Wednesday, 24 May 2023


 Well folks, I completely missed our special day last Wednesday.

I had a call from an elderly friend in dire straits on Tuesday evening and I ended up packing a bag and spending four days supporting them 

Consequently, my own life and activities were put on hold. I apologize for not getting round to your desks and especially for not being able to thank you for the lovely ATCs which I received in the great swap. I have barely had chance to look at them. So, once I am able to have a bit of chill out time I will enjoy sitting down and studying your little works of art. Thanks lots to you all.

In order to empty my head of all the problems and dilemmas I have been dealing with, I took myself into my sewing room for short sessions when I got home.

Here are a few of the syringe driver bags that I made for our local hospital. We all have our ways of keeping sane! Sewing is my best way to escape 😀

So that's me for this week.

Let's hope next week is a little less chaotic.

x x Jo 

Wednesday, 17 May 2023


Well, who would have thought that a simple idea, to show and tell your work desk each week, would be able to keep going for fourteen years? The answer, of course is, that it is far more than that. 

Our WOYWW activities have grown and developed over the years. We are a band of sharing, caring crafters and some wonderful friendships have been forged.

So a big thank you to Julia and also Jan, who have kept the whole show going over the years. We really appreciate it.

My ATCs are made using some beautiful, hand embroidered, table linens. I have kept them for years. And decided it was high time I used them. I hasten to add that none of the beautiful embroidery was worked by me! 

Much of the linen was stained or damaged so I didn't feel too guilty about cutting them up.

I was going to work over the pieces but once I had set them on the linen backgrounds they looked almost like a little botanical illustration. I thought the simplicity added to the beauty of the work.

I hope you like them and Annie and I have posted them with this little poem to the 14 folk who asked.

We want to share our craftiness

With all our work desk friends

We both cleared drawers and cupboards

To stash bust our odds and ends

Twiglet found linen napkins

With embroidered corners - sweet.

Wipso used her keyrings

For a perfect little treat

Thanks for all your friendship

And how you love to share

Your ideas and your artwork.
It's good to know you care

I hope WOYWW 14 is a happy one for you all!

Best wishes.

x x Jo 

Wednesday, 10 May 2023


Well, I was all set to post my anniversary post today and then Annie reminded me that it is not till next week - oops!

So this week I am sharing a photo of the two little girls wearing their cape-pullovers. They love them and don't they look so bright and cheery.

Their Mum came to collect the two new pullovers and to bring me a little sewing job.

I had to shorten a little frock for her Gran to wear to a wedding. I think it will do the job nicely - very pretty and perfect for a trendy 80+ lovely lady.

So that's my crafty activity for this week.

Our A T Cs  are all ready to go - in fact I would have posted them today if Annie hadn't stopped me. 🤣

Have a great week all - see you for our 14th anniversary NEXT week!

 x x Jo 

Wednesday, 3 May 2023


 Good morning all.

Welcome to our WOYWW desk hop - if you need to know more, pop over to Julia's Stamping Ground.

We have been desk hopping for nearly 14 years and I have been busy sorting my anniversary ATCs.

Annie and I have made 14 each and will be posting them together, as usual, this year.

I think we have all the names for those of you who have asked to swap. 

I will reveal all nearer the time!

This week I had a little sort out - some of my boxes hadn't seen the light of day for years.

For example, I found this little gem hidden away in a box labelled WIP.

I remember buying a kit and making this picture using free machining and melting fabric with a soldering iron. I think I really should do something with it. Maybe frame it?

And finally, my latest little twiddler with a Shrewsbury Town Football Club theme. 

The names are all footballers playing in the 60s. ( I actually remember going to matches with my Dad and seeing them play!)

So that's it for this week.

I hope you have a lovely Coronation weekend.

Tilly has a workshop on Saturday so I will be helping out, but may have time to see a bit of the pomp and ceremony on tv.

xx Jo

Wednesday, 26 April 2023


Welcome to my WOYWW desk for today.

I seem to have had few nice crafty sessions in my sewing room this week

 I have made a cover for a little journal using my recycled denim and some pre-loved embroidered linens. Then I used the scraps for a few cards for friends and family.

And then. . .

What lovely folks fellow crafters are.

My neighbour gave me this fab bag of leftover yarn for my twiddlers. . . 

And a friend passed these beads on for Maxine. They will be perfect for embellishing her pictures and for workshops 

Ben helped me to decorate his Mum's birthday cake. Here she is running over the Shropshire hills. We thought the candle looks like an Olympic torch.😀

So that's it for this week.

I will be posting out my WOYWW 14th anniversary ATCs with Annie's again this year and have made 14 of them. So, if you would like to swap, let us know. I think Annie is compiling a list 😀

x x Jo