Wednesday, 21 June 2017


Good morning all!
I hope you are enjoying all this wonderfully sunny weather.
It's certainly been hot here. Driving back from my hospital appointment on Monday, the temperature was 32C  around 2 pm! 
I have tried to keep my face out of the sun - it's not a pretty sight and I certainly don't want to suffer from sunburn too. My scars are healing well and the consultant was pleased with his handiwork so that's all good.

My desk hasn't seen much action but you know how it is....

My grandson enjoys a story - this week it was Suddenly by Colin McNaughton. So we had to pretend to be the wolf and Preston Pig. Hence the dash to the craft room for pink card, scissors and stapler!
Easy peasy for an ex-infants teacher Nanny. He loved the mask and spent much of the day acting out the story with nanny as the wolf!

The rest of the table carries the remnants of Maxine's crafty Tilly Tea Dance activity - she has been busy stocking shelves with her work at a "Buy from Shropshire" gallery in Shrewsbury.

I hope you are all well and having crafty fun around the globe.

I will be round for a snoop at your WOYWW desks later.
Thanks for calling by.

x Jo

Wednesday, 14 June 2017


Well folks - at last I have managed to take a snap of all the lovely ATCs that I have received so far.
I am going to fix them in this frame properly but just laid them on it for the snap. They are all so different and such little works of art - thank you all.

Top row - Lynnecrafts, Lisa M., Shazsilverwolf, Sandra de,
Second row - Donna, Annie, Julia, Elizabeth
Third row - Glitterandglue, LLJ, Cardarian
Fourth row - Neet, Neet, Anne, Angela.

Down the left hand side are a few of the cards that came along with them including, of course, the little poem penned by Annie too. We love sending and receiving these little ATCs from around the globe.

Today I must also say a big thank you for all your comments wishing me well last week. I had my stitches out yesterday. Today I look like I have done a round with Anthony Joshua - ha ha-  as if!! I am sure it will all settle soon but it does look a bit of a mess.

So, work on my desk has been limited to light duties - a little bit of framing for Tilly Tea Dance. Check out Maxine's Tilly Tea Dance shop here if you would like to see her lovely needle felted pictures, brooches and pendants.

Have a good week everyone.

x Jo

Wednesday, 7 June 2017


Good morning  to all our WOYWW buddies around the globe.
My workdesk is out of action this week - or is it just me who is out of action?!!
I had a little op on my face to remove a bcc and have been told to rest up this week.
All went well and, although the dressing makes me look like the Phantom of the opera ( slight exageration!), I am fine - just a bit bruised and battered. Annie suggested posting a photo but I will spare you that!

My lovely friends and family have visited and brought beautiful flowers so, I thought you would like to see them. My camera is still playing up and only wanted to focus on one photo.So, this is just one of the two lovely bunches.

In these troubled times, my little op is just a drop in the ocean - there will be so many folk with far, far more to cope with than me, and my thoughts and good wishes go out to them all.

I promised a snap of my lovely ATCs but as yet, I still have one or two more to photograph, so I will leave them till next time. BUT, can I just say a huge thank you to all who sent their beautiful little works of art to me. I love receiving them and treasure each one.

Have a good week.
Thanks for calling by.

x Jo

Friday, 2 June 2017

Friday smile

I just had to post a picture of this beautiful clematis.
Annie bought it for my birthday last year. It is appropriately called Clematis "Josephine".
It only has one bloom at the moment, but it is about 20cm across!
Thanks for the smile Annie!

To see more Friday smiles join Annie at "A stitch in time"

Have a lovely weekend all.

x Jo