more crafting - and what am I doing...... blogging this post and then reading a few of the 150 post that you wonderful WOYWWers put up every Wednesday. I never manage to see all of them but I do enjoy popping in to as many as I can. If you want to join in this mad blog hop, then go to the WOYW Julia, chief organiser's blog and follow Mr Linky.

Two other pics to share...
The view through my window today...

Woke to a hard frost outside - but a lovely sunny morning.

This male woodpecker obviously felt the need for an early breakfast on the peanuts!

See you all later - have a great WOYWW!

Monday, 22 November 2010

Christmas craft fair items.

Wipso and I have been busy making all sorts of crafty items for our Christmas craft fair in Montgomery Town Hall next Saturday.
I thought I would post a few pictures each day so that you can see some of the things I have made.
If you have been following my blog you will know I have been recycling sweaters and have made lots of different items.
So here are two cosy, little, hot water bottle covers. I think they might sell quickly if the forecast for snow this week is correct!!

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

WOYWW & Montgomery Craft Fair

Good morning all!!
Thanks for all your comments last week - I think I managed to visit about 50 of the wonderful WOYWWers during the week. I don't know where the time goes. I must try and get round a few more this week!!
Join in with the desk snooping bunch led by Julia the snoop group organiser - go to her blog and follow Mr Linky.
Just the usual view of my table today, with a few car boot bargains.
In the centre is a little journal book which I am going to cover. Its sitting on top of a new make-up bag which will make a useful little bag to hold all the bits and bobs for a craft activity when I go down to Wipso for Fun day Monday. (Although this week we had fun day Tuesday so that I could enjoy play time with baby L. and little P. They are such poppets!)

On the left is a new hot water bottle that I am about to make a cosy cover for. I am going to do two of them and will probably put them in the Montgomery Craft Fair on 27th Nov in the Town Hall. Wipso has been making some lovely Christmas items so check out Wipso's blog to see what she is up to!

In the bottom of the pic are a few of my card toppers made from a recycled sweater.
The lovely Christmas cards on the top left are by Julia Crossland. She is an illustrator who paints the most beautiful little water colour pics. She is selling her cards and gift tags from her blog.

Well, now I need to get busy sorting and labelling items for the craft fair. I hope all our local blog friends will pop over to Montgomery to see us on the 27th. It should be fun - it sounds as if there will be lots of lovely hand- crafted items on sale.
Have a great week everyone!

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Dumfing Fun On My Workdesk and Shrewsbury snapshots!

Good morning fellow WOYWWers!!!

If you would like to join in with the What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday fun and frivolity then nip over to Julia's blog and follow Mr Linky to the workdesks of some wonderful crafters and card makers.
I am not at my workdesk today - I am at Wipso's enjoying funday - Wednesday.

I have had two visitors this week so have been busy out and about (in the cold and rain!). We had a great time and it was wonderful to catch up with two very special workmates from Yorkshire.

So here are a few pics that we took whilst in Shrewsbury.
 The Library. This beautiful building, built in the 1500s was used by Shrewsbury School until the mid 19th century.
The seated gentleman is Charles Darwin.

Shrewsbury has lots of fabulous black and white, timber-framed buildings.
The Autumn leaves scattered around the cobbled streets helped create a beautiful picture.
Just to the left of this picture is the Bear Steps gallery where we saw an amazing felt making exhibition.                        

The picture below shows my two little friends having a play with my embellishing machine.
They both made gorgeous poppy pictures which they took home to mount and frame for their walls, having had an hour of dumfing fun. I think both of them will be dashing out to buy a little Clover hand punch so they can continue with their new hobby. You see... dumfing is catching!!!

Wednesday, 3 November 2010


Just a few of my projects on the go this week.
My little Yorkshire friend is 90 on Friday so I have trimmed up one of my machine embroidered cards appropriately. Sadly, she has been unable to really appreciate my handiwork for a long time now, but that doesn't stop me sending all sorts of cards to her. When I visit her, a couple of them are usually on the table beside her - often being used as a drink mat!! I don't care - if she just has a moment's pleasure when they are given to her then I am happy.
The lovely red cap is one of three that I am making for another special lady. They look really snazzy and certainly make this lovely lady feel good!
In the tin box are a few of the brooches that I made this week. Wipso and I made the front ones by melting the edges of man-made fabrics over a candle. It curls the shapes and stops the edges from fraying. We layered up the pieces and then added beads to the centres.
The brooches on the lid are made with a recycled mohair scarf, silk and beads. I think they will go to the craft fair mentioned below!
Sorry the room is a mess but I like to work and then have a big tidy up at the end.
I have visitors this weekend so I will have to have a big clean up in here when I have finished. Or maybe I get my little sock buddies to do it!!
See you all later once I have linked to you all on Julia's blog.

Sunday, 31 October 2010

Little Black Crow designs and A Christmas Craft Fair

This is the little heart that I made using the sketch from Little Black Crow's blog, which featured on my last post below.
I think it will end up on daughter M's Christmas tree which is why I stitched bright pink wings for my "little arty crafty crow" angel.
It is the last day of October today, so, hightime I started planning and making a few Christmas items.

Wipso and I have decided to help Tina, from Indigo Moon in Montgomery, to stock  her tables for the Montgomery Craft Fair. It's on Saturday 27th November in the town hall. So, if you fancy splashing out on a few fab hand crafted Christmas gifts then come along and see what we have been up to!!
We already have lots of gorgeous things to put on the stall - most of which are already in our blog shop here. 
However, I think Wipso and I will be spending our "funday" Mondays from now on making a few more gifts and certainly some Christmas cards so watch this space for new additions!!

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Yo! We are WOYWW!

We have taken over the desk today!
Sorry, but we spilled buttons all over as we were lining up for our photo call!!
Betsy mooched over to her new friend Max, and stood with her hands in her pockets, while the others got ready. Snow bunny was worried that his ears looked big.
Scruffy pulled his shorts up 'cos Betsy said she could see his builder's bum.
He slung his bag over his shoulder and smiled for the photographer.
He sat on a pile of new socks - they were warm and comfy and strangely familiar.
I am Ziggy Zebra and I am supposed to be in charge, so she put me up on the window sill with the mad rainbow chick. Check me out here if you want to see what I look like.
That little sketch looks cute - I bet its something that brill artist from Tasmania drew. She makes fab pics of those cute little dolls - Little Arty Crafty Crow - I think she is called.
So, what do we all do now.
I suppose a bit of tidying up would be a good idea.
That check fabric is nice - maybe she will make something exciting with it.
She is always busy with something.
Oh well here goes....
" Right you lot - start putting those buttons back in the jar!"
Oh, I nearly forgot - I need to nip over to Julia's blog and put Twiglet's name on Mr Linky.
Pop over if you want to see what the others are up to.
See ya!!

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

WOYWW after a few crafty activities

Good morning all - I hope you are all feeling fine on this wonderful Wednesday!
Lots to look at on my table today....
On the right is the gorgeous pure wool sweater which I bought from our local car boot and  felted in the washing machine. Below it you can see some little brooches which I am making from small squares cut from the sweater. Also I have made a little purse for my camera.

In the middle is the pale turquoise hoodie that I have been knitting for P. I just have the zip to put in and then I am going to embroider some cream daisies down the front.
I also decided to knit another shrug using Sirdar Crofter - I love the colours.
The little lilac brooch was made using woollen fabric and yarns with a beaded centre.

And finally.... this is the little bag made from the lower part of the re-cycled sweater. I love the colours and patterns and think it looks great with the little wooden handles. It will probably go in the blog shop with my other bags.
So, another busy week and I have even managed a shopping trip with daughter M. and a fun day Monday with Wipso!

Hope you have enjoyed your weekly snoop.
If you want to see more WOYWW exposed then hop over to Julia's blog and join in the fun!

PS for a close up of my sock dolls on the window sill, check out the post below!

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Meet the new creations!

Ziggy Zebra would like to introduce you to two new sock dolls.
Rainbow Chick is made from two toe socks. Little Betsy, who is just mooching round with her hands in her pockets, is made from short sockettes or trainer liners.
I think they are fun and I certainly enjoyed making them.
They are filled with polyester filling and trimmed with buttons etc.
They make fun collectables but, because of the buttons etc, would not be suitable for tinies.
They might go into the blog shop or maybe help to stock the stall at a our local craft fair.
I have lots more socks to create with so will be busy over the next few weeks!!

Wednesday, 13 October 2010


Good morning to all you kind folk who visit this space every week. It's lovely to share my desk with you and thanks for all the great comments you leave. It really does inspire me to keep craftily busy!!!
Last week you may remember seeing the Sock Doll book on my desk. Lots of you said to make sure I showed you the ones I made so, of course, I had to get cracking and make some!!!
On top of my machine is Ziggy Zebra made from two of the socks you see in the middle of the picture.
In front of the machine is Meow - I gave him to Wipso's GD little P. and she loved him!
I now have a box with left over bits of socks which I have to save for ears etc!!!!

The little pink book was sent to me from Stitch magazine as my name was drawn as a lucky winner!!
It's called Stitch Divas and is written for youngsters to encourage them to make, create and decorate. The ideas are well set out with clear instructions for lots of simple, quite funky ideas. It's a fab little book which would make a lovely Christmas gift.

Below, you can see the gorgeous card and gift sent to me by the lovely Paula. Knowing how much pain she is in, I can only imagine how long it took her to make and I send a huge hug and a big, big thank you. They are beautiful and I will treasure my little picture.
Today I am going to bake my Christmas cakes!!!!
I put my fruit to soak over night in sherry and have all my ingredients ready. ( They were on special offer this week at my local supermarket). So if you can smell that gorgeous, buttery baking aroma as you read my blog you will know what it is! (Nigella's recipe)
Right - I am off to Julia's blog to put my name on Mr Linky - see you all later I hope.