Wednesday, 4 December 2019


Good morning to all our WOYWW friends around the globe and anyone else who drops in to see what I am up to.
Mostly I have been chief packing elf for Tilly. She has had lots of pre- Christmas sales, which is wonderful, so I have had to lend a hand at getting them ready to post.

I have a new little friend in my work room today - maybe he will get the feather duster out and flick it round whilst he is here!

He is called Slim the Sloth.
Ben decided he would like one to go with his menagerie of soft toys.
So Slim will be carefully gift wrapped and popped in Ben's stocking on Christmas Eve.

I knitted him with a free pattern that I found on Lovecrafts.
I did have a bit of a battle with him though.

His head and body are knitted in one piece and then all the other bits are stitched on.
Foolishly, I was knitting late into the evening and managed to stitch his "bits" on upside down. I had to unpick and start sewing all over again.
 (You see that his head is bigger than his body - and I picked it up and started sewing with the small part for the head - quite logical as that is how it would be in real life. Then I looked at the picture and realised, to make it look more sloth-like, it was the other way round!)

Note to self - slow but sure wins the race.

I hope you are all well and keeping busy!!

Have a good week.

xx Jo

Wednesday, 27 November 2019


Happy Wednesday everyone!

This week I have made an attempt at a few Christmas cards.
I sorted through my fabrics to find snippets for tiny collages and made about 12 before I ran out of steam.

Today I am going to start again and make a few more - if time allows.

I have been busy parcelling and delivering stock for Tilly Tea Dance and today of course it's my day to pick up Ben from school. 
No doubt we will have playtime fun and chill out story time. Last week we created an entire wildlife area on my lounge coffee table and he made up stories about all the soft toy animals that were roaming the "North Mountain" and "Bushland". (He has a great imagination and is good at directing others to join in!!)

So, have a great week.
I will be round to see what you are up to later.

xx Jo

Saturday, 23 November 2019

Friday smile - on Saturday!!

Just wanted to share this beauty!
It's the orchid that Annie bought for my birthday in 2018.
It flowered, died and now has another gorgeous spray of blooms.
That's a first for me as I am usually hopeless with orchids.

Thanks Annie - it makes me smile - how about you?

Wednesday, 20 November 2019


Just a quickie today.

Here are my little fairies in their basket - all ready to go on their travels.....

I love this little wicker picnic basket that Max bought me years ago. It has a cheery tartan lining and is perfect for displaying tiny items. I am sure the Shropshire Rural Community Charity will love having these little sweeties on their stall.

Have a great week.

xx Jo

Wednesday, 13 November 2019


Good morning all!
Welcome to my WOYWW  for today.

I have been busy adding tiny crystal beads to some snowdrop pictures for Tilly.
It's about the closest I get to working on the actual piece of artwork. 
Mostly I just get to mount and frame them, so I am very honoured to be able to add just a few tiny little crystals that twinkle in the "snow".

Note the reading glasses - I don't actually need them for reading but do need them when threading a beading needle and to find the holes in these tiny beads!

Apologies for not visiting many desks last week. We had a few days in Yorkshire to catch up with old friends. Luckily we missed the floods but met up with lots of snow in North Shropshire on our way back. 

Today I will be helping Tilly get ready for her workshop and packing stuff to take to a Craft Fair in a few weeks. 

I hope you are all keeping cosy and well.

Have a great week.

xx Jo