Friday, 27 February 2015

Friday smile


I just found this picture of one of the little scrapbox dollies that I made ages ago.
Her happy little face made me smile.
I hope it does the same for you.

Have a great weekend.


Wednesday, 18 February 2015

WOYWW - green tartan dyeing!

So - World Book day is coming up and it seems that Katie Morag is a popular character for children to dress up as, this year.
I had a little bit of polycotton fabric which I made up and showed you last week. Here.
It was perfect for a little green tartan dressing up skirt.
However, it is very hard to find any suitable green tartan.
Not to be out done - I found some cream /vaguely green tartan viscose online and decided to dye it....

One old pan and green fingers later.....

It won't be anywhere near as nice as the other one but I am sure it will look good just the same.
So this week I shall be mostly sewing little green tartan kilts!

Of course, my table is already full.
I have been helping Maxine sort out wool yarns and rovings for her needle felting course.
Lots for you to snoop today.

Have a great week.
Thanks for calling.
If you want to join in our WOYWW blog hop then nip over to Julia's blog and link up.

x Jo

Wednesday, 11 February 2015


 Good morning all.
Happy WOYWWednesday!
My little sewing room has been a busy place this week -well, since last Saturday when I spritzed it all up neat and tidy for a house viewing only to be let down when the couple didn't turn up. Can you imagine - all that tidying and spritzing up round the house and a morning wasted waiting for them to turn up!! I was not a happy girl. But, I have to admit, it has been lovely to have such a neat, tidy house this weekend.
Every cloud.....

So what's been going on in my little craft room?
It seems that lots of folk are on the look out for Katie Morag style kilts.
I had a length of tartan polycotton so I have made one.
I might ebay it or maybe give it to my niece for her little ones to dress up in.

The stripey towelling is set out for another little project.
Maxine wanted a little hooded towelling poncho for Ben when she takes him swimming in the next few weeks. So we bought a couple of bath towels to do our own version.

I will get going on the poncho and show and tell next time.

Just in case you are interested...

This is the blind that I made for a friend's kitchen with that pretty chicken fabric that I showed you last week. (Jan - stop giggling!!)
It looks good now that it is up, I think. It was 2 metres wide so quite a tricky one to make.
If anyone is thinking of making roman blinds - I use the kits from Terry's fabrics and they are half price at the moment! I will be making more for my own place so ordered a few while the offer is on.

One or two asked for my ebay name so that they could check out my collages so I will email those kind folk once they are on. I have also been clearing cupboards and selling odd items of clothing and some of Maxine's button cushions. Most of my clearing out is ending up in charity shops but just sometimes it's worth popping a few things on ebay in the hopes of making a few pennies.

That's it for this week.
Thanks for calling by and for leaving your lovely comments.

Have a great week.
x Jo

Wednesday, 4 February 2015


Good morning all!
Just a quick post – I never managed a WOYWW post last week – sorry to disappoint my regular visitors.
I was just a bit busy sorting and tidying ready for a house viewing.
It went well but no exciting news as yet!
Fingers crossed.

I did however, leave LLJ a message telling her what I had been up to and I thought she deserved a photo or two by way of explanation.

Here is the chicken fabric that I made a roman blind with….

Photo of the blind to follow when my friend has installed it.

AND just in case you are interested…
Here are some of the collages that I am clearing out ready for my move.
I am putting them on ebay this week.
There is only so much stuff a girl can store and I think these are too nice to live in the bottom of a box.

Click on the pics to enlarge.

Well that’s it for this week.
I hope it’s not been too cold and snowy where you are.
Have a great week.

x Jo