Wednesday, 5 August 2009

The wonders of nature

Just a few snaps from my garden to share with you.

Firstly, my fuschias are looking good at the moment. They seem to like the wet weather even if we don't! They are fairly common varieties I think. One only cost £2 from our local supermarket and is a mass of blue - pink blooms. Great value. The others are little hardy bush fuschias. Pretty, dainty little splashes of colour across the front flower bed.

I have always loved the delicate little ballerina blooms of these flowers. I seem to remember Dad taking me to The Dingle in Shrewsbury - the little oasis in the centre of The Quarry - that Percy Thrower made his own when he was chief gardener there. That immaculate spot had the most gorgeous standard fuschias and even as a little girl, I loved the pastel pink, brilliant reds or purply blue dancing ballerinas, dangling from those delicate stems.

And then I go and spoil the poetic magic by showing you the spud I harvested in Wipso's garden yesterday - enough said!!

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Seven words

Snailbeachshepherdess tagged me!

Seven words that describe me........

HEALTHY - I count this as one of the my most fortunate features as, apart from a few minor ailments, I am fit and active and have all my own teeth!!

PATIENT - One of my strongest characteristics that enabled me to survive nearly 25 years teaching infants and enjoy every day. Oh - and remain happily married to G!

CRAFTY - As in dabbling in many different crafts - Jack of all trades, master of none but I have had lots of fun and made others happy too with some of my work.

LOVING - I try to give a little love to a lot of folk and a lot of love to my nearest and dearest.

GIVING - It always gives me pleasure to give to others and its amazing how it comes back in ways I'm not expecting.

BUSY - I am rarely bored and fill every day with lots of different activities - home, garden, visits, crafts, family, friends......