Wednesday, 16 July 2014

WOYWW -vintage haberdashery

 Just look at all these goodies I found at the car boot sale!

They all pre-date 1967 and most of them are priced at less than a shilling in old pennies.
(One shilling was the same as 5p when we converted to decimal currency)

Annie and I shared them out on Monday as there were fastenings etc that she might use in her sewing business. I am sure the rest will come in handy for something.

Below is the state of my desk today.
There is a little needlefelted collage and a pink canvas that I made down at Annie's this week.
Also you can see a part finished katie Morag. I thought we would have some of our old favourites on a table at Maxine's exhibition
(Old Bell Museum, Montgomery, POWYS. 25th -31st July 10 -4 pm.)

Come along if you are in the area - we would love to see you.
Click to see close-up.
Today I am busy finishing my curtains (Argh!!) for my newly decorated bedroom.
So I will leave you to snoop my WOYWW desk.
Have a great week.
Thanks for calling.
x Jo

Friday, 11 July 2014

Finished by Friday with a smile!

Just two of my "dumfed" (needle-felted) creations for this week's smile.
Above is my sunflowers picture which I made using the wet felted backround piece on the earlier post. I added wool rovings, yarns, silk ribbon, and yellow chiffon. Then I free machined a few details.
Below is one of my little dumflings which I mounted onto a canvas that I painted with acrylic paint.

Just a bit of crafty colour to add to this stunningly beautiful day!
To see some really happy pictures pop over to Annie's "A stitch in time " blog.
Have a great weekend.
Thanks for calling by!
x Jo

Wednesday, 9 July 2014


Another week has flown by and here we are revealing our crafty WOYWW desks to all who care to look!

I had a lazy, sporty weekend - watching not participating I hasten to add!!

So not a lot of crafty activity to show today.
In the front you can see some pretty vintage collars that I found at the car boot sale. I don't know what I shall do with them but I am sure I will think of something.
Just behind them is a lovely little felt pen picture that Alex made to go with the handmade bracelet.
It was his "Thank you" for making his camouflage gear for his room.
I love it - thank you Alex!

The green woolly piece is a felted background that I am hoping to dumf later today.

I hope you are all well and enjoying the lovely summer weather.
A big hello and Happy 50th to Julia - hope you are enjoying all your celebrations!

Thanks for calling by.
Have a great week.

x Jo

Friday, 4 July 2014

Friday smile

Good morning all.

I sent off to Vistaprint for some cards made using photos of our artwork.

These came this week.
I love the way they show the texture, stitches and yarns so beautifully. ( I am easily pleased!)

We will have some at Maxine's exhibition at the end of this month.

The cheery colours certainly made me smile.

Join in with Annie's Friday smile over on her "A stitch in time" blog.

Have a great weekend of tennis, cycling, football and motor racing - lol!

x Jo

Wednesday, 2 July 2014


Today -  to counteract the wonderful country aroma left by the muck spreaders - I have been mostly making lavender bags!!
Just sneaking into my photo is that little green card and a beautiful little brooch that Neet made for me using polymer clay. I love it and think it is such a clever way to use clay. Annie and I are still pondering how you did it Neet!!!
Here is a close-up of the lavender bags.
I used a well worn, vintage, handmade, fine lawn pillow case to make my little lavender outer bags.
It was so lovely that I didn't really want to cut it up. It even had entwined intials sewn beautifully onto one end. Sadly it had seen better days and rather than let it remain hidden in a drawer I decided to give it another life and make little bags stuffed with wonderfully scented Shropshire lavender.

The little inner sachets were made using left over scraps from some voile curtaining.

The other lavender sacks are also made from cotton remants with some hand embroidery from a vintage tablecloth.

I love to re-cycle and hate to throw things out and at least something useful is the outcome of a little afternoon of sewing.

AND lastly......

This is what you can make with a double duvet set and a quick raid into my fabric stash!!

Can you spot
  1. a single duvet
  2. 2 pillow cases
  3. a set of underbed top secret curtains
  4. a cushion cover
  5. a chair seat pad
  6. a useful shoulder bag
  7. a note book cover
Oh and a very happy little boy - but he's not in my picture - I will let Caro show you Alex's lovely smiley photo!

That's it for this week.
Thanks for calling by - I will be over to see your WOYWW desk soon - as long as we don't get a power cut or broadband signal reduction!

Have a good week.
x Jo