Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Happy WOYWW 3rd Anniversary!
I can't believe it's 3 years since we started joining Julia and her mad Wednesday blog hop!
A big thank you Julia for keeping it going all this time and enabling us to meet so many lovely crafting "buddies"!

In order to be able to join in the ATC pass it on scheme, we have been busy making a few little dumflings.
(To the un-initiated... a dumfling is a tiny creation, made using felt/fabric/yarn etc and "dumfed" together with our "dumfing" or needle felting machines.)
Here are my dumflings - I like to get them out on a sunny day, on the grass, for a nice photo!

Whoever is my buddy on Mr Linky will get one of these.

Some of my dumflings were a little too large for an ATC so I stitched them in a random fashion onto cards for my friends' birthdays etc.

Being the generous soul that I am - should anyone else wish to swap an ATC for one of my little dumflings just email me with your details and I will see what I can manage - first come first served I guess.
UPDATE - just busy with a few more so please email if you would like one.
Have a great 3rd anniversary Wednesday - let's raise a glass of something bubbly by way of celebration!! CHEERS!
x Jo

Wednesday, 23 May 2012


Summer is here at last!
We have had a couple of gloriously sunny, warm days - let's make the best of it.

 My table is covered with Jubilee bunting this week. I made all the flags ages ago but only stitched them onto the white tape this week. Daughter M has a float at a Jubilee event - do you think 40 metres is enough!!!!!

This little fluffy blue heap is the reverse side of some little "dumflings" that I have been making.
I will reveal more when they are finished.
I love working on pre felt - it makes a quick and very colourful background to my little dumflings.
I am just about running out of it, so ordered a bit more from Sara of
- it should be here this week so I can make a few more.

And lastly a little sign of summer...
A Lacewing on my kitchen door...

It looks huge but of course it's only about an inch long, including its delicate green lacy wings.

Well that's it for today - only a couple more weeks one week till we celebrate 3 years of WOYWW - where does the time go?!! Pop over to Julia's Stamping Ground and join our crafty blog hop!

Have a good week everyone.
x Jo

Wednesday, 16 May 2012


OK folks - sometimes a girl has to have a Spring clean in the sewing room!
My table is empty and my shelves are all dust-free.
And while I had a bit of clear space I put my craft fair items out. This is about all I have - so - if I want to fill a table at Montgomery Summer Craft fair - then I think I need to get crafting!!
You can see better pics of them all in our blog shop if you are interested.

 These are my latest little knitties for the "Fish & Chip babies". I just couldn't resist adding a few lazy daisy flowers to the one set.

And these are the last three dresses which I made with the fabric the lady at the carboot sale donated for the cause. That's three more little girls who will get a frock via the "Dress a girl around the world scheme". I only have a few small pieces of fabric left now so I guess I shall have a rest and stock up when I spot anything suitable.
Short and sweet today but very colourful!
Have a great Wednesday blog hop - I am off to Julia's Stamping Ground to see what you have all been up to this week.
x Jo

Wednesday, 9 May 2012


Happy Wednesday to all.
This was my desk with sunshine (yes! sunshine!) beaming through my wiindow, yesterday afternoon.
I just couldn't resist a photo - we have had so many gloomy days it was lovely to see the sun - if fleetingly.

On my desk are a few of my carboot bargains.

  • A lovely lady gave me this fabric when I explained that I would be making frocks for the "Dress a girl around the world scheme" with it. So many kind folk out there!
  • Also you can see the pretty little "broiderie anglais" mats  and lovely vintage Irish linen hankies that M bought to craft with. Not sure what she will make with them but we just couldn't resist them.
  • I also got 3 circular knitting needles - always useful for little shrug knitting.
Just a few of my week's makes below.....

Two tiny waistcoats for my friend's grandsons to wear to their uncle's wedding.

A random patchwork draught excluder.

Lastly the latest little knitties for the "Fish and Chip" babies.
I posted a parcel with 16 little jumpers and matching beanie hats to Dawn yesterday - 13 sets from me and 3 from Annie. I still have plenty of wool scraps so will continue knitting for a bit longer.

Join in our WOYWWednesday blog hop by following the link to Julia's Stamping Ground - so many busy crafty folk to snoop on!!!

Thanks to all who visited me last week  - I really appreciate your thoughtful, kind comments.
x Jo

Wednesday, 2 May 2012


Good morning all!
It's so gloomy outside that my desk photo looks a bit cheerless too.
In fact, it's a busy little space with lots going on.
The pile of pretty fabric will be used for little cover ups and maybe a dress or two.
First of all, I have two little sillk wedding waistcoats to make. I drew up patterns from the one on my table and cut them out in lovely blue slub silk with proper waistcoat lining fabric to complete them.

 Oh and can you see my tin of vintage buttons - I think I will be selling them as they are surplus to my needs.

Next is a little display of the 10 beanie hat/jumper sets that I have finished for the "Fish & Chip" babies.
I will put them together with Annie's and get them in the post to Dawn who is collecting them.

Lastly, after fun day Monday when Annie made 5 pairs of shorts and I made 3 little frocks for the "Dress a girl around the world scheme" (see post below and Annie's blog), I decided to help Louise reach her target of 50 pairs of shorts.

I raided my store of old T shirts and jeans. I always try to recycle fabric and hate throwing useful things away.

So the legs of the jeans proved just big enough to re-cut and make shorts. Having made 404 dresses we thought we should do something for the boys.

I think we have made a total of 14 at the moment -  I don't think we will reach anywhere near the dress total but who knows!!

Ok - I need to get busy sewing.
Have a great day everyone. If you want to join our happy blog hop, then pop over to Julia's Stamping Ground and see what we have all been up to this week.

Thanks to all who left lovely comments last week - nice to hear from you.
x Jo