Wednesday, 11 November 2015


It looks like my little dolls have had a wild night - they seem to be draped round my machine, exhausted - but from the smiles on their faces I'd say they enjoyed it!
I haven't had much time to craft here in my sewing room but did manage to finish sewing together these little ones.
It's all go at the moment packing and unpacking bags and boxes.
Not sure where it will all fit in but maybe that's a good excuse to clear out some of the fabric etc that hasn't seen the light of day for a year or two.

This is the beautiful Tom Thumb fuchsia that came along with LLJ when we saw her earlier this year isn't it looking fab - this mild Autumn weather has suited it and it is laden with blooms. It always makes me smile and looks so cheery right in front of my kitchen window.

I hope you are all well and enjoying life.
Thanks for calling by my sewing room and for all your lovely comments.
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x Jo

Wednesday, 4 November 2015


 Just a little bit of crafty activity from the sewing room today.
My free evenings have been spent knitting "parts" for dollies.
I loved the little characters on "Fluttterby Patch" so I bought the patterns and started knitting. Well, Like everything else I pick up - it's addictive!

 I have already given one away and she has been named Daisy and is already a firm favourite.

In a spare afternoon I made my friend a quilted table runner for Christmas - well she had it all cut ready to sew - I just quilted through random ivy leaves with gold thread and put binding around it.

We have had a busy week because Maxine was contacted by someone wanting to buy some of her beautiful needle felted pictures so we had to get a few mounted and framed and then set up a little exhibition in my dining room. Here are a couple of them...

Check out "Tilly Tea Dance" if you want to see more. She sold four so, I think she needs to get a few of them on her Etsy site now, in time for the Christmas rush!

And lastly, as I was in Watson and Thorntons fabric shop on Monday somehow I felt the urge to stock up on my fat quarters!! ( Something sounds a bit weird there but I am sure you know what I mean!!)

Just a tip for anyone sewing metallic thread - these needles help to stop the thread from breaking. Also they have a humongous eye so they are easy to thread - a tip for short sighted old dears like me!!)

Well that's it for this week.
It was lovely to see the photos of all our WOYWW buddies at the crop last Saturday - and so good to see that smiley pic of Shaz looking so well too.

Have a great week and thanks for dropping in.

x Jo

Friday, 30 October 2015

Friday smile - Bobble and Squeak

Just a little snap of Ben in his new bobble hat.
My friend in Yorkshire knits them and she wanted a photo or two for her facebook page - Bobble and Squeak. So this was Ben wearing his "Squeak". It's a really soft, cosy, little hat which really suits him.
Check out Bobble and Squeak if you want to know more.

Look at those squidgy little fingers - I wonder what he is thinking?

Have a great weekend.
Join in with Annie's Friday smiles.

Thanks for calling - I will try and get round to visiting but seem to be slowed down by all the sifting sorting and packing!!

x Jo

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

WOYWW- crafting and clearing!

 Good morning all!
I have been enjoying inchie fun this week!
Now before any of you get carried away with the possibilities.... if you don't know about inchies - here are my two examples....
The one above is in shades of pink/turquoise and I made it especially for my little sis as a birthday card but with the idea that, if she liked it enough, it might go on her new sewing room wall.

The one below is a little get well card/pressie for one of our friends.
Same technique just different colour combo.

They are fun to do. I just created some background fabric using Bondaweb/Angelina and scraps of threads/shiny bits and bobs, overlaid with old chiffon scarf.
I chopped it up into inch size squares and then sat cosily embellishing each one each evening.
I think the longest job was the blanket stitch around each square but even that was theraputic!
 Below is my tidy work table and the roman blind that I made for Annie.
We might show a pic when she has it in place in her new bathroom.
The gorgeous felted picture behind it is one that Maxine made. She has had requests for more, so is spending every minute she can dumfing (needle felting) and stitching.
 Now, this is the state of my desk today!

I am in the process of clearing and organising my room and I just dumped all my tat in a heap on my table while I rearranged some of the furniture. One day I will be all neat and tidy!

Thanks for calling by and leaving lovely messages.
If you want to see the completed mini monster suit that I was busy with last week, then scroll down to my Friday smile post.

Have a great week.
x Jo

Friday, 23 October 2015

Friday smile with a mini monster

Happy Friday everyone.

As promised on my WOYWW post, here is my mini-monster in his new suit.

(click on the collage to enlarge pictures)

He is just able to stand and take a few steps unaided so he really thought he was the "bees knees" on the patio having his photo taken.
Isn't he a sweetie - I know I am biased but what Nanny isn't?!

Now I must make sure I get over to see the birthday girl today - little sis Annie is ** today!!!
Join in with her Happy Birthday Friday smiles over at her blog "A stitch in time"

Thanks for calling by and I hope my little grandson has left you smiling.
Have a lovely weekend.

x Jo