Wednesday, 17 April 2019


Welcome to my WOYWW post for this week.
I have had a request for some twiddle mitts from a local group working with the elderly.
I hope they like the ones that I sent today.
These are my two latest ones.....

Lots of bits and bobs to twiddle with and talk about.
The little creature in the garden is supposed to be a mole poking his nose out of a mole hill but Annie said it could even be a hedgehog - I like to keep my options open!!!

It's a quick post today as I am going on a trip to the theatre to see Les Miserables and will be out all day - Yahoo!!!

Have a great week.

xx Jo

Wednesday, 10 April 2019


Just a quick post for WOYWW today.
My work table has only seen a bit of Tilly Tea Dance admin this week, packing parcels and putting collections together ready to send of to stockists. All very necessary but not fun crafty stuff!

So, my only makes of the week are these two little knitties - Brock Badger and Jemima Puddleduck.
Theo had them when he went to Annie's yesterday and loved them. She will probably post pictures of him in action with them.

I thought I would also leave a link to Julia's post about the 2019 Crop to celebrate 10 years of WOYWW. So, if you want to join us here in Shrewsbury, the details are here CROP 10 WOYWW

If you want to know more about the event/ Shrewsbury/ or anything else about it. Just leave me a message. BUT don't forget to leave Julia a message on her WOYWW post if you are planning on joining us.

Lots have already signed up so it should be a lovely day of fun and friendship.

xx Jo

Wednesday, 3 April 2019


Good morning all!

My WOYWW desk looks like this....

Tilly Tea Dance has been busy putting collections together for delivery to local outlets and finishing off some of her lovely art work.

Of course, I am the gofer!
I help frame and label each piece ready for the shops.
We make a great team.

So, my crafty activity has happened away from my work desk.
When I gave Theo his set of bunnies that I showed you last week, his kindly Nanny Annie couldn't resist setting me a challenge. She rather fancied having a Mrs Tiggywinkle and Mr Todd the fox.
So this was my little effort...

I know I needed to make them look neater by using smaller needles but they will be fine as little finger bobs for Theo to make stories with. Rumour has it, they really would like a badger and maybe a squirrel - she's never satisfied, that sister of mine!!!

Have a great week.

xx Jo

Wednesday, 27 March 2019


Just checking into WOYWW for another week.
It's a happy place where crafters join together every week for a quick chat and to share their crafty activity with us by showing us what is on their work desk.

Today, I am sharing my latest little knitties…….

Ben loves Peter Rabbit stories, so I knitted these little bunnies for him.

Of course, I took them to show Annie and she thought Theo would like them too.
So, I knitted another set - and she was right - he does love them!

Then, I thought maybe Ben's little friends would like one each, as a little treat, when he goes to a little Easter "get together" so I knitted a few more!.....

They are just big enough to take a crème egg.
I bought a few Lindor ones but, I am afraid to say, they never got as far as the bunnies!!!!

Well that's it for this week.
Have a good week and enjoy this lovely Spring weather.

xx Jo

Wednesday, 20 March 2019


Health warning - don't get too close to the screen - this week I am working under the tradename of "Sneezy and Snotty"! Can you believe I have yet another cold and hubby has the nasty cough. Roll on Springtime with sunshine and lots of fine "out and about" weather.

This is my latest sewing project....

I am making angels' wings - "Of course you are!"- I hear you say.
My friend wanted to donate some to her granddaughter's school and I have  been busy making them this week - it keeps me out of mischief.
The gold lurex fabric is a bit tricky to sew but the end result is fine, I think.

We did manage a lovely day out at Ironbridge last week, taking in the Victorian town at the museum.

The bridge has been renovated and painted in its original rust red colour. It looked lovely and stood proudly over the rising waters of the River Severn. The flood barriers are up this week. This link shows the river flowing under the bridge yesterday.

Now, I really must apologise for not visiting many desks last week. I blame my cold. I promise I will do better this week.

See you soon.

xx Jo