Wednesday, 27 January 2021


 I am really pleased to say that the staff at the hospital loved my last bag of twiddlers and "Nurse mate" dolls. Now I am well on the way to getting another bag of ten ready.....

Annie gave me few suggestions for themes (some were not totally suitable!!!).

However, here are my latest designs..

"Fairy Sparkle"

"The Golf Club"

And this is the front and back of another countryside one with a rainbow added for effect!!

At least it brings a bit of joy and colour into someone's life and I really enjoy making them.

Thankfully our snow is slowly going - we had about 3 inches over the weekend.

The bulbs are popping up so at least we know Spring is on its way.

I hope you are all managing to stay safe and well.

Our love and special thoughts go to Shaz and Doug this week. It's awful to be poorly at the best of times but it must be a total nightmare under present conditions. Let's hope for the very best of outcomes for the treatment Shaz is having. 

xxx Jo

Wednesday, 20 January 2021


 So, where did the last week go??

The time has just flown by and I can hardly say that I have been so, so busy!

We have managed walks and a few video calls to friends and family but that's about it.

Well, apart from my knitting and sewing of course.....

Can you tell what they are yet??

Yes - a few more little "Nurse mates".
I used up odd scraps of DK yarn and popped them in the bag with 10 twiddle mitts for the hospital.
They might bring a smile to someone in need of it.

Below are my latest twiddlers.
Over the arm of the chair is the knitted piece that will become a "Woodland" mitt.
The pink one is just a textural one.
The other two are... Treasure Island and Gone Fishing.
They have lots of bits and bobs on the outside to twiddle and maybe stimulate a thought or two.
Also I always put 3 or 4 bits inside each one that can be twiddled - big buttons, knitted danglers, silky ribbon etc.

So that's me for this week.

I hope you are all managing to stay safe and well and that you are not too fed up with the lockdown.

With floods on the horizon for many, I just count my blessings.

Stay safe all!

xx Jo

Wednesday, 13 January 2021


 Good morning all!

Another week - another Wednesday.

In the spirit of lockdown - apart from a couple of short walks near home- my week has been very much like last week.......

I have risen to my challenge and managed to create a few more Twiddle mitts.

Spring and The Garden


Autumn colours and The Farm

My email from the Dementia nurse at the hospital said " Thanks for the Christmas bagful and keep them coming!" So, that's all the encouragement I need.

It is certainly good to be doing something useful that might just help things a tiny bit for staff and patients up there. I just don't know how they are coping with all the problems at the moment - it's a nightmare.
Thankfully we are all well and let's hope that's how it stays.

I hope you are all staying safe and well.
Of course, we are all thinking of Shaz and sending her our love and good wishes.

Take care but make the most of each day with a bit of crafty fun!

xx Jo

Wednesday, 6 January 2021

WOYWW -2021 Things can only get better!


Happy New Year to all my blog buddies and anyone else who pops in to see what I am up to.

Well, with another lockdown being upon us, the answer to "What is she up to?" might be "Not a lot!"

But, of course, I don't let a lockdown stop me from keeping busy and enjoying what I do.

The lovely LLJ sent me a gorgeous cross-stitched Christmas card which was just too beautiful to put in my Christmas box along with all my other "saved, handmade beauties". I found one of Tilly's little IKEA Tysslinge frames and popped it on top of the little grey storage drawers in my sewing room. Now it just makes me smile every time I go in there. 

The happy robin card that Annie made for me is also saved for another occasion - sometimes cards are just too nice to part with aren't they!

Below is my New Year challenge to myself.......

I am going to try to make as many twiddle mitts as I can during lockdown.

These are just basic ones using odds and ends of chunky yarn (thanks lots LLJ).

I am going to design a few more themed ones - I think "Spring" would be good as I could put Spring flowers, sunshine, rainbows, new life etc on them - very uplifting for me to do and the recipient to receive.

So, keep positive - that's the main thing. If we let things overwhelm us then we are all losers. Take each day as it comes. Do something you enjoy every day no matter how small. Contact folk who make you laugh - even an email or FB message can lift our spirits.

Sending you all a big virtual hug!

xx Jo