Wednesday, 29 June 2011

WOYWW - more owls

Good morning all - I hope it is as sunny where you are as it was with us over the last few days.
Of course with all the sunshine around I have been out and about rather than crafting.
My table is loaded with things to do and sort out ...... and tidy up!

So... check out my little knitted items for the expected twins (not mine - Wipso's grandtwins in waiting) the fabrics to be made into a christening card, the gorgeous cotton perle I found at the car boot and my box of owly cards.

Also you can see the order of service for the 50th anniversary of Shropshire Community Council which I attended, with daughter M, on Sunday. We were in the splendid, red sandstone, Shrewsbury Abbey
I was a very proud mum. I snapped the display because M had created the display boards and they were sitting on the table cloths that I had made for them - what a team!!

Not much crafting then.
I did manage to stitch a few words on my little owl pictures after I had stitched them onto canvas.
They look a motley crew don't they.

OK folks - over to Julia's for the weekly blog hop - see you all later.

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Latest collage

This is my latest in the series of little fabric collages of buildings in Montgomery.

It is "The Old Bell Museum" where Tina of Indigo Moon is having her art exhibition from 5th - 11th August. It's a lovely 16th century building, which was once an inn, and is now the town's museum.

Montgomery has lots of quaint old buildings many of which have "blue plaques" which add to the interest for tourists in the town.

Friday, 24 June 2011

Look left, look right.....

I think this sparrow hawk was getting ready to cross my garden.......

All clear - Go!!

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Playing with the new toy!

A few weeks ago Wipso and I were lucky enough to win the Cuttlebug in Crafty Dawn's give-away.
As we are not paper crafters we didn't already have dies or embossing folders to play with - until yesterday that is.

I have treated us to the Tim Holtz tattered flowers die and have spent time playing with it so that I can share my ideas and experiments with Wipso on funday Monday.

So - here we are folks....

Now, I know there are lots of very talented card makers out there, so ignore the simplicity of the design.
I just wanted to see how the die performed on fabric and decided these little cards would be useful.

Of course we crafters always have a few embellishments in a drawer somewhere so I managed to find a few brads etc to trim them up with.

I had to have a go at heat distressing some of the chiffon and voile flowers that I produced.
I used my little tool that looks like a little hairdrier - it worked a treat.

Once I had tweaked them up with a few beads and brooch backs, I decided they were pretty enough to sell.
They will go into the blog shop along with some lovely brooches Wipso made last week.

Now I am looking for new ideas to use my fabric flowers.
What do you think?

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

WOYWW - PiFs and stuff.

Good morning all!
So nice of you to drop in to take a look at all the bits and bobs on and around my desk today!

Lots of interesting items for you to snoop - I like that on a WOYWW desk don't you? Or is it just nosey old me that likes to see what everyone is busy making and using.

On the window sill is M's latest little lighthouse pic all framed up. We are looking for a source for square mounts if anyone knows a good one. A few of her "new home"  doors are mounted on card ready to sell too.

Scattered across the table are some of my little owls that I have machine embroidered and then tweaked with water colour pencils. I think I will make them into little cards (more owls on posts below).
There are a few little crochet and beaded motifs that I sorted out when M came acrafting on Sunday. Not sure what to make with them but they are so pretty. We found some lovely bits at the car boot sale.
(Check out the post below if you like bold retro poppy fabric!)

Last but certainly NOT least.......PiF time!!!!!

This is the beautifully handmade brooch that arrived yesterday all the way from Patsy in the Phillipines.
It is lovely Patsy - thanks so much. I love the little fabric roses - must have a go at making those.
Can you spot the WOYWW motif hiding on it?

And -
In case you haven't seen it on Kirsty's blog - here is the PiF I made for her.....

It's a WOYWW shop of course - complete with tiny dumfed "Wipso" style pictures in the window.
I really enjoy making these little collages and have already made five using the shops in Montgomery as my inspiration.
I think I might take commissions, so if you want something similar all I would need is a good photo of the house/shed/VW camper/ shop/ garden etc and I will do my best to create a collage for you. Costs would depend on size and detail required. Leave me a message if you are interested.

Now lets get over to Julia's Stamping Ground and join in all the fun of the blog hop!!
Happy Wednesday everyone.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Gorgeous retro fabric.

This is the fab, 60's vintage poppy fabric we bought from the car boot today. There is enough to make several cushions and even a Roman blind. 
M thinks we should make it up and put it on Etsy.
What do you think?
The colours are really on trend at the mo so we are looking for inspiration to put it to good use.

Owl update...
These are my latest little Wols to join the gang.
Not sure what I am making with them yet - they are about 2 or 3 " tall.

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Owls for all occasions.

My latest little project.
Owl bookmarks and owl collage cards.
I thought they would make great cards for special teachers or graduations- wise old owls!!

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

WOYWW - June 15th

Happy Wednesday everyone!
What a busy week including lots of crafting, shopping and even an Elton John concert!

So - my desk needs a good tidy up - I have left out my new picture frames - half price from Dunelm- and the little owl pinny sent to me by a friend that knows me well!

Also, you can see my lovely box of water colour pencils that Wispo gave me - I use them for adding detail to some of my pics. On top of the box, there are two little canvas prints of my latest collage waiting to be posted. (See post below)
Of course, I had to show you my flamingo - daughter M suggested it last week and I had to rise to the challenge. There are lots of them around too - even on the backdrop of the Elton John stage!!

We had a great night - even though it was chilly and a bit damp.
Thanks Elton.

Just a few close ups of some of the other bits and bobs.
M has been busy with little lighthouse pics. I love them. We are going to mount and frame them. She is hoping to open an Etsy shop but if anyone wants one - just email me. (

The little medieval door below has already been sold - as well as a few of her little doorways  - they make lovely "new home" gifts.

Last but not least - the litttle owls on the front of my pinny.
I love owls so I will be having a go at making a few. This one was designed in UK but made in China. - (Ulster Weavers)

Oh - nearly forgot...
If you want to see what I have been really busy with then just check the post below - thanks for all your great comments - we really appreciate your thoughts and interest.

Have a great week everyone - enjoy your blog hopping trip round the WOYWWers by linking with Julia's Stamping Ground - its a fun trip and you never know what or who you might bump into!

Monday, 13 June 2011

Latest collages and a creature from the deep!!

Just so that you know I haven't been sitting with my feet up all weekend!!

On Friday I spent the day making a free-machine embroidered picture for my friend Suz. Her hubby has a neat little VW camper van and she asked if I could make a picture for him.
"Of course I can" said I ....... and after about 5 hours work, this was the end result.
She loves it - I just hope P. does too! (Click on pic to enlarge)

Sunday, that horrible, cold, wet day arrived and daughter M came to craft with me.
She was busy with amazing little Baboushka doll pics.
(I will devote a post to her later in the week.)

I decided to make a collage from a photo of the "Postcard from Wales" - a garden at the Chelsea Flower Show. My friend Roz sent me the photo of it and it was just the most perfect litttle garden, crying out for it to be converted into a little collage.....

(Click on pic to enlarge)
Not sure what to do with this picture but I think I might produce some copies as they would make lovely greetings cards.  I will probably put it in our blog shop "SistersCrafty Creations" so keep a look out if you are interested.

So my next project may be a collage of this little creature.....found beneath my veg rack.

Don't panic - it won't bite!
It'sjust a shrivelled carrot but it gave me quite fright!

And below is the best scarecrow we can find.
We have been woken every morning for over a week by marauding crows attacking our windows.
So, we fixed my little garden owl model to the fence.
We haven't been woken for the last two mornings - RESULT!!

Saturday, 11 June 2011

It's a blue day.

Just a few pics - all purply blue
I thought you would like them
So I'll share them with you!

(Poetry never was my strong point!)

Just a few flowers from my garden.........

And last but not least a few little snippets of a fab collage sent to me by Donna.

Thanks Donna - the post man had a laugh at the way you addressed me as super sleuth or was it super snooper!!
There was such a lot of detail in each part of the collage, I thought I would show it in close up!

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

WOYWW - June 8th

My room is a mess - the floor is covered with threads and fabric scraps - my table has been cleared but only because I have piled it high on a shelf out of sight!!

Happy WOYWW everyone!!!

So -  on my lovely tidy table, you can see the cards I planned with daughter M.
She thought they were fab and then floored me by suggesting I do some with flamingoes on!!
(I will give it a go as I don't like to be beaten!)
I have to credit Fi (Marmaladerose) for, yet again, inspiring me with her gorgeous cards that she made for Milkchurn Cottage.

I am loving my free machine work and today I made another "shop" picture. If you know Montgomery then you will know this shop!!

Below are just a few of the colours in my garden at present. Mostly blues and purply pinks.

It was great to visit as many folk as I did last week. I don't think I made it to everyone but I had a really good try!! Thanks for all your lovely comments too. I am looking forward to seeing all those PiFs on display.
Mine has a long way to come but I don't mind waiting!!
Have a fab week. Join in this mad blog hop by following me over to Julia's Stamping Ground and checking out the blogs on Mr Linky.

Friday, 3 June 2011

Katie Morag sock doll

Just a quick post to share my latest little sock doll with you.

My niece is a teacher (the one expecting twins!) and she wanted a little doll to use with the Katie Morag stories for next half term. I told her I would help reduce her work load where I can!

So, here she is..... Little Katie Morag complete with her own leather post bag. I made her a little cotton bag with her picture on the front and popped her in to take to Annie's. M was there marking test papers and she was thrilled with her new doll!! (We are easily pleased!)
I made her skirt fabric on my embellishing machine. I didn't have any green/yellow tartan fabric so I just created some with felt and yarn!. I even stitched a silver kilt pin on!!

Ok - now I must get down to work. I have a little pink Christening heart to make.
Have a great day everyone.
The sun is shining - its a perfect day here!

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Celebrating WOYWW 104!!!!!!

Good morning to all the WOYWWers who are joining in to celebrate the second anniversary of this mad blog hop around the crafting desks of the world!!
Firstly, a huge thank you to Julia for thinking of the idea and then managing it so brilliantly.
(BTW - the card is not my PiF - I just wanted to post something on my little WOYWW easel beside my !st anniversary pin cushion and the Champers!)

We have made so many friends through our weekly visits to their desks.
There are so many like-minded folk out there that we would never have met otherwise.
I know its hard to visit everyone, but lovely that so many like to call in and leave a comment here.
Thank you to you all - you are such a positive bunch and I know Wipso and I would not be where we are today without all your encouragement!

So - my desk today.......
You can see the two, mounted fabric collages that I finished last week.
They are pics of little shops in Montgomery.
It is such a quaint little town. I decided to capture some of their pretty little buildings in a collage or two.
Below are some of daughter M's little free-machined pics that she made on Saturday.
We had a chill out day here. She made a couple of "new home" cards (see post below).
Then she felt the urge to make a few more, so that I could mount them and maybe sell them for her.
He he - do contact me if you would like one!!
OK - that's enough. I am going to make a real effort to get round EVERYONE this week so look out!!!

Right - off to sign up to Mr Linky with my *Twiglet.
I wonder who my little Pass it Forward will be heading off to by the end of today?????
Have a great WOYWW 104. x Twiglet.