Friday, 20 September 2013

Friday Smile

A bagful of plums!
I popped down to Annie’s for coffee today and this is what she gave me.
So, plum crumble and plum jam making for me this afternoon I think.
Thanks Annie (of course I did a little sewing job for her in return!)
Join in with Friday Smiles over at Annie’s blog “A stitch in time”
Have a great weekend
X Jo

Wednesday, 18 September 2013


Just a few little items on my work table today.
I am about to start making a few more draught excluders so I thought I would just let you see a tidy space before the mayhem begins!
Top left are the beautiful cards of MarmaladeRose's lovely felting work. If you are interested then pop over to her blog and have a look at the fantastic work she does.
On the top right are Maxine's little felted collages which are all ready for me to put in the upcycled chalk painted frames.
The three little pictures at the bottom are the little collages that I have made for my three great nephews/niece who are all 2 in the next few weeks. I haven't revealed all in case their mums are looking!
Below are the remnants of fabric that I bought to mix and match with our existing stash for our draught excluders. Such gorgeous stuff - I will enjoy using it.

OK folks - that's it for this week.
Hopefully I will have more time for blogging this week.
Last week was a bit hectic.
Join in with our fun blog hop by linking up at Julia's Stamping Ground.

Thanks for calling by and leaving lovely comments. Have a great week.
x Jo

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Flat Susan continues on her journey

Can you see Susan on the top of our little hill?
This is what she was reading?
It shows her what she was looking at as she gazed out over the Powys and Shropshire countryside.

She had a great week which finished with a trip to a model exhibition!
Twiglet really knows how to give a girl a good time!!!!
Here she is being followed by a couple of daleks.
AND here she decided to take a trip on Stingray

Lastly she decided that, after stepping back in time in Twiglet's well appointed but slighly old fashioned B & B, she would hop in the Tardis and move back to 2013, as she took her next trip.
She has already beamed down safely at Annie's!!!

Farewell Susan - behave yourself.
Annie can be very strict and she likes everything kept nice and tidy.
I am sure you will be very well entertained by those funny little munchkins.

x Jo

Friday, 13 September 2013

Friday smile

Sometimes the simplest things in nature can put a smile on your face.
Just beautiful clouds in a blue sky.
Pop over to Annie's "A stitch in time blog" for more smiles.
Have a great weekend.
x Jo

Wednesday, 11 September 2013


Good morning all - my own desk is empty today - I am having twinnie time at Annie's.

So, I thought I would share my friend's new work space with you.......

Jacquie has set up a great little crafty spot on the first floor of a local village shop.
She is going to be holding all sorts of needlework workshops including bag making, patchwork and basic sewing classes. Her buddy Caroline will be helping too.

You might remember the fab bags that Annie and I made - well Jacquie was the lovely lady who invited us to her house so that she could take a practice workshop and show us how to make the bags.
I am sure she will be very successful.

Her workspace in the shop is beautifully set up with lots of materials and haberdashery on hand for purchase. She has a cutting table and a sewing table where her machine is set up and where others can take their machines along to sew too.
On the far wall is a fab display of patchwork/quilted bags and other items - I can even spot one of my draught excluders there too!

If any of my local blog buddies want to find out more then just pop into "Connections" on the Main Road in Pontesbury (about 7 miles from Shrewsbury) on Thurs, Fri or Sat and have a chat to Jacquie.
She is a really cheery person with a great sense of humour so I am sure you would find a good welcome.

Have a happy Wednesday everyone - I will try and join in Julia's blog hop later in the week once my twinnie duties are sorted!

x Jo

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Flat Susan ventures outside.

Well it didn't take Flat Susan long to get out into the garden to smell the flowers!!!
 Here she is enjoying the gorgeous tangerine begonia that has bloomed wonderfully this year.

Then she climbed up onto the buddleia to get a better view.
A beautiful tortoiseshell butterfly offered her a flight over the garden.
Flat Susan thought she might be a bit too heavy for one butterfly so another one flew in to join them
Together they went on a tour of the garden and then they dropped her off by the sunflower frog.
It gave her quite a fright until she realised it was only a bronze statue!
I think that's enough excitement for today Susan.
Who knows what you will get up to next!

Pop back later to find out!!!!
x Jo

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Flat Susan's adventures in POWYS

A little parcel fell through my letterbox yesterday.
It landed with a squeak on the doormat.
I picked it up and carried it into my kitchen and unpacked it carefully.
As I took off the last bit of sticky tape I could hear a little chuckle.
Inside were several little packages.

When I opened the last little package I heard a sigh of relief.

Look what I found inside........

Yes - you guessed - Flat Susan with all her bits and bobs!
(If you need to find out more about Flat Susan then do pop over to her very own Flat Susan blog.)
Cathryn had sent a beautiful tag for me - there are so many clever crafters out there aren't there?
Thanks Cathryn - I will put in my WOYWW tag book along with all my other special tags.
Also there seemed to be lots of other bits and bobs for me to check over so I will tell you more about those later.

Flat Susan was so pleased to be out of the parcel and quickly settled into the home that had been specially put ready for her arrival.

I think she liked the facilities but I did hear her mutter that things seem a little old fashioned out here in the Welsh Marches!

She loved her little pink bathroom and couldn't wait to take a long relaxing bath to soothe her aching bones after her long journey.

However her kitchen facilities and laundry equipment certainly left  a lot to be desired.
She will ony be here for a week so I bet she saves all her washing tor Annie to do next week when she moves on to her!
She was delighted to see her cosy little sitting room, complete with a sewing machine all set up ready for her to join in with the crafty activities that take place regularly here.

I hope she will be very comfy.
I am sure she will enjoy all we do this week.
Pop back later and see what she gets up to.

x Jo

Friday, 6 September 2013

Friday smile

Looks like the good folk of Montgomery have been invaded by gnomes!
Or should that be MontgNomery!
Happy Friday smile!
x Jo

Wednesday, 4 September 2013


Good morning all.
Just a little "dumfed" (needle-felted) picture that Maxine made to show you today.
I mounted it in a re-cycled frame that I painted with chalk paint and then rubbed down and waxed.
I have loads more to do but think I will try a few other colours for mounts and frame colours.

I have been on a spending spree this week so I thought I would show you my crafty goodies.

Annie and I have purchased a big cutting mat, a plastic ruler and a rotary cutter. So we are all set up now to get into quilting mode!
We used all the proper gear when we went on our bag making workshop and we were so impressed we decided it would be a good investment.

Also I had a litle trip to Dunelm and treated myself to some nice buttons.
(All prices and receipts are well hidden!!!!!)

Lastly I thought I would add a lovely pic of Jo (Jozart) with the fab boards that she made for each of us. I have the blue one in my sewing room and I am thrilled with it - thanks lots Jo.
Another short post this week but at least you have some nice pics to look at!
Have a great week - see you on the mad WOYWW desk hop.
x Jo