Friday, 26 April 2013

Friday Smile - What was I thinking of?

Bride's mother practises for gurning competition!!!!
Was it the champagne and the wine?
Who knows what I was contemplating?
Someone certainly captured me having a moment!!!!
I promise I didn't look like that all day.
Enjoy a giggle.
x Jo

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

WOYWW - absolutely nothing!!

I know - I shouldn't join in if there is nothing on my desk, but I just thought you would all like a little wedding update instead!
So here are few pics - only my snapshots - the photographer in the family is away and didn't have time to process his straight away so I am waiting excitedly until he returns!!

We had the most perfect of days - the sun shone all day in an almost Mediterranean blue sky.
The setting in Snowdonia was perfect.

So here you are - just a tiny flavour of a lovely day....

More pics when the bride and groom return from honeymoon.
I think she will like to see them first!

x Jo

Friday, 19 April 2013

Friday smile

 This is the rainbow that greeted me on Monday afternoon - it certainly made me smile!
I hope it does the same for you too.

Now, you may remember two weeks ago I had a cheeky pheasant peeking through my kitchen door.
Then last week she was sitting on my hedge peeping at me again.
Well look carefully below......
 This is what G found when he was raking leaves in our flower border beside the front drive.
A nest made of dry leaves with 5 beige eggs inside.
I think they must belong to the nosey pheasant.
They were cold so we assumed she had left them.

A few minutes later we saw Mr Pheasant proudly strutting across the lawn.
 And then after lunch G noticed the female was sitting on her nest!
Can you see her speckled feathers in the middle of this pic?
I shall be watching closely to see what happens.
I know they are silly birds and doubt the eggs will hatch - it's such an open "public" spot.
Watch this space.

I am sure Annie will have more smiles for you over on her blog today so pop over to "A stitch in time"
and join in the fun.

Thanks for calling.
x Jo

Wednesday, 17 April 2013


 Happy Wednesday everyone and an especially happy day to Annie and her hubby for their wedding anniversary. Below is the little card that I made for them. 
I used snippets of vintage embroidered linen, lace, buttons and beads.

It doesn't seem long since their happy wedding day when my little one was toddling round in a little smocked dress and pink coat. This week that little one will be a beautiful bride herself - where have all those years gone?!

As you see, my table - above - is back to normal and my lace box is overflowing onto it.
I have been making little card toppers or maybe ATCs using snippets.
I have a spare day next week so I will try and make a little bundle of ATCs ready for the WOYWW 4th anniversary swap. Follow this link for Julia's info.

OK folks - busy week this week so I will dash.
I might not get round all your desks this week but will do my best.

If you are following my Friday Pheasant saga - pop back next Friday for the follow up - it's amazing!!!
Thanks for calling.
x Jo

Friday, 12 April 2013

Friday smile and finished by Friday

 Firstly my "Finished by Friday" items...
Two draught excluders in my latest colour combos.
Annie's neighbour wanted one is this colour combo so I made two as I thought they looked really smart.

Then, of course little P. really loved her sister's little bag so I made one for her ready to post today.
I think she will love this one.

Following my pheasnt saga from last week....
She has now taken to sitting on top of my hedge and peering at me!!!

 I don't think pheasants nest in bushes so I am quite interested to know just what she thinks she is doing - maybe she is just having a good old nosey round!

Have a great weekend and if you want to join in with the Friday Smile -
then pop over to Annie's A Stitch in time blog - guaranteed to make you smile.

x Jo

Wednesday, 10 April 2013


Happy Wednesday everyone. Don't faint - but I just want to show you my tidy room...

An empty table with my sock dollies and little Tanner peeping over the shelf wondering what's happened!
 My canvas drawers with their contents over flowing!!!!

My other shelf cleared of all the clutter except for a boxful of card and my little hang over desk tidy.

Now I can hear you all saying "Why?"

Well, I have an old school friend coming over this week and I just wanted to clear the surfaces so that I can show her some of my crafty bits and bobs without climbing over all the stash!
 Of course, I have only just tidied it up and it won't stay like that for long!!
I have been busy making a little bag (another idea from Flutterby Patch).

A little dolly on a card for Lou's birthday.

Well that's me for this week.

See you later when I cruise your desks with Julia and the rest of the mad WOYWW blog hoppers.
Thanks for calling here and leaving your lovely comments.

x Jo

Friday, 5 April 2013

Friday Smile and Finished by Friday!

 Good morning all!

Check this nosey visitor on my doorstep- she kept peeking in through my kitchen door yesterday.

I was busy at my table facing the door and noticed this female pheasant. She seemed to be peeping in at me and was there for ages. I think she could see her relection and probably thought she had a competitor for the handsome male pheasant that frequents our garden.

I love my garden birds.
 For those of you who popped into my WOYWW post....

I did it!!! As I mentioned, I was just shortening M's dress and was a bit anxious to get it right.
Anyway, with a bit of practice and a steady hand on the machine, I think I have mastered it.
I was going to post a pic but decided not to - what a tease!
I just hope it's right when she tries it on again.

Thanks for calling.
If you want a real giggle today, then pop over to see Annie's post on "A Stitch in time".
I think the term "in the groove" is what we oldies would have called it.!!!

x Jo

Wednesday, 3 April 2013


The evening sun was streaming through my window so I snapped a quick pic of the mayhem on my table....

  • half made dollies - some in the box and some on the window sill
  • an idea for a pretty pincuchion made from crazy quilting
  • wool waiting to made into dollies hair
  • scraps of sheer fabric with my practice - tiny hems - ready for when I tackle the wedding dress. It's ages since I have done any very fine sewing - I felt I needed to practice before I launched into the real thing!! Of course my very clever little seamstress sister was on hand with excellent advice so I am sure all will be well when I get round to doing it. Max came over on Monday and we had a trying on session. She will make a beautiful bride I am sure.
  • PS - only shortening the dress - not making it from scratch!!!!
Do have a good snoop and then join in the blog hop fun over with the lovely Julia at her Stamping Ground.

OK folks - I am off to tackle the frock - I may be gone for some time!!

Have fun and thanks for calling by.

x Jo