Wednesday, 28 July 2010

WOYWW and merry evening of dumfing fun!

Another wonderful Wednesday!!!
Well, this one is the morning after the night before......
The men were at footie so the girls had to amuse themselves with a glass or two and some quality time together- such a problem!! Lol.
We decided we would both be creative and dumf a little something.
Wipso set to with her wool rovings - check out her blog to see what she came up with.
This is what I was busy with....

And here is my table this morning after I just dumped everything when I came in last night.

Now I have to tidy my yarns away and mount my pheasant!!

Join in the WOYWW fun over on Julia's blog - you know the one - the record breaker who snoops over 120 desks each week!!!
Have a great day everyone - I will pop into visit as many of you as is humanly possible during a week!!!

Monday, 26 July 2010

Photo collage

Just trying out my collage making skills.
These are just some of my dumfed bird pics!

My latest creation.....

This is my latest needle felted picture. It is my 10th dumfed bird and is the biggest so far as it's about 12" square. I will be mounting it on cream linen and stretching it over a frame before uploading it into the shop.
Yes, we have just had all the jokes, laughter and frivolity around the subject of me mounting the said bird!..... too naughty to print :-)

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Just a thought for the day!

Just read this on another blog and liked it, so thought I would pass it on.

This is the beginning of a new day
You have been given this day to use as you will.
You can waste it or use it for good.
What you do today is important because you are exchanging a day of your life for it.
When tomorrow comes, this day will be gone forever; in its place is something that you have left behind……let it be something good.”

So far my day has been wonderful - I have cooked a scrummy chicken dinner for hubby and daughter and we have enjoyed quality time together. Lovely to be back as a little family - if only for today!

Wednesday, 21 July 2010


Sunshine and a beautiful morning here - washing blowing and doors open. I don't suppose it will last long, so I am making the most of it.
Here is the rainbow from earlier in the week.
Wipso thought one would be around to mark her momentous occasion. Pop over to Wipso's blog and check out her news!

My table is full of picture frames today.

To celebrate Wipso's good news, we went to our favourite local hostelry for tea. Now, on the wall there they have some amazing pictures by one of Wipso's customers and friends - an artist called Penelope Timmis. Follow the link and I think you will agree, she can sure paint!

Anyway, I felt inspired to get my frames out and plan a few needle-felted pictures. So that's what I will do later today. You can also see my peacock and bullfinch pics and on the right, on the window-sill, is a little photo taken by a blogger friend Gill Hunt. She is another talented lass who loves to photograph raindrops on grasses.

Lastly - a bit of colour from my garden!

Have a great day everyone.

Join in the WOYWW fun by visiting Julia's blog and following Mr Linky to see what we all get up to!

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

A colourful WOYWW!

Good morning and Happy Wednesday everyone!
Just a bit of colour to brighten this dreary wet Wednesday.
I have to dash off to the garage for a service - car, not me of course!

So here we go.....
Gorgeous bright pink shrug on the go for P to wear to her baby sister's christening.
And on the left a fab piece of bright red flowery fabric for Wipso's next top.
I shall be busy when I get back so maybe later in the week there may be pics of the finished articles.
Got to dash.
Have a great day and I will try and visit all you busy WOYWWers later.
Thanks for all the brill comments last week.
Wipso assures me that she WILL be putting MY photo on her blog one of these days (That's if I stand still long enough!!)
Now I am going over to Julia's blog to join Mr Linky!!

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

WOYWW and Wipso's new top.

Hi folks!!
Bit late for WOYWW because I have been helping Wipso with some curtains and cutting out.
She loves it, as I have to grovel on the floor at her feet as I cut big curtains on the floor!! It didn't take all day so we enjoyed a bit of quality time together too.
On my desk today is the WIP. I told you last week I was designing a new top for Wipso and lots of you kind folk said you wanted to see my progress.
So, as you see from my photo, there is a brown paper pattern in a plastic bag and a very colourful toile made from odd bits of sheeting. (A toile is just the garment cut out and made up in cheap fabric so that it can be tried on an adjusted before cutting out in best fabric).

In the middle is my rough sketch and on the right you can see the partially made top ready to take for Wipso to try for final adjustments before finishing.
Off I went down to help with the curtains and to surprise Wipso with a half finished top.
We tried it on and tweaked it a little and then I finished it.
I am sure when I make it up in the next piece of fabric - a gorgeous red piece - it will look even better.
Now you know Wipso hates having her photo taken but she decided I could reveal all to you, so here you are folks........
She loved the top even though it was made in my choice of fabric - just a piece I had in my fabric stash. It was still unfinished at this stage but we rushed out into her garden for a little photo shoot and had her elderly neighbour giggling from her bedroom window watching me do my David Bailey act!!!
Now I am off to visit a few blogs whilst the footie is on. Join in with WOYWW by going over to Julia's blog and following the links on Mr Linky.
Oh and Hi to Linby who we met for the first time on Monday eve. What a lovely lady!!!