Monday, 25 May 2009

A question for all you country folk!

Can you tell me why the sheep in the field at the bottom of my garden practise a sort of apartheid? There are about 20 creamy white ones incuding chubby lambs and newly shorn mothers, together with about 10 blotchy brown ones which I think may be Jacob's. Occasionally they all graze together, roaming across the field throughout the day. However, most of the time, the brown ones keep together in a group - just like they are on my photo. Weird really, but then nature often is. Just a thought!!
I looked up the meaning of the word:
Apartheid is an Afrikaans word meaning "separation" or literally "aparthood" (or "apartness").

Friday, 15 May 2009

Bears, bears, and more bears!

Here are the latest needle felted, little bears from my sewing sister.
At the moment, they are sitting on her top shelf in her sewing room, keeping an eye on her whilst she sews! They are cheerful little bears, each with a winsome expression.
If anyone would like one of these little collectables, she can be contacted at
Sewing by Annie - 01743791389

This week I have been mostly sewing and knitting!

Cue for a song...

Smocking on dresses and pictures with felting

Cute little sun frocks to stop Phoebe from melting

Collage on albums and cloths fit for kings

These are a few of my favourite things!!!

What a fun week of sewing, felting and crafts.

Phoebe now has two more smocked dresses and a little sun dress made trom the left over fabric.

I bought super, creamy fabric from Dunelm and made two huge table cloths and six napkins.

The sewing sister now has two pairs of posh trousers, which fit beautifully - and we didn't need to make a toile for them!!!!

Then, feeling creative, I made a gorgeous cover for a wedding scrap book for my niece.

Oh, and in the evenings whilst watching TV, I knitted two little shrugs for Phoebe and a friend's little girl.

Now I am wondering what to next - it's addictive I am sure. The buzz you get from making something for someone is wonderful and puts you on a high for days. Its very satisfying and does wonders for the self esteem.

Any ideas for my next project?

Sunday, 3 May 2009

The latest meme

I've been tagged by Mountainear, originally a customer, now friend, of my sewing sister Annie. Thank you F. It’s nice to be asked.I am sure I shall struggle to write something of huge interest to anyone else but will have a go. Of course then I have to find other bloggers to tag who will be willing to suffer likewise! My problem is everybody else seems to have got there first.
Here goes…..

What is your current obsession
When I worked full time, I never had time for my love of crafts. Now I am able to indulge myself and I love every minute. My obsession of the moment (it changes on an almost weekly basis) is smocking. (See my earlier blog!) I am busy working on some gorgeous, pink, floral fabric with pale, peachy pink smocking – so pretty!
What are you reading?
I have just read Gloria Hunniford’s Always with You. I heard her on Radio 2 discussing the loss of her daughter Caron Keating to cancer and I was very moved by the way she talked about the grief that the loss of a child brings.
Her book describes how she has faced life after this loss and includes poems and letters from other bereaved parents. It sounds sad but I found it very uplifting.
First spring thing?
We always look out for that first swallow. It usually appears on or around Dad’s birthday April 17th. This time I saw one about two weeks earlier, so maybe that’s a sign of a good summer to come.
What's for dinner?
Jamie Oliver lamb – a leg of lamb, roasted slowly in white wine, with rosemary on a bed of root vegetables, accompanied by a huge Yorkshire Pudding – yum!!
Which item from your wardrobe do you wear most often?
Living a rural life means most of my time I am in jeans – usually of the M&S variety.
Planning to travel to next:
We are thinking about a trip to the Isle of Man. A good friend is a frequent visitor and loves its peace and tranquillity. We would love the scenery – hills, coast and good walks. I am just a bit anxious about the ferry crossing as I don’t like being on the sea much. I suppose we could fly.
Last thing(s) you bought:
A gorgeous, little necklace to wear to my niece’s wedding. It’s made with little petrol blue pearls which match my new frock perfectly. The Jewellery Stop in Shrewsbury has some beautiful items to suit a wide variety of tastes and occasions so I am sure I will be back for more.
Flowers of the moment

Wild Spring flowers. On my walk last week, I photographed primroses, cowslips and violets in the hedgerows near to our home. They looked so fresh and delicate. The photos have been printed off and sent to elderly relatives who are unable to get out to enjoy them.
Favourite ever film
All my family know that it has always been South Pacific. My cousin took me to see it in Liverpool when I was a very unworldly nine year old. I was enthralled by the big screen, the colour, the music, the humour and of course the romance of the whole experience. I still treasure that treat to this day and when I am having a home alone day, out comes the video and the box of tissues and I enjoy it all over again!!!
Earliest memory?
My first trip to the sea-side. I think I must have been about two when we went on a coach trip to Barry Island. I have vague memories of the feel of sand in my little spotted sunsuit and the way that the cold waves took my breath away as my dad dangled my feet in the surf.
Favourite childhood toy?
Our garden swing (Does that count?).
My dad built it for us. My little sister and two older brothers spent hours on it, being pushed back and forth as little ones and then gradually gaining the skills to be able to make it go all by ourselves. Then, as young teenagers, we progressed to swinging as high and as fast as we could before leaping off, at full height, to see who could soar the furthest across the garden. (Please don’t try this at home folks!!!)
Care to share some wisdom?
Give something to someone every day – a smile, a cheerful comment, your time – you will find something good will happen to you in return.
What do you wish you were good at?
Planning and entertaining. I am hopeless at organising special events. I need someone to tell me what to do and when to do it and then I am fine.

Well that’s it.
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