Wednesday 29 November 2023


 Well what a fabulous day we had yesterday! 

Wipso and our buddy LLJan came to play.

Jan was having a little break in Shrewsbury so we organized a crafty play day here at mine.

Here is the little gnome that she brought with her. I love him.

And look at the three of us with the beautiful twinkling snowflake decorations that Jan brought with her 

We had a morning of chatting and sharing of Annie's fabric supplie, which Jan will love using for her charity sewing.

Following lunch, we used the machines to create Christmas flowers with fabric and free machining. Too much chatting meant we didn't make a huge amount but Jan mastered the art and can now complete her project when she gets home. Both Annie and Jan took photos so I am sure they will turn up on their blogs.

Needless to say, not much on my desk this week.

Thanks for all your kind comments. My cough is slowly, slowly improving - thank goodness.

Have a good week all.

x x Jo 

Wednesday 22 November 2023


 Good morning all.

This is what I will be working on later today....

Obviously, not on my workdesk but in the kitchen.

I am making 3 Christmas cakes as usual - one for my little sis and one for Max along side my own.

I put the fruit to soak in brandy yesterday so it should be ready just to add to the other ingredients and pop in the oven.

If you are visiting my desk later, you may well smell the delicious aroma of baking Christmas cakes wafting through the air 😋

I am afraid my work desk has remained empty apart from admin for Tilly. I have made 24 McFelty workshop packs ready for December. I made them nice and early as we will be having a little visitor at some point next week so, hopefully, there will be some happy photo post to share with you next Wednesday.

So, very short and sweet this week.

I am still coughing - its a nasty bug - I don't feel poorly but it stops me sleeping well, so I am inclined to be a bit grumpy - so I am told!!

Have a good week

xx Jo

Wednesday 15 November 2023


 Good morning everyone.

I thought firstly I would share my Remembrance Day poppy twiddle mitt.

This week I have pottered in my sewing room and made a  few Christmas cards.

Then, I had a text from Annie to ask which machine embroidery stitch I used to edge my cards. (We both have the same machine)

I replied with the row and the pattern number but she was still struggling as the numbers had faded on her chart. 

In the past I made myself a set of little fabric books with each pattern numbered so I can see how well they work.

As Annie didn't have this handy resource, I took a photo of my little chart and sent it to her. Now it's printed and stuck onto her machine so at least she can quickly access her pattern! Sisterly love.🥰

Just a quick post this week. I am still only working on half power as I still have a silly cough and it saps my energy. It is a bit better, so fingers crossed it goes soon.

Have a good week.

xx Jo

Wednesday 8 November 2023


 Welcome to Wonderful WOYWW!

I have caught up with all my admin and have a few minutes to myself.

So, it's Autumn and evenings are cool enough to enjoy a bit of twiddler knitting.

These were the colours in my bag when I picked up my chunky needles again.....

I am going to make it a bit sparkly and stitch on one of my little knitted fairies 😀

Last week was hectic. I helped Tilly Tea Dance to set up her exhibition at the Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre in Craven Arms  Luckily it will be there until after Christmas, including their Frost Fair. Hopefully her artwork will be sold and make all her hard work worthwhile.

Then, I fell foul of the cough and cold bug. I tested negative for COVID so it is just my usual winter cough but I have barking away and had lots of sleepless nights. I told Annie my desk would just have a bottle of cough medicine and a pack of panty liners today!

So that's it from me.

The sun is shining and I should be out with my school friends enjoying a walk and lunch but I didn't feel like barking my way through lunch or passing the bug on to them.

I hope you are all well and able to get out and about.

Have a good week.

x x Jo 

Wednesday 25 October 2023


 Oops! I don't know where time goes.

It's Wednesday morning and I am a day behind in getting my WOYWW post together.

I have been really busy getting Tilly Tea Dance artwork priced labelled etc for her exhibition at the Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre in Craven Arms. She has her work there for two months, including their Frost Fair.

It's always a busy time. Here are just a couple of her little needle felted pictures..

And here is my work for later..

I need to satin stitch around the. bookmarks  and package them.

She also has several workshops, so I have been making up packs of tiny fluff rainbows.🌈

And then, this morning Max is coming round so I can help her make a Roman soldier helmet for Ben to wear, with his costume, for Roman Day this week. It is the end of their school topic on Romans so I guess it will involve a few typical activities. ?!! All good fun!

So that's me for this week.

I hope I can visit a few desks later 

Have a good week.

x x Jo