Wednesday, 30 October 2013


Good morning to all who drop in here each week.
It's nice to know folk out there find my crafty table interesting!
Join in the WOYWW fun over at Julia's Stamping Ground - there are lots more crafty folk over there who are willing to share their creative desks with everyone.

My table is much tidier this week as I had a big clean up last week and totally re-organised all my fabric stash. I think I know where everything is but only time will tell!
This week I have put ready some Christmassy fabric which I will be using to make some scrapbox dolls. I made a basket full last year and they have nearly all gone now. I cut out and do all the machine sewing first and then sit in the evening stitching on hair and faces etc. I have 2 cardis and a hoodie to finish first but I like to have plenty at the ready.

Here are the little beads bags that I made for Jo's scheme at CHICS. The children keep their Bravery Beads in them as they progress through their treatment for cancer.

Well that is certainly a short post.
If you want a giggle then scroll down to my Friday smile.
Thanks for calling in.
Have a good week.
x Jo

Friday, 25 October 2013

Finished by Friday and a smile.

Well how about this for a Halloween outfit then?!!
I have been sorting out cupbards and drawers in an effort to get my fabric stash in order.
Now, my dear daughter has had her own home down here for about 4 years, so I wonder why I am storing all her school and college projects/favourite bits and bobs?
This item was her prize purchase in the market in Marrakesh!
It is a huge heavy woollen jalaba - extremely warm for those cold desert nights!!
Why then, is it sitting in my wardrobe and why oh why did I parade myself in it, looking like a massive bar code! Enjoy the giggle.
And here is a chuckle for Annie - I managed to get two sleeves almost identical from that lovely marbled wool - only Annie will know how totally brilliant I am - we spent an hour trying to get it right on Monday!! I know it isn't necessary for these random wool items to match up but I just can't make one with odd sleeves.
Lastly here is my Mark 2 version of my denim/velvet draught excluder. I gave the first one to Maxine for her charity office.

Have a good weekend everyone.
Join in with Annie's smiles over at "A stitch in time".

x Jo

Wednesday, 23 October 2013


Firstly today, I just want to say....
My little sis is 21 - again!!!!
Have a fab day and a lovely weekend of fun and laughter.
 My table is  just a complete mess - covered with fabric left over from this week's projects......

Here are just a few of them
I made these little lavender hearts with some of my fabric bargains - I love this soft grey wool check and just added a few bits and bobs of vintage lace and buttons from my button box. They are filled with Shropshire Lavender - just follow the link if you are interested. Joanna has a brilliant service from her farm in North Shropshire.
These are the lavender bags that I made using my vintage embroidered cloth.
 AND believe it or not...
these little bags are made from fabric left over from my 70's wedding dress!!
Well that is all blogger will allow me to show you today.
I have had a busy week so far with lots of sewing jobs finished, including more draught excluders, a little skirt for Lexi and some patchwork squares for the Children in Need Quilts - see here if you want to know more.
Never a dull moment here and no time to get bored!!!
Have a good week and thanks for popping by.
I will be checking out all your crafty activity later on my WOYWW rounds.
x Jo

Friday, 18 October 2013

Finished by Friday and a smile

Another Friday rolls around and here we are again with a few things to share with you all.
Firstly, one of Maxine's little needle felted and embroidered pictures.
It's a tiny dumfling mounted on linen in a small re-cycled frame. The photo doesn't really do it justice as it was a bit gloomy when I took the picture on the patio table today. I really love the colours and textures she has used. I now need to find or buy frames for the other dozen or so that she has created. Any ideas on inexpensive framing?
I have lost count of how many little hoodies I have made over the last 5 years. They are just an easy little knitting project that I can do whilst watching tv so I am happy to keep busy with them. This one is for my neighbours little grandson.

 And here is my Friday smile.....

Every cloud has a silver lining. We had wild winds and torrential rain yesterday. It completely flattened these gorgeous little blooms so I decided just to cut them all and bring them indoors. What a beautiful cheery colour they are! (Some kind of Schizostylis - common name Kaffir Lily, I think).

Follow my link here to Annie's blog for more Friday smiles.

Have a great weekend.

x Jo

Wednesday, 16 October 2013


 Good morning to all our WOYWW blog buddies.
Just look at the pretty bits and bobs of vintage linen/embroidery heaped on my table today.
(Its covering  another heap of fabric scraps left over from the projects below)
I really do need to have a big tidy up before I start to work this morning!!
I am going to make some little lavender bags so I cut up some vintage linen and found ribbon and tape to go with them. Hopefully, I will have some finished to show you next week.

Below is a little cushion that I made to go with one of our draught excluders. I have had fun with Maxine designing them and just to prove I had actually learned from her tuition, I designed and made the cushion all by myself!!!

Then, because I needed a little card for a special new baby, I got going with my free machining and designed this one. Cute isn't he!!!

 Well, that's my show and tell for today.
I hope you are all well and enjoying your crafty activities. I will pop round the desks in the next few days - I really enjoy seeing your workspaces and all the things you are busy with.
Thanks for dropping in here and leaving your kind comments - you are such a nice bunch.

x Jo

Friday, 11 October 2013

Friday smile

Just one of my many garden visitors!
It is a Red Legged Partridge.
We have had lots of pheasants in the field but today, this little treasure flew up onto my fence and sat there for about 15 mins whilst I pegged my washing out!
My little bird friends always bring a smile to my face.
For more smiles, pop over to Annie's "A stitch in time blog" - she always has something cheery to share with us each Friday.
x Jo

Wednesday, 9 October 2013


 Good morning all.
Nice to be back blogging.
I have had a hectic couple of weeks but things are back on track now.

Just a few things to show and tell.
Don't you love my bargain buttons and my yummy piece of soft grey check wool cloth that I found at the car boot sale? Not sure what I will do with them just yet but know I will find a use for them.

Also on my table is that lovely little "dumfed" (needle-felted) picture that Maxine made.
I think it looks good framed up.
We will probably do a craft fair nearer Christmas so hopefully will have a few more finished by then.

Below are two "shades of grey - and turquoise" draught excluders all ready for stuffing.
They seem quite popular at the moment so I am making a few more in a variety of shades.

 Maxine made the little hearts for me to stitch on this one - I love the colours.

Well that's it - back to the sewing machine for me.

I hope I can find time to visit a few WOYWW desks this week but I might be a bit late as I am helping Annie with the twins today - another fun filled day for "Aunty Jo-shie" as they call me!

Have a good week.

Thanks for dropping in.
x Jo