Wednesday, 31 March 2021

WOYWW - wait till you see this one!

Somewhere over the rainbow.....

Oh so much fun had creating this one!
Dorothy, Toto and the Scarecrow here.

Tin Man and Scarecrow and then round the corner ...

The Lion and the Wicked Witch of the West!

All dancing along the yellow brick road beneath a rainbow.

All the arms and legs etc are free so they can be twiddled into position.
Inside there are more twiddly bits, ribbon, buttons etc.

Thanks for all your lovely comments.
I think I have made about 40 since lockdown and will keep going though, maybe not at the same rate once we can get out and about more.

Have a great week.

xx Jo

Friday, 26 March 2021

Friday smile

 Look what was calling to its mate from my neighbour's roof!

A very large Canada goose.

It made me smile and I wondered how it managed to balance up there with its webbed feet.

xx Jo

Wednesday, 24 March 2021


 Good morning all.

Today I am sharing the little twiddler that Lynn Holland asked me to make for her dear friend who is battling illness. She told me she loved her garden, The Lake District and the coast.

So here she is in her posh pink frock in her garden with a basket of flowers.

On the reverse is a tiny beach and, of course, a rainbow - our symbol of hope.

Lynn loved it so I hope Julia feels the same when she receives it.

Here is my poem which I have penned to go with my "special" twiddlers.

Not exactly Wordsworth but it gets my message across, I think.

I hope you love this twiddle mitt.

I made it just for you.

It will help to keep you smiling

So, this is what you do.


You put your hands inside it

And feel its cosy glow.

You can tell it all your secrets

And no-one else will know.


If you feel sad or angry

Just play with each twiddly bit

Look at all its colours

And every cheery part of it.


If you find it useful

Please will you let me know

I am the twiddle maker

And my name is Twiglet Jo!


And finally. I would just like to say....

Attending Shaz's funeral with Annie on Friday was a very uplifting occasion. We felt we were representing all of her WOYWW friends, many of whom were watching online.  Doug had planned it beautifully down to the last detail. The music, poems and spoken words were perfect and painted a wonderful picture of Shaz and of Doug's love for her. That little glittering star is at peace now but will, I am sure, be in our hearts forever.

xx Jo

Wednesday, 17 March 2021


Another week another WOYWW - I don't know where the time goes.

Maxine had a little sewing job for me this week. I made 4 pretty gingham covers for kitchen chairs.

I even put little zips across the back but taking the cushions in and out was a bit of a tight squeeze. 

I needed to roll the cushion and it was a bit like giving birth - the space provided seemed way too small for the item to exit. However, with a little effort (well quite a lot if you are still thinking of birthing!) it was possible, so the end result was very satisfying.

Of course, I can't post on a Wednesday without giving you a little twiddler update.

 I have ten more to go to the hospital plus I made 4 for some of our WOYWW buddies. These lovely folk have also made donations to Shaz's charities in lieu of payment. So, its a win win situation - I get to make themed twiddlers and someone else can benefit from the charitable funds raised - result!

AND my latest bit of fun...

I know I am bonkers but it makes me happy.

So that's it for this week.

Enjoy your week - keep well and stay safe.

xx Jo

Wednesday, 10 March 2021


 Good morning all!

Thanks for all your lovely twiddler comments.

I had a couple of twiddler challenges this week but I will probably leave those until next week to share with you as they need to reach the recipients first!

Here is my latest underwater one,  just to keep you happy...

I like there to be lots of textured rocks and tentacles so there is plenty to twiddle. Also, inside I like to stitch a couple of crochets twirls and velvety strips as well as a couple of bobbles and a button or two.

I hope you are all well and no doubt lots of you will have had your vaccination.

Now that the children are back at school, let's hope all goes well and that we can look forward to the Spring and Summer. We need to get out and about with our friends and family. It's been a long haul so far. We don't want to wreck it by rushing things but I just need time with my loved ones!

Stay safe and keep well.

xx Jo

Wednesday, 3 March 2021


 What a great bunch WOYWW buddies are.

I loved Tracey's gnome cards last week and asked if she would make one for my BIL.

Two days later this arrived in the post. Tracey you are a gem. I am sure the card will be loved and saved!

Then I saw Lyn (Spyder) had mentioned the wandering Lady Pam and I wondered if she might like a "Twiddler".

So,  below is the Downton Abbey one that I made with her in mind.

I hope the characters are fairly recognisable.

Also, Annie suggested vegetables as a theme so here is one I made a week or so ago....

And I don't want any vulgar tittering - you know who you are!!!

I know they have brought smiles to lots of folk so I am really pleased with that. Let's hope the recipients are as happy with my efforts. The dementia nurse at the hospital said she thought the last lot were fabulous - ( not a mention of "weird" or "whacky" - so they obviously are on my wavelength!)

Dementia is a cruel blow to our elderly folk and anything that can help is so important.

So that's it for this week.

Take care all and stay safe.

xx Jo