Wednesday, 19 September 2018


My playmates are on holiday so I have had a busy week catching up with friends and crafting.

Here are my latest offerings....

Birthday cards for the youngsters in my family.
I like making little fabric collages.
The bottom one is for the kick boxer in the family.

AND yesterday we had an outing to Biddulph Gardens in Staffordshire.
It was a great place to walk around - beautifully set out with wonderfully landscaped areas. We went to "China" and "Egypt" .

Then we noticed this giant stone creature....
He was peeping over the top of a high wall and was about 4 ft wide!
I wouldn't want to meet him on a dark night!

Well it's short and sweet today - I have a birthday party to prepare for so, I will be baking cakes today.

Have a good week.

xx Jo

Wednesday, 12 September 2018


Well folks - here I am bright and early today!!

My little playmate is away so I am filling my time catching up with buddies and being creative while I can get in my sewing room - Yahoo!!! Above is the little bag I made to put his birthday gifts in. He can fill it with his toys etc and hang it in his bedroom. Then when he is at uni I will make him use it for his dirty linen- lol!!!

Talking of catching up with buddies.....

We had a wonderful weekend with over a dozen of our WOYWW friends (and a some of their lovely men) at Llandudno. It was the first crop that I have been to and it certainly didn't disappoint. We spent the day chatting, with a little bit of crafting and tucking into a delicious lunch and munching on yummy cakes through the day. Thanks to Margaret and Jan for all the organisation - the day went like clockwork!

Here are the crafty bits and bobs, ATCs etc that I came home with...

 On the left is a little parcel from Oz from the WOYWWer who had travelled the furthest - Shaz from Oz!!! We spent a delightful hour needle felting together - what a special little friend she is too.

Included in the photo is a little bear complete with poem from Annie, a beautiful handmade specs case from Jan, some raffle prizes AND lots of lovely ATC swaps.

Below are some of the little ATCs that I made to swap. Lots of little friends - all shapes and sizes - all giggling and ready for action - yes that was us on Saturday!!

Well that's it for this week.
There are lots of photos of the crop around the blogs so make sure you check us out!!

See you next time.

xx Jo

Wednesday, 5 September 2018


Late again!!
Maybe that's because I thought it was Tuesday today!
Where does the time go?

Well here is my WOY Ironing board W photo.

Annie showed me how she makes here little bean bags for her little ones, so I thought I would make a set for Ben. I found some of our favourite fabric scraps - 8" x 4" and made ten. Very quick and easy - as long as you don't spill rice everywhere!!

It's short and sweet today - I am just waiting for my playmate to arrive.

I am looking forward to the weekend and hope to meet up with lots of you lovely crafty ladies on Saturday. Let's hope the sun shines but I am sure it won't stop us from enjoying ourselves, even if it rains all day!

xx Jo

Wednesday, 29 August 2018


It doesn't seem five minutes since last week but here we are again - sharing our crafty activities with our WOYWW buddies.

I actually managed  a day playing with my new sewing machine - well, I was given a challenge and just had to go for it!!

Apparently "The Greatest Showman" is very popular in our family at the moment and I was asked to make a Ring master's jacket and Zendaya's acrobat leotard.
So here are the before and after transformations.
 This is the Willy Wonka coat pinned ready for upcycling

 This is the finished Ring master's tail coat. I just hope it fits. It is a secret birthday present so I couldn't do any fittings.

AND the lovely Zendaya has a jazzed up leotard for her outfit. Again - no fittings so fingers crossed, it fits.

Now I need to go and tidy my room so that Tilly can get to work there today.

I hope you are all well.
Not long till the "crop" - we are looking forward to seeing everyone who can make it.

xx Jo

Wednesday, 22 August 2018


Good morning to all our WOYWW friends and anyone else who calls by to see what I am up to.

This week I actually used my lovely new sewing machine a few times.

Ben and I were playing clowns (not a difficult role for me to take on!!).

I decided he needed a little "outfit" - so, while he picked beans with his Grandad, I nipped to the craft room, cut out a felt waistcoat and with just 2 seams and 2 over sized buttons, made it in 5 minutes! Wonder woman!!!
I must ask Max to send a photo as, of course, he wanted to take it home to show his daddy.

I also cleared out my wardrobe and found several pairs of jeans that just needed a little alteration or two and are now totally wearable. I had forgotten they were in my wardrobe.
My table needs tidying before Tilly comes to work on it later.

You can see my latest Twiddler and some lovely yarn for Tilly to wet felt into her pictures.
Plus a lot of bits and bobs that seem to creep onto my table when I'm not looking!!
A quick ten minute sort out needed.

So, a very productive week and nice to spend a bit of time sewing.

I will pop round to a few desks later.
Have a great week.

xx Jo