Sunday, 5 April 2015

No broadband

Just to say....

I am a busy bee sorting and moving stuff to our new house.
We don't have broadband there yet and so I may be a bit slow at replying to comments and emails.

My little sewing machine has been getting good use in making blinds etc although it is taking a while to get my rooms tidy and organised - might be a bit longer yet!
I think I need to clear out my fabric stash - I have found loads of stuff and I really don't know where I will put it all. Luckily there is a charity shop about a mile away!

This weekend we are basking in the sunshine here on the Shropshire border - its such a glorious Spring day.

I hope it is the same for you all.
Happy Easter
x Jo

Friday, 27 March 2015

Friday smile - house viewing!

We were eating our tea over the weekend when we found that we had an unexpected house viewing!
This handsome young man was peering into my dining room.
He was there for ages and had a really good look.
(We decided he could probably see his reflection in the glass and thought it was competition)

Have a great weekend!
x Jo

Wednesday, 25 March 2015


This week I have been busy with a few crafty activities before I get bogged down in sorting my house move.
Maxine wanted a little Easter bunny hoodie for Ben so I chopped up one of his grandad's t shirts - here we are....

I made a little pair of bunny boots and added a bobble of fluff for a tail on his hoodie.
Now he will be all set for his Easter get together with his little buddies.

My table is quite tidy really - just a few teddy bear outfits.
Orangutan had been modelling my knitwear!

This is my latest knitted cardi. I manage to stay awake until I put my knitting down although I almost think I could knit these patterns in my sleep now!

 Join in our mad Wednesday blog hop over at Julia's Stamping Ground.
Have a great week.
x Jo

Friday, 20 March 2015

Friday smile - solar eclipse activity!

I hope you all enjoyed the solar eclipse today.
I just thought you might like to see how I celebrated!
Yes, I bet this totally eclipses your activity this morning.

I am calling it "Beside the Mitchell's Fold standing stone"
It was a bit chilly once the sun was behind the moon!

Have a smiley weekend.

x Jo

Wednesday, 18 March 2015


Another crafty week in the Twiglet household!
My table is just piled high with the remanants of my crafty activities - it's a mess and you don't want to look at it!
So here are the results - much more interesting. . . .

Here is my first attempt at a quiet cube.
It's just a little soft fabric cube with a few add ons that Ben might like to investigate (and chew on).

Then there is the play mat all ready for him when he comes to play at my house....

AND lastly the little knittie that I was making last week.

So, a busy week considering that I have had a nasty head cold. All better now.
We just need a bit of Spring sunshine and a good walk in the fresh air!

Hope you are all well.
Thanks for visiting - and also to those who popped over to visit Tilly Tea Dance. She had a tummy bug this week so maybe didn't get back to you all with a comment.
Enjoy your crafty WOYWW blog hop!

Have a good week.
x Jo