Wednesday, 26 October 2011


Good morning everyone.
A gloomy grey day here but then it is nearly the end of October - where has this year gone?

Firstly, apologies for not visiting many of you kind folk last week.
I had a very busy crafting week with two little projects that I made for Annie's birthday.
I will add a picture of one of them to the bottom of this post.

My table holds a few other bits and bobs that I have been busy with this week.

We had a dumfing day on fun day Monday.
Follow the link if you want to know more about our "dumfing" activities!
I decided to use up some of my gorgeous re-cycled woollies. So, I cut up some interesting shapes and then embellished them with my "dumfing" machine and then added beads and some machine and hand stitching.
I think they will go in our blog shop but if you are interested in any of them just email me.

In the top right you can see a little wedding card that I have been busy with. The wedding colours are old gold and black so I made a lace trimmed wedding cake with little dumfed flowers. It has the names and date at the bottom.
And lastly in the bottom corner you can see a little cardi that I made using up some of my Crofter wool. Well, that was the idea, BUT then I ran out of wool and ended up buying more so that I could finish it and I now have enough left to knit half of another one!! lol!!

Here is the little picture I made for Annie. It is a collage of her house .
I have made quite a few of these little pictures over the years and really enjoy doing them.
They take ages to prepare and stitch but the effort that went into this one was well worth it for my little sis.

I am nearly up to 100 followers and will soon be doing my 300th post so I am thinking of having a "Give Away" for my lovely followers. Lots of you pop in here and leave such cheery, friendly comments that I thought maybe you would like to join in and try and win one of my collages. What do you think?

If you want to join in the "Give Away" then as long as you are a follower just leave a comment to say that you would like to win a little picture and I will include your name in the draw.

Have a great day all.
Now to join the blog hop  - to Julia's Stamping Ground I go...

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Happy Birthday Annie!!

My little sister is celebrating her ** birthday today!!
So I just thought I should offer everyone a celebration cupcake.

I popped down to see her and take her card and pressies.
She loved them and will probably post them on her blog when she has a spare moment.

This afternoon she will be surrounded by family - I do  hope someone takes a birthday pic of her and her 5 grand children!!

Happy Birthday Annie - have a fab day! x Jo

Wednesday, 19 October 2011


Good morning all - thanks for dropping in to see what I have been up to this week.
More little frocks on display and more to come, I think!

Thanks lots to Sue H who has kindly donated another duvet for us to transform into pretty little frocks for the "Dress a girl around the world scheme." I love the little tag she sent with it - you are all such clever card makers.

These three dresses were made with the last duvet Sue sent us. I have loads more fabric left to use to trim up a few plain ones too.

These 2 were made with the last bits of bright pink dyed duvet. It never ceases to amaze me just how many dresses we can make from the bits and bobs we have in our fabric stash. I am sure it multiplies when we aren't looking!!

This afternoon I popped over to see Tina at Indigo Moon in Montgomery. She has lots of new stock in the shop so it is well worth a visit. I just had to treat myself to a few bits and bobs but I will show you those next week.
Now I have to get going on a few crafting jobs - I don't know where the time goes.
Luckily my back is better this week so I am back up to speed again!

If you want to see how I spent my day yesterday, then check out Annie's blog - I can hear you all going Ahhh! already.
Have a great Wednesday all. Enjoy your blog hop - now over to Julia's Stamping Ground and see what she has been throwing on the floor today!!

Friday, 14 October 2011

Cards and frocks

Just a quick update on my crafty activities.
Firstly, my latest additions to the frocks we are making for the "Dress a girl around the world" scheme.
Louise has posted a picture of some of our dresses all ready to go on their journey to Africa.
Click here to see what is happening to them.
It sounds like a great idea to include one in each of the backpacks going out to Malawi.

I thought I was up to my 107th dress but Annie showed me that I couldn't add up and actually I have now made 117!!  It doesn't really matter - I will keep going until I have used up all the fabric that kind bloggers have sent us. (AND the lovely Sue H informs me that she has found another pretty duvet which will be heading our way soon! - Thanks lots Sue.)

This afternoon I made little "Thank you" cards. I know they are not up the standard of you wonderful REAL card makers out there but I enjoyed playing with pretty fabric and our Cuttlebug machine with the Tim Holtz flower die. Simple but effective, I think.

Well that's it folks.
I am all set to go and watch the new series of "Have I got news for you" - always a good giggle on a Friday night and a good follow up to last night's "Mock the week" which was very funny too.

Tomorrow I hope to see Annie's new grand children - she will have her own little creche on the go and be in her element!!
Thanks for popping in here to see what I have been up to - never a dull moment here! - x Jo

Wednesday, 12 October 2011


Happy Wednesday everyone.
Thanks lots to all who left lovely birthday messages last week.
I had a great day and fab evening with friends and family too.
I thought you would like to enjoy some of my birthday flowers.

Life is a bit quieter this week - if only because I pulled something in my back on Monday and have needed to take the last couple of days at a slower speed than I am used too. Its much better today, so I am just treating it with care!! (No weight lifting or marathon running for me this week then - lol)

My table has a few brooches left over from our craft fair (see post below) plus 2 gorgeous jars of buttons that I bought on Saturday.
My favourite magazines are alongside some knitted cords which I am using to make little bracelets with.
Thanks Suz for the link to the "you tube" video showing me an easy way to make them.
(I had struggled for hours with fancy wools and a "knitting Nancy doll" and failed.)

And below are my latest knits for P and L. A pretty bright pink hoodie each and one of their favourite little shrugs for them both.

And my latest little dress for the "Dress a girl around the world scheme"

We sent a parcel of 64 to Louise - she put them on her blog Sew Scrumptious if you want a good look.

Well thats it for today - thanks for calling - I must link up with you all over at Julia's Stamping Ground now - I am a bit late today!!

Update - click here for news of the new addition to Wipso's family - he is gorgeous!!!!!

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Two brilliant chill-out Saturdays

Last Saturday I went to a really enjoyable furniture painting class at Edie's in Shrewsbury.
I took daughter M and friend T with me and we had a great time beside the River Severn learning how to create hand painted items of recycled furniture.
It was a beautiful sunny day, lovely venue with really helpful tuition from Mel and spent with excellent company.
T painted a child's chair with a little flower fairy picture for her grand daughter, M painted a lovely little mirror with a sea-side design for her spare room and I re-vamped my CD shelf.

It was a relaxing, very satisfying day and I can recommend it to anyone who fancies upcycling an item or two.

Yesterday was another brilliant day spent in the company of M. We have such a lot in common and had a good giggle as we set up our stall at the Montgomery Craft fair.

We were well supported by our friends, some of whom had travelled from Shrewsbury to enjoy the delights of shopping and lunch in the pretty little town. Thanks to them for making the effort and supporting us and thanks to Tina for popping over from her shop Indigo Moon and purchasing items from M.
It was rather quiet after lunch and all the stall holders packed up and went home early, which was a shame.
Nevertheless, we sold quite a lot, so Sisters Crafty Creations and Tilly Tea Dance now need to re-stock the shelves!!
Here are a few of the items that M still has on sale......

If anything catches your eye and you think you might like to get a few early Christmas presents sorted, then just email me -  and I will send details/prices etc..
Or check out Sisters Crafty Creations and Tilly Tea Dance 

So two super Saturdays. The only thing that could have made them better would have been Wipso's company. She has been a bit pre-occupied - as you all know, but things are looking up, so hopefully she will be free to join in with our next chill out Saturday!!

Wednesday, 5 October 2011


Good morning all!
Firstly, an apology for not visiting anyone last week.
I think Annie and I both felt a bit shell shocked after the events of the last few weeks and neither of us felt like blogging very much.

However, this week, things are looking better and we have a few things to celebrate.
Thankfully, M & co are home and settling to family life and so we are all breathing a huge and very grateful sigh of relief.
Annie has had other worries too and even these seem to be sorting themselves out slowly.

AND today is a special birthday.......
so help yourselves to a large glass of bubbly before you go!!
I won't be publishing a birthday portrait so you will just have to imagine what this old dear looks like - but I will say, I have coloured my hair specially and don't feel anywhere near as old as I am!!

My room is loaded with boxes of our crafty items, all ready for the Montgomery craft fair on Saturday.
I can hardly move in there but need to make a bit of space, so that I can make some pretty bunting to decorate our stall with.

My daughter M is coming with me and she has great plans for setting our stall out. We have lots of pretty things to sell so, I hope we get a good turn out. Last year it was at the end of November, on a bitterly cold snowy day - it can't be that bad this year can it?

And here are my latest little knitties for little L who is now well over 4 lbs.

Over to the Stamping Ground then - let blog hopping commence!
Have a great day - x Jo