Wednesday, 27 July 2016


Good morning all!

It's a bit overcast and gloomy here but still quite warm.
It rained overnight so it's a bit too damp for outdoor play this morning - maybe that means I can potter quietly and craftily indoors!! I fancy doing a little bit of wet felting using some new natural pre-felt. (I might update this later if I manage to finish any)

My table has lots to snoop around for you today. Just bits and bobs that keep appearing as I tidy drawers and cupboards. AND my latest unfinished twiddlemuff - yes I know I said I would give it a rest but Karen at the hospital was so pleased with my donation of footie twiddlemuffs, and the rest, that I thought I might make a few more when a find time.

Here is the link to the media release about the footie ones..

And lastly - just look at this little beauty...

It is the Tom Thumb fuschia that LLJ brought for me last year.
It is packed with tiny blooms and looks a real picture! Thanks Jan - a perfect specimen - and so is the fuschia!

Well thats it for today - it's now pouring down so I shall finish baking my bread buns and get felting!
Have a good week. Thanks for visiting and for your lovely comments.
Join us all blog hopping around the globe over with at Julia's Stamping Ground - so good to see you back there Julia!!

xx Jo

Wednesday, 20 July 2016


What do you post on WOYWW when you have had a busy week doing all sorts of things and yet nothing has happened on my workdesk??
It's unusual for a week to pass without just a little bit of crafty activity!
I am blaming my happy days spent with Ben, my DD who raids my craft stash and then makes the most lovely things with it all, and the hot weather!
So my table has a few bits and bobs waiting for attention.

I will be happy to get back in there on a dull day when I have the urge to create.

Meanwhile, I am playing diggers and dumpers on my pebble patch, blowing bubbles and throwing the ball high up into the apple tree and listening to the laughter as it rattles back down to the little boy at the bottom.
I am baking buns and making nice lunches and family teas. I am whizzing round the housework like a demented house elf,  cleaning in the minimum time and making the iron fly over any piles of ironing that come my way!

Now a trip to Ikea calls so I will see you later when the day has cooled off and I am ready to chill for an hour or two.
Hope you are keeping cool but enjoying the lovely weather.
So, I am popping over and say welcome back to Juila and also say a big thank you to Jan for looking after us so well over the last few weeks. Join us in our mad blog hop over at Julia's Stamping Ground.

x Jo

Wednesday, 13 July 2016


The weeks seem to fly by don't they - here we are again baring all, on our work tables, for WOYWW.
And today I am baring all in more ways than one!

Having finished knitting my twiddlemitts I had a request to try "Knitting Knockers". Apparently they are in demand and can be used by new mums to get the idea of breast feeding and also they are used by breast cancer survivors. They certainly make a soft, light little boob.
I found a pattern that can be knitted on two needles so I gave it a go.
I am not totally convinced but will probably try a few other methods before I give up.

Having made a few little inchie pendants for Maxine last week - I thought I would share a couple of them with you...

She will of course run with the idea and create some little inchie works of art. I just enjoyed playing with tiny scraplets of dumfing and stitches.

Well, that's it for this week.
I am on Ben duty again today so I need to organise some fun activities. Although, if yesterday is anything to go by - he will be happy with a walk to see the huge diggers on the building site.

So, enjoy a quick snoop at my crafty fun.
If you want to join in then just share your workdesk with us by linking up over on Lunch Lady Jan's fabric Frenzy! 

Have a good week.
Thanks for calling by and for your lovely comments.

x Jo

Wednesday, 6 July 2016


Good morning all - thank you for dropping by to visit my craft room!
It's in a sorry state - I have just taken two quick snaps of the chaos before I tidy it ready for Maxine to arrive.
She is preparing and finishing pictures for her craft fair on Saturday.
I am entertaing Ben or vice versa I am never quite sure!!

So what is there for you all to snoop?

 Well as you see I have two main craft areas - a table and an ironing boad!!
Why is it, when I have a perfectly adequate table, I need to use my ironing board for things other than ironing?!!
Anyway - here they are - snoop for as long as you like - ask questions or just leave a comment - nothing too rude please! I am going to tidy up in the next hour - honest!

Sending love and good wishes to all our friends around the globe.

x Jo

Friday, 1 July 2016

Friday smile

Here is the beautiful clematis that Annie bought for me back in October.
It was appropriately called "Happy Birthday".
It has just burst into about 20 blooms against my front fence and is a glorious deep purple colour.

Also snapped is the garden gnome fixing the garage guttering!

Happy Friday one and all!

Join in with more Friday smiles over aon Annie's blog "A stitch in time".

x Jo