Wednesday, 1 February 2023


 Well this year is off to a fast start! How did we get to the end of January so quickly? Hubby celebrated his birthday this week and Ben drew him a brilliant portrait picture. He says he is going to be an artist - I think he is one already!......

My trusty machine has been in action this week and I made two little covers for Tilly's baskets. 

She takes them to her workshops- with her inspiration packs etc., for sale. I bring them back to re stock for her. So, to stop bits falling out in the boot, as I carry them home, I decided they needed little elasticated covers ...

Job done!

And here is a little rainbow for you...

Have a great week all.

I will look forward to a trip round the desks when I get back from lunch out with our friends.😀

x x Jo 

Wednesday, 25 January 2023


Well it's been another chilly week and here we are again sharing our work desks for all to see.

I have sorted all the woolly yarn and fluff for Tilly's newest workshop. She has been asked to devise a "McFeltie" workshop so I will be making packs with all this lovely stuff.

The original McFeltie resides in Scotland and is about 70 x 50 cms.
Of course, the delegates on Tilly's worship will be making pictures about the size of the card in the photo. I might even sign up to the workshop myself. It would be a fun day, I think.

Below you can see the front and back of my Springtime twiddler. Lots of textures and colour, together with bits and bobs, inside and out, to twiddle.

And then I made another footie twiddler - one for the "reds" this time!

Have a good week all.
x x  Jo 

Wednesday, 18 January 2023



Good morning to all the lovely WOYWW friends and anyone else who cares to pop in and see what I am busy with.
This week I have been mostly occupied with jobs for Till Tea Dance.
I reframed four of her lovely pictures for one of her customers who loves her work and needed them refreshing to go in her newly decorated room.

Then, I tackles the fibre packs  - all nicely colour coordinated and now ready to sell at her workshops.....

The said workshops need a pack of materials for each delegate so here is the "fluff" all ready to pack up for a "Hedgerows and Gardens" workshop.

And lastly, a Shrewsbury Town Football Club twiddler. I am sure there will be a fan out there who will love this and maybe it will bring back a few happy memories too.

Well that's it for now.
It's very chilly here this week.
Lots of windscreen scraping needed if we want to go anywhere!

Have a good week.

xx Jo

Wednesday, 11 January 2023


 Good morning all!

Well here we are whizzing through January, thankfully all well and plenty to do to keep me busy.

Annie fancied a new Roman blind for her bathroom this week. Now, as you know, she is a wonderful needlewoman but blinds are my thing. So, she gave me the fabric and her old blind on Saturday, and by Monday morning she had a pretty seashell design blind all ready to hang up.

Along with the blind, I have made some birthday cards (forgot to snap them).

Also, there is a new bunch of twiddlers mounting up ready for the hospital. . . .

So, business as usual for 2023 then!

Have a great week all!

xx Jo

Wednesday, 4 January 2023


 Welcome to our first Wednesday desk share of 2023. I hope you are all well and looking forward to all the exciting times a new year will bring.

I packed away all my Christmas things on Monday but wanted to share all the lovely handmade cards that I received this time.....

So much time and effort spent on each one.

My favourite was this lovely winter sunset over Snowdon. It was beautifully needle felted by my clever daughter Tilly Tea Dance. I think she is designing a workshop on sunsets so I may have to give it back so that she can use it as a sample!

 My task this week is to make up about 25 workshop packs for her so I will be busy in the sewing room. Hopefully we can find time for a staff meeting too, to discuss plans for 2023. I love the thought of planning a year of activities to help Tilly develop her business. Here's hoping for another brilliant year.

Have a good week.

xx Jo