Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Oops it's WOYWW!

How could I forget that it's Wednesday and I should be showing everyone the state of my work space today?  My excuse is that it was a Bank Holiday Monday instead of fun day Monday and my week is all higgledy piggledy. Not to worry better late than never to join in with Julia's gang in the mad blog hop!

Here it is then - the dumping ground for all things crafty in my house this week.....

Just the remnants of a few crafty activities.
I covered an office chair for Maxine's neighbour in that black silk fabric.
The green "cotton wool buds" are dumfed dragon fly bodies made with wool rovings.
Scattered about are a few of my dumfed pictures which need framing.
In the bottom corner is a bag of bright pink wool ready for knitting hoodies for the girls.
The rest is just mess!!

This was where I spent yesterday afternoon picking bilberries...

And these minibeasts were enjoying the sunshine in my garden...

And today it's pouring with rain and really gloomy so I am going to get my wet felting kit out and make some background pieces for my felting pictures.
Have a great week - will pop over to see what you are all up to later.
x Jo

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

WOYWW - Dragon fly dreams

Happy Wednesday to all who pop over here today to check out my crafting table and see what I have been up to. If you are not sure what it's all about then just pop over to Julia's Stamping Ground and you can join in!

I will expose a rather untidy table later, but firstly I wanted you to see the needle felted picure that I made for a birthday gift for a very special little girl and her family.

(Click on picture to enlarge it so that you can see it properly)
I was asked to make a dragon fly picture with a beautiful sky and lots of twinkly bits.
I had such a lovely time creating it and adding all the little details - my problem is knowing when to stop.
Now I know the recipients love it too, I am happy!!!

So what's on the work table then.......

Well -
  • the bright cheery knitting is one of 3 little girls' hoodies that I am knitting for Annie's munchkin bunch.
  • there is an idea in my Stitch mag than I am thinking of adapting. I love the sea-theme and colours.
  •  little Katie Morag is waiting to be claimed. Annie's daughter had the other and I made her another story sack, like the one I made last week.
The rest of the stuff needs tidying up and putting away but I am hopeless at that bit!!!

That's about it. Hope you all have a great week  and if you pop over here - thanks for coming and leaving lovely messages - you are a fab bunch!

See you soon
x Jo

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

WOYWW - Katie Morag

Firstly apologies Julia leader of the WOYWW Stamping Ground.
No desk on show today - just the results of a busy few hours of crafting at the old work table...
My nephew's fiancee starts teaching in September and asked me if I could make her a Katie Morag sock dolly. Well of course I could and what a pleasure to make a gift for someone just about to begin her chosen career.
I decided Katie also needed a nice big story sack so that all the resources can be kept together in one place - story books, maps, games and activities etc.
So with a little help from Annie on fun day Monday, I created this strong linen sack - of course a plain bag would be boring so I added a little seaside collage and Katie's name in tartan writing.
I think G will love it.

But then, I got to thinking about thetwo other young teachers working alongside G and decided maybe they would also like a little Katie......

Here they are - 3 little girls from school are we!

If the extra two are unwanted I will pop them in the blog shop as I am sure someone will be wanting a little Katie looky likey. Funny how each one is different and almost has a little personality already.

Now wasn't that nicer than seeing my scruffy old table.

OK - now to tidy up that sewing room and table, so that I feel able to expose all next week. I just can't craft and create and keep the room tidy at the same time. AND I can hear Annie muttering that I am also quite good at turning her room upside down and getting glue all over her ironing board too!! Blushing and hiding my head in shame here!!!

Have a good WOYWW and thanks to all for your good wishes to M. She is a happy girl!
x Jo

Wednesday, 8 August 2012


Good morning to everyone who has popped in to have a look at my untidy table today.
I can't say I have been too busy crafting to tidy up - I blame the Olympics. When I haven't been watching the amazing sporting achievements of the GB team, I have managed an hour or two of crafty activities.

You can see my half made Katie Morag sock doll. She has a hand made needle felted kilt!

Near the front - hiding under the embroidery threads- is a pretty beaded and butttoned heart on a card that I have made for my daughter M. on her engagement. Yahoo! We are thrilled for her and Steve. So, another wedding in the family.  Above is the frame that I will give her just in case she wants to hang it in her bedroom.

Below is the pretty blue mohair scarf - perfect for dumfing yarns and rovings into. One of my car boot bargains. Also, just look at that gorgeous vintage lace. Oh and the piece that is folded and tied with a price label - 2 yards for One shilling!! Er that would be 5p in today's money. I paid a bit more than that but well worth it as it's really lovely.

And lastly some of the wonderful colour at Powis Castle. We had lunch and a walk round the gardens last week. Well worth a visit if you are down this way.

Well that's it for today - I am popping to M's with her card and to await delivery of her new fridge.
I shall take Katie Morag to finish off  whilst I watch the Olympics.

Have a good week.
x Jo

Wednesday, 1 August 2012


Just a  fun little pressie for Shell and Brent.
I made a little linen cover for a journal - the bride, groom and twinnies in all their finery.

We had an amazing day on Saturday - no doubt Annie will blog lots of fab photos for you.
It was such a lovely family wedding with 5 little grand children on their very best behaviour - a credit to their Mums and Dads.
I was asked to read a poem in church, so made a little collage for the card to hold my poem whilst I read.
It will make a nice momento of the beautiful Oxon Church, Shrewsbury, to go in the memory book.

My table hasn't seen much action for a few days.

I have been working on a very special felted picture but won't reveal it until its new owner has seen it.
So my table just has the little ivory linen clutch bag that I made to go with my wedding out fit and some prints of a few of my felt pictures and collages. I am going to put them on cards, I think.

Lastly - remember my chiffon scarf rainbow from last week?
Well, I re-arranged the scarves into a circle with a number on each.....

AND the grand total of scarves was.....


So the winner of my little poppy dumfling is...
Virginia  - not sure who you are and can't find any details for you so if you email me with your details I will pop it in the post.

OK folks - have a fun week - lots of Olympic fun and games!!
Over to Julia's Stamping Ground now, to see what you have all been up to.
x Jo