Wednesday, 25 July 2012

WOYWW - another rainbow?

Welcome to my table lit by the late evening sunshine!
I can't show you much of what I have been up to this week - secret little items for a certain wedding that is happening soon. Some are actually hiding under the heap in the middle of the table. I will reveal all next week.
So what is out for you to snoop today...
  • Tiny collages trying my free machining skills on faces - cute little dolly pics which I might put onto little book fronts or cards (I found the idea on a fab blog - Flutterby Patch)
  • Heaped in the centre are the hand embroidered vintage napkins I found at the car boot sale. I think I will make some lavender bags with them or maybe some vintage bunting.
  • The woolly stuff is gorgeous ginger hair coloured tapestry wool from the same car boot sale. My brand new little teacher niece to be asked me to make her a Katie Morag dolly ready for her class in September - how could an old infants teacher like me refuse!
  • Next to the wool is my latest little poppy dumfling. Shaz in Oz is hoping hers will arrive soon - along with a very tired little owl no doubt!
  • Lots of crafty clutter around from other card making and sewing activities.

AND ......

What do you think of this?
A lovely lady at the car boot sale sold me a big bag of chiffon scarves - I really only wanted a couple but the offer was too good to miss and I use lots of chiffon when I am dumfing pictures and brooches.
I popped them all in the washer and the couldn't resist pegging them up on my line like a rainbow.
Now, the question is.......

How many scarves were in the bag?
They are all there on the line.

I will send my little poppy dumfling to the one who guesses the right number or nearest to it.
(Annie - Wipso - You can't enter cos you know already - but that means you can make sure I don't cheat!!)
Have a great sunny week everyone - enjoy everything Olympic over the weekend.
I am late posting today so I had better nip over to Julia quickly and join in the fun!

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

WOYWW - Decisions!!

Lots of lovely threads to play with on my table today!!

I have been busy working on my big garden picture which I felted a few weeks ago.
It has been sitting in my sewing room just waiting for me to feel in the mood to attack it with some free maching and hand stitching.

Here it is before I made a start with the machine...
This is what the back looked like after a few hours of machining........

And - this is what it looks like now........

My next job is to add a few more hand stitches .

I did have a thought that it might look better as two pictures - so it might get cut down the middle - argh!!!! Decisions, decisions - and I am a Libran too.
Oh well - once I have finished it - all will be clear, I am sure.

What do you think?
To chop or not to chop???

I always love to hear what you think, so please leave a comment.

Thanks to all who popped over to see what Tilly Tea Dance had been up to on her first WOYWW last week. She loved hearing from you all. I know she has been busy dumfing over the weekend so hopefully she will find time to post too.
Join in our blog hop over at Julia's Stamping Ground - and see what we have all been up to this week.
Have fun
x Jo

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

WOYWW - dainty dumflings

Good morning all - happy Wednesday!
Another week has flown by and here we are again, checking out each other's work desks.
Join in if you dare show us yours - follow this link to Julia's Stamping Ground and see what we are all up to!

My table is covered with dumfing goodies today.
Maxine made some pretty pink dumflings and mounted them on cards - perfect as a little wedding/engagement/thank you notelets. You can see them in detail on her blog - Tilly Tea Dance.
I think she is joining is WOYWW today.

The bags of wool rovings are to share with Annie - lots more scrummy colours from Sara to use in our needle felting. You can also see a piece of wet felted wool that I made over the weekend - waiting for a fun day Monday dumfing day. If you want to see what we have been dumfing this week - pop over to our blog shop -Sisters Crafty Creations - the needle felted pictures look so gorgeous and colourful.

This Monday I cut out 3 little broiderie anglaise pinnies for the little flower girls to wear at the wedding reception.

I think they will look pretty and keep their little frocks clean - at least for a while!!

The 3 little waistcoats that I made a few weeks ago went down very well.

I think I have started a trend - I now have 2 more to do for October.
One little boy loved his so much he wore it all the next day and even had it on over his pyjamas!

That's it for this week.
Enjoy your snoop and thanks for visiting - leave me a comment if you have time - I love to hear from you all.
x Jo

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

WOYWW - long flight for little owl

Good morning all - Happy WOYWW!!!

Just before I show you my work table today let me show you the little character waving from the creeper.
He has a long flight to Oz ahead of him so he is soaking up the sun before he sets off!
He is about 4 inches tall and made from a recycled and felted Laura Ashley woollen jumper. He has hand stitched feathers and beaded claws and beak with little button eyes. Cute!!

Next - a quick look at the really lovely ATC that Sue H made specially for me. It has a beautifully embroidered flower head, worked in silver thread and beads. I love the colour and the stamping, sentiment, embellishment - well everything really - it's fab isn't it. Thanks lots Sue.

And lastly lots of gorgeousness on my table today!!!

  • Pretty hand embroidered napkins and tray cloth - car boot finds
  • Little dumfling cards that Maxine has made - each one is a tiny dumfling with a miniature scene of hand embroidered flowers. 
  • Tiny seascape dumflings waiting to be mounted
  • Framed pics on the window sill are now in the blog shop - click here if you are interested.
  • My favourite magazines -  Stitch and Quilting Arts 
 Ok folks short and sweet but plenty to snoop!

Thanks to all who popped in here last week and for all your positive comments - you really are a lovely bunch. Now let's get over to see what our good buddy Julia has in store for us today!
x Jo