Wednesday, 30 March 2011

WOYWW - snap!!

Good morning all!
If you have already visited Wipso, you will now be suffering deja-vu!
How come we both have a Cuttlebug on our desks? - I hear you ask. Of course, you know we are not really card makers!!!

Well, the lovely Crafty Dawn drew my name out and I won it in her blog giveaway.
As you know, Wipso and I share everything (well almost everything). So we are sharing our Cuttlebug. Now, as yet, we don't know what we fabric crafters can do with a Cuttlebug, so it will be a steep learning curve to find out. I am sure it will open up lots of exciting possibilities.
If anyone has any good ideas for using fabric with a Cuttlebug then we would be thrilled to hear from you.

Now - this is what is really on my desk for today.....

On funday Monday we cut out all the bits for one of Jozart's "Hangabouts".
She kindly put a tutorial on her blog, so we have printed it off and hope to produce a few for our blog shop.
On the right, you can see all the bits needed to make one. I will blog a pic once it is finished.

The item on the left is a little armchair pocket/store. The thoughtful Keryn from Poppydog suggested we might like to try making some.
I blogged it below.
I think I will be adapting the pattern a bit but its a really nice idea. What do you think?

Now folks - we are in our final week for our last "Joannie" award - our mystery parcel blog draw. You can win over £50 worth of our pretty handmade goodies!!
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Ok folks.

Have a fab Wednesday. Enjoy your blog hop with the Queen of Snoop - the lovely Julia!
Pop over to her blog and join in.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Keep on crafting!!

Yes Wipso and I are still crafting!!!
We had a fab funday Monday and came up with a few more new projects.
This is the little handy pocket store that we came up with.
We cut out one each and I made this pink version last night. I think it would be useful, fixed over a chair arm or even a walking frame if needed.
We have a pretty blue one which Wipso will quickly run up when her rail is empty!!!!!
They will go into the blog shop, once Wipso has done her quality

Now folks - just a reminder.....

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Saturday, 26 March 2011

Wedding outfit?

Meet little Dotty.
She has chosen her outfit for the special wedding taking place later this year!

No - not William and Kate!
No - not Tina and Gavin!

Scruffy and Cathy of course!

I think she has chosen well and looks very attractive in her spots with her matching fascinator.

She has her eye on the latest addition to Scruffy's stag party - Smiffy.

He has a cheeky look on his face - I hope he isn't up to mischief!


They have just been sorting out a few pre-wedding plans but I think Scruffy is getting a bit too familiar with Dotty!
It's OK, Cathy looks as if she can keep him under control.

Have a great (if foggy) weekend.

Friday, 25 March 2011

Fun - filled evening!

Yes folks - our pleasures are simple!

Last night Wipso and I entertained the lovely Tina - well no, that's not quite right - the lovely Tina entertained us!!

We had a girly evening giving Tina a helping hand with one of her pre-wedding tasks.

I won't say what - but here is a sneaky peek.

My spare bed is now a gorgeous mountain of loveliness.

I am not sure how they will be transferred to the venue but lets just say I think it will require a lot of plastic bags and I am really hoping for a sunny morning!

It was great to be able to lend a hand and to spend a happy evening with two such lovely folk.

Let's make it a regular date girls!
(We can always find an excuse for a coffee and a brownie!)

Wednesday, 23 March 2011


Sunshine, birdsong and Spring flowers - doesn't it make you feel really good!!
I always feel energised when the sun shines, so today, I am keen to get going on a few crafty activities.
I sold one of my little dumfed pictures last week....this one

Since then, I have spent my earnings at least three times over, what with Comic relief, Sunday lunch out and then I went and paid for a subscription to the "QuiltingArts" magazine. lol

So, I decided I should get down to some serious "dumfing" to restock my picture store.
I spent the weekend with daughter M. who borrowed my dumfing machine to make some little pics for a colleague's leaving pressie.
M made some tiny dumfed landscapes and then embellished them with machine stitching. They were really lovely. So, today I am going to make a few myself.
You wouldn't believe the stash of wool, yarn, rovings and dumfy fabric I have to play with!!!!
I have a big bag full of wool roving and lots more crammed into my craft room.
So, have a quick peek at my drawers......

And a-dumfing I will go!!!
UPDATE: my drawers were in a mess! Tipped all my wool out on dining table and I am now colour co-ordinating it and putting it back all nice and tidy!!!!
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Have a great day everyone and I will pop over to Julia's tidy desk and join in with the WOYWW blog hop later.

Monday, 21 March 2011

Celebration mystery parcel draw!

Just a reminder to all of  our wonderful followers .....

Over in our blog shop, we have now launched the BIG mystery parcel draw.
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Wednesday, 16 March 2011


Good morning all!
Tuesday was damp, foggy and gloomy so let's hope the sun shines today!!

My window sill has 2 little sock bunnies in woolly bags and a stripey bird in its travel bag.
All my other sock dolls are tucked into their travel bags too. They look smart with their names embroidered on the front of each bag.

The bunnies are waiting patiently to go over to Tina's shop - Indigo Moon in Montgomery. She has a lovely Easter display and my little sock buddies can't wait to join in the festivities!
If you are looking for Mother's Day gifts or just want to browse a delightful Aladdin's cave of little treasures then treat yourself to a ride over to Montgomery and take a peek. Tina has just had an article published in Cloth, Paper, Scissors magazine and has a fab display of her mixed media pictures in the shop.

Not a lot going on over here. I had a weekend away and funday Monday with Wipso, so Tuesday was catch up day!
You can see the little felted sweater hearts on my table beside my car boot copy of Alice in Wonderland. I thought it might be fun to cut up some of the pages and use it in my collages. If any one wants some typically "Alice" text, then leave a comment and I will cut up a few pages and send you some.

Now folks, we are looking for nominations for our fourth and final weekly 'Joannie'. The award will be......

One of our sets of desk accessories.

This includes a cover for those 'all important' baby wipes, that you crafters use to clean your rubber stamps etc, plus a needle case, for your needles or long crafting pins and a matching pin cushion.

So pop over to Sisters Crafty Creations and leave a comment if you want to be in it to win it!

Short post today so I can quickly link to Julia's blog and pop over to a few desks and see what you are all up to!
Have a great day!!

Monday, 14 March 2011

Weekend photos.

Just a few photos from our lovely weekend in Torquay. A big thank you to Mr Wipso for organising the trip so brilliantly!

Some of the beautiful spring blooms
 in the gardens at Coleston Fishacre.

We walked around Brixham harbour in bright sunshine and even saw a seal cruising round the bay!

We returned via Cheddar Gorge and past the Clifton suspension bridge.
(Pics taken, as we whizzed past, through the car window)

Our neat little room in Torquay - can recommend the hotel.
The rooms had a very French feel to them and the entire hotel had a wonderful array of picture, posters and paintings.

Oh and yes - I should mention- Wipso bent down and trapped her tassels in the drawer!! Can't take her anywhere! hehe!

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

WOYWW - Wedding fever!

Good morning all - Scruffy here!
Thanks for popping in - it's lovely to know so many folk like to see what we are all up to!

Well - as you know Dusty went on her travels last week and this week Smudge is tucked into his travel bag ready to set off!!

So, "What's Scruffy up to then?" I hear you all ask!!

Could it be the upcoming Royal Wedding that has stirred the romance in us all?
Oh no - just look who has popped into my life.


Isn't she just beautiful.

I mean, I loved Dusty, er well, and Tottie actually, but Cathy is definitely the one for me!
I was head over heels in love and just had to get down on bended knee!

She seemed well prepared for the occasion in her pure wool lacey wedding dress (it fits her perfectly and somehow she seems to be more shapely than my other sweethearts!)
I noticed a glimpse of lace and a saucy little garter too. Oh yes it must be love!!

But how can we prepare for a wedding with Twiglet's room looking like this?!!
Twiglet!! Twiglet!! Come and clear up this mess!
Cathy and I have some wedding plans to sort out!!

(Back to reality  - join in the WOYWW fun over with the very lovely Julia and I shall be over to check out a few fab desks later - when I have had a good tidy up!)

Don't forget to leave us a comment in this week's gift draw over in the shop to be in with a chance to win the Crafter's pocketed bag and tick the button to follow us over there cos there is a big draw coming up soon.

Monday, 7 March 2011

Crafter's handy accessories!

Good morning all!

Just a quick post - it's funday Monday so Wipso and I will be busy loading up the Crafter's Accessories shelf with all the pretty goodies that we have been making for the last few weeks.
As you see from the few items in my pic, we have lots of lovely bags, aprons, pen/tool rolls and lots more.
I guess it will take a while today, to get it all in the shop, so I thought you would like this little preview.
We will also be announcing the winner of our second "Joannie" today. It's the pretty blue pen roll. So pop over to Sisters Crafty Creations and see if you are the winner!

Advance notice
Don't forget..... We are planning a celebration 'Joannie award' which will be a mystery parcel, full of goodies by Sisters Crafty Creations, worth over £50. This will be awarded to one of our followers, so pop your name on the followers list and be in with a chance.
Also note ...
If the winner is also one of our customers, who have made a purchase since Jan 1st 2011, then there will be an extra gift added to the parcel.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Bags of fun!

Today has been a bag making day.

This one is made from furnishing velvet with a denim pocket.
I cut out one of the velvet flowers and put it on the pocket as a raw applique - free machining over it to decorate.

This one is made from strong, cotton curtaining. It has pockets on both sides and a little one in the lining.

They will both go into the shop next week with the three bags Wipso made today!

For those who, as yet, haven't joined in the weekly gift draw over in the shop, please don't forget to pop over and leave us a comment plus, tick the box to follow us over there too because we have a big gift draw coming up just for our lovely followers.....if you are also a customer who has made a purchase too, then there will be an extra little something included in the parcel.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

WOYWW- bags and new friends.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Scruffy, Tottie and Smudge are sitting proudly on the window-sill admiring Twiglet's new bag!

What do you think of it kind followers?
It is about 50cm wide by 35 cm deep and has a firm, oblong base.
There are 8 outer pockets and 3 inner pockets.
It is lined with the same, Linda Beard "Dolly Mixture" fabric.

It is my proto-type and took ages to make so I am not sure if I would make more.
But it is a possibility - maybe with a few "adjustments".

Wipso and I will put it in the shop give away next week (Week3).
We would like the lucky winner to trial it for us and give us an honest opinion on its usefulness.
So leave a comment here and let me know you are interested.

Don't forget to leave us a comment in this week's gift draw over in the shop to be in with a chance to win the pen roll and tick the button to follow us over there cos there is a big draw coming up soon.

A big, big thank you to all you fab followers who left such brilliant comments about our crafter's apron last week and well done to Angie and Angela who were the lucky winners of the give-away!

OK folks, just a short post from me for today. Pop over to Julia's blog and join in the WOYWW fun.

Have a great week and thanks for popping by.