Wednesday, 8 July 2020


I fancied a change from knitting twiddlers so I made this little lacy cloche hat (Age 3 - 5 years).
AND now I know why I knit twiddlers!!

I started with 90 stitches which should have been maintained until the decreased top.
So, how come after 8 rows I only had 86 stitches left on my needle? Where did the others go?

After a quick unravelling (knitting -  not my brain) - I started again - counting carefully without distractions this time. I think it looks OK. I added a little crochet daisy on the side.
I used Sirdar Crofter yarn so that it has a fairisle look to it.

I don't have anyone to pass it on to so I guess it will sit in my "Finished bits and bobs" box until someone wants it. I really need a little hat model to show it off nicely. (I don't think I can persuade Ben to do that!)

Last year, at the crop, I bought some of Shaz's lovely cards and, having used the last ones recently, I wondered if she had more.
Of course she did!
Look what came in the post this week...

Lots of lovely Happy Birthday cards - perfect for all the men in my life! (Sounds like I have lots of them doesn't it - wink wink!
I love how neat and clean cut these designs are. So clever. Thanks Shaz. (Shazsilverwolf)

Lastly, I know lots of you follow Tilly Tea Dance and thank you all for that. She posted her latest brooches on her Etsy site this week and I just thought I would share them with you. I love them - proud Mum here. 
Image may contain: plant and food
If you don't know Max's story, check here too.  Tilly Tea Dance.

So, that's it for this week.

Take care all and keep safe.

xx Jo

Wednesday, 1 July 2020


Good morning all!

Look what came in the post at the end of last week!

Jan sent me this most pretty little jewellery roll.
It is beautifully made with neat little poppers to match that gorgeous "Japanese" fabric.

I love it and I have decided to keep my family heirlooms in it.  (Don't get excited - I don't have much but did inherit a few treasured items from Mum and one or two of Grandma's little brooches).

Their value is mostly sentimental so I thought my little roll would be the perfect place to keep them and then I will always know where to look for them when I want to wear them. Seems obvious, but I have been known to search frantically for them - only to find that I had put them in a "safe place"!!

Thanks Jan - I will treasure it. You have a talent for putting colours/fabrics together so nicely.

Below is my latest twiddler - I thought it reminded me of Shropshire hills with rocky hill tops, heather and, of course - sheep.

Short and sweet today as I am going to Attingham Park with Maxine for a walk - let's hope it keeps dry.
We can have a "Tilly Tea Dance" staff meeting as we walk along!

Have a good week all.
Stay safe.

x Jo

Friday, 26 June 2020

Friday smile

Just a beautiful clematis to make you smile today folks!
Annie bought me this one too - for my birthday and it's called "Happy Birthday".

It's a lovely warm purple colour and rambles over our fence at the front on the house and is much admired by passers by.

I am sure it will benefit from the thunderstorms today after such high temperatures over the last few days.

Thanks for calling by.

xx Jo

Wednesday, 24 June 2020


Here we are again - another week another Wednesday!
Good morning to all who care to take a peek at what's going on here this week.

Max wanted some silky threads for her bookmarks so I found some lovely Madeira threads in my drawer and then I dipped into my big box that Annie gave me. These are from China and NOT Madeira thread but they work into collages etc very well. I've used quite a few of these but they do last for ages.

My desk hasn't seen much action this week. I made a couple of masks for family and then mended a jacket seam but that's not very exciting!

I need a new project to get going on!!!

We have managed a couple of walks at Attingham Park and I took this photo of the foxgloves. 

It was a delight to walk amongst the trees and listen to amazing birdsong.

So, that's it for this week. I hope to have more to show you next time.

Before I go... Quote for the week from Ben at bedtime...

"Mum, I wasn't born so that you could love me. I was born so that I could love you"

What a thinker!

Have a great week.

xx Jo

Wednesday, 17 June 2020


Good morning to all my WOYWW friends around the globe and to anyone else who drops in to see what I am up to!

I have had a really crafty week and enjoyed everything I have done.

Firstly, I finished off a couple of twiddlemitts. The photos show the front and back of my seaside version has 3 fish, fishing net and a treasure box with gold buttons stitched inside.

and then the poppy fields one....

 I love the colours and textures and hope they bring as much joy to the patients, suffering from dementia, who receive them.

AND then I managed to get some lovely soft, viscose fabric to make another wrap around skirt.
It looks really smart and I think my friend will love it.

So that's my lot for this week.
Keep well and stay safe!

xx Jo