Sunday, 30 January 2011

Stylish blog award

Over the last week, two kindly bloggers have awarded me the Stylish blogger award!!
Wipso and Sue have passed this fab blog award on to me. Not sure there is anything about me that could be called stylish but thank you both for thinking that I am - lol.
What I now have to do is.... to think of 8 things about me that you don't know already [hard one this] and to pass it on to 4 other bloggers. (Well maybe 1 or 2  - if I can find someone who hasn't had it already)

Well I doubt there is anything that Wipso doesn't know about me so I will have to think long and hard.
So here goes.....

1. I have written several stories for children (not published but shared with lots of little ones over the years!)

2. I was the girls tennis champion in our village many, many years ago.

3. I still have the tie-dyed evening dress that I made at college nearly 40 years ago.

4. I have a collection of owls - wooden, pottery, stone.

5. There is a brick in a school playground with my name on it.

6. I am a Libran.

7. I make delicious chocolate brownies.

8. I have a tattoo on my bum.

(Actually that last one isn't true but I wanted to give Wipso a shock!!)

I notice that this award is on lots of blogs at the mo, so I won't pass it on for now.
Hope you enjoyed finding out these fascinating facts!!!

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Liebster Blog Award

Well thank you, dear Wipso, for my latest award
and the kind comments about me (and my age) that you posted on your blog!

There are a couple of conditions for the award

You have been TAGGED and want to participate?

Then create a post where you post the 'LOVE BLOG' image.

You should also blog the persons link that gave you the award and inform her/him that you accept the award.

You can then choose 3 - 5 favourite blogs which you also link in your post, then each blogger will inform you that they have been tagged.

Dear bloggers:

The aim of this action is that we bring unknown, good blogs to light, so I would ask you not to blog fellow bloggers that already have 3,000 followers. As always, the hardest part is to pick who to pass this on to, there are so many bloggers I could give it to but I pick these...

As it is a Love blog of course the top of my list has to be my [much younger] sister Wipso . There is no doubt that she spreads love everwhere she goes - ha! I have heard that somewhere before but its oh so true in reverse too!

The others are just a few of the very many I could choose and they are in no particular order...there really is so much love out there amongst all the wonderful blogs I read regularly.

My next is Tina - Silver Footprints. She is the lovely artist who has the beautiful Indigo Moon shop in Montgomery. She is such a thoughtful friend and talented lady.

My last is CalicoKate - she is an absolute treasure who writes a great blog about her crafts and activities in Scotland - with amazing photos of that lovely countryside.
Consider yourself tagged go and spread some love and tag a few more.

Of course there are many many others but I am sure the love will spread like roots of a tree and they will very soon be tagged by others.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

WOYWW - a little romance in the air!

Yes, and it's not even Valentine's Day yet.
I am afraid little Scruffy has fallen in love.

After a busy Fun day Monday, I returned home with my new little sock doll, Dusty.
I popped her in the sewing room and now look at the two of them - all snuggled up and cosy round the sewing machine. Spring must be in the air!
Dusty need reminding not to flash her knickers - even if they are made with Wipso's best embroidered cotton! She thinks she's the bees knees with her little shoulder bag, sporting a pale blue "dumfed" flower and a snazzy, little hat with a felt rose on the side. Poor Scruffy is getting all hot and bothered!

My other little task was, to make two little brooches to go with the two hats that I made last week. I think they look pretty cute and hope the two youngsters who will be wearing them, think the same.

I am meeting up with old friends in Shrewsbury today, for lunch and a walk by the river. I just hope the weather improves as it's been rather cold, wet and gloomy lately.
Last week (see tulip pic on last post) was cold but bright and frosty - I prefer that don't you?
OK folks - please keep an eye on those two as you pass by. I don't want them getting up to mischief!
Thanks to everyone who called here last week and left lovely comments. I will try to get round a few more of you this week.
Have fun and if you don't know what this is all about then follow the link to Julia's blog and all will become clear.

Friday, 21 January 2011

In the pink!

Today I decided to blog all things pink!
Daughter M. helped me to make these gorgeous, little, sequined cushions. We found a beautiful jacket in our local charity shop and just couldn't resist "up-cycling" it. The result.... two tiny, pale pink, silky cushions 13" x 10".
They have a soft, pink suedette reverse side and a little "pillow case" closure with press studs.
I will pop them in the blog shop once we have had our post-sale clear out. The sale ends next Monday 31st.

Now for the rest of the pinkiness in my house this week!!
Tulips from M's friend. I re-covered a little bedroom seat for her so she gave me these - a lovely breath of Springtime. (Sadly the weather isn't very Spring-like - look at the frost on the hillside!)

The cyclamen was a Christmas gift and is looking very perky now Wipso!!!

And this delicate blossom is a tiny Dendrobium orchid that flowers, just occasionally, to surprise me! It has about five blooms at the moment and is so pretty.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

WOYWW after funday Monday!

Good morning all! I do hope the cheery Tuesday sunshine brightened everyone's day. It was a stunning day here although pretty chilly.
Today I am posting early and heading off to Shrewsbury. I think I am on ironing duty before going out for tea with my daughter M.
Funday Monday was the first "Dumfing" day we have had for ages. As you will see from Wipso's blog, she had a very productive time and created another stunning poppy picture.
I was more modest in my approach and made 4 little dumfed card toppers. I stitched them onto a mount and then put them on cards. They are always so handy for birthdays and thank yous.

Our blog shop sale still has one more week to run, then we will be adding our new creations a few at a time to replenish the shop shelves.
Oh yes! And do check out my post below if you would like to join in my "Pay it forward". I only need 3 people so there is just one space left!! Anyone want to join in???

If you want to join the WOYWW mad blog hop then pop over to Julia's blog and follow Mr Linky.
I shall be visiting as many blogs as I can but it may be Thursday before I can get down to it!!
Have a great week!

Monday, 17 January 2011

Pay it forward!

Back in November I signed up to my artist blog friend Julia Crossland's "Pay-it-forward".
Now that my mojo has returned and I have started creating again, I thought it was a good time to pass on this little bit of good will to 3 of you wonderful blogging friends!
It seems to me, to be a brilliant way of spreading a bit of Goodness in the world without expectation of anything in return...just giving for the sake of giving, to make the planet a bit more cheerier (and oh it works, it really does!!)

If you would like to take part, then you need to be one of the first three people to leave me a comment on this post. I will get in touch to ask you to send me your address, and in due course I will post a little something out to you!

The first three people then in turn, will send out a little goodness to three others and so the love and the happiness continues to spread around our little globe!

So - how about it ? Who wants to receive a little something from Sisters Crafty Creations?
Don't forget you will be promising to send something you have made to 3 more lovely folk from our blogging community!
Go on - you know you want to!!!

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

WOYWW and the return of Mojo!

Welcome all you kind, thoughtful WOYWWers!!
The Mojo has returned!!  Thank you to everyone who left such lovely messages on my blog last week.
Yes, I am feeling fine again, thank goodness. Back to my usual bouncy self, full of energy again and raring to get on with a few crafty jobs.

 Over the weekend, I eased myself gently into my craftiness thanks to my daughter M. She left a bag of bits and bobs for me to store when she moved house (about 3 years ago!). I unearthed it and tipped out the contents. It was a wonderful little treasure trove of tiny silk paintings and card toppers that she had made.
So, I set to and mounted them all.
What a fab collection of cards we now have to share between us.

Then, I decided to make a little collage, to mount in a card, for my niece who has just moved house. She chose Friday when she had to cope with 4 inches of snow! So, I made a little house in the snow with a tiny tree in the garden. Strangely, her new home does have a little fir tree in the garden.

Now, who is this handsome young man admiring himself in the mirror? I noticed him showing off when I was down at Wipso's today. Mr Tumble is a firm favourite with lots of tinies. Little P. loves hers and sits him on the settee beside her as she watches his programme. I can see why. He is such a cuddly, little rag doll. Another of Wipso's fab creations!
So, what next for craftiness....
Well I have 2 hats to finish and then I am going to get my sock doll book out, to create a friend for Scruffy.
Have a great week - I will pop over to Julia's blog and link up with some of you later today.

Thursday, 6 January 2011

New header picture

I just loved this photo from Christmas week and decided I would make it my header pic for a few weeks.
I will put my old header pic back eventually because I love the message my little rainbow carries.

I did that yesterday.
Now, today, my view looks very similar - more snow!!!
Wipso says I wished it on us!

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

WOYWW - it's me again!

Well folks, it's Scruffy manning the desk on Wednesday again and you have caught me reading Twiglet's new book.
She thinks her friends bought it for her but really they knew I would like to meet a few new friends, so they bought it, so that I could link up with one or two. I am not sure if  I am supposed to email them or check them out on Facebook!! I have noticed one or two interesting characters like sad monkey and the frog. I will have a word with Twiglet and see if she approves of them first of course. It would be nice to meet a few like minds to chat over old times. Perhaps I can invite them round so that you can meet them one Wednesday.

Poor old Twiglet caught the bug that everyone else has. She has been coughing and sneezing for days! I also noticed that it's been very quiet in the sewing room here and I heard her say she has lost her mojo. I have looked everywhere but can't find it so I hope it returns soon. It's just not like Twiglet to sit around looking glum. I wonder if Wipso has found it. "Hey, Wipso have you got Twiglet's mojo? No? And you have lost yours too? What a careless pair you are!!!"

Oh well it looks like I shall have to do the rounds and check out Mr Linky. I noticed that Julia - queen of snoop - won Twiglet's brooch give-away yesterday. Well if anyone deserves a bit of good luck she does! Well done Julia - hope you like it.
Oh and I am supposed to remind you that Wipso and Twiglet (Sisters Crafty Creations) have a sale on in the blog shop. I hope they don't sell all my sock doll friends or I will have noone to play with - well, until I sort out these little mates in my new catalogue - er book!!
OK - back to scanning the pages. See you soon. x x x Scruffy

Monday, 3 January 2011

Crafty Creations Ist birthday celebrations and "give away" result

Wipso and I are celebrating our blog shop 1st birthday!
We have had a great year of crafting fun together, and thanks to all your encouragement and support, we have had a good response to our shop.
We hope we will be working together to create lots more hand crafted delights in 2011, so we decided to have a New Year sale to celebrate.
If you would like to benefit from our celebration bargains then please pop over to the shop to check them out.  
There is a special sale shelf with greatly reduced items, the rubber stamps are 'buy two packs and choose a third free' and all the remaining items in the shop are being sold at 10% off.  Postage still has to be paid on all purchases but I'm sure you will agree that there are real bargains to be had.


I have drawn my "twixt Xmas/New Year" brooch give away.

And the winner is.........Julia 
(Yahoo - our Queen of blog - well done to you maam!)
So Julia - if you would like to email me (  with your details then I will post it to you asap.

Thanks to all for your lovely comments. You send such positive vibes over the web, I am sure it helps spur us on to bigger and better things.
Now - do help yourselves to a celebration cupcake - make yourself a cuppa and get browsing in the sales!!