Wednesday, 20 January 2016


Thank you for joining me on this cold and frosty morning.
It's a beautifully sunny, crisp winter's day here.
A day for a brisk walk in the sunshine followed by a cosy crafty afternoon I think!
We will see what the day brings.
Firstly I need to clear my table and sort a few more cupboards.

Last week I was inspired by the lovely stitchy work by Diane - Velvet Moth
Annie and I managed an afternoon of dumfing while the men went to footie.
I tried a few little dumfy embroideries using natural colours.
So here they are alongside my drink mat tile that Ben made me for Christmas.

Not a very good photo and I think I need to practise a bit more before I every reach Diane's standard but a lot of fun was had nevertheless.

Well that's it for today.
I hope I manage to visit a few WOYWW desks a bit earlier this week - it took me till Sunday to get round last week!

Have a great week and enjoy the sunshine.
x Jo

Friday, 15 January 2016

Friday smile - keeping a breast of the time!

Good morning all!
Just a little something that made us smile this week.

This time last week we had an urgent call from Maxine to say Ben had twisted his ankle whilst kicking his balloon. As he was distressed and she knew something was wrong, both Annie and I agreed that A & E was the only port of call.

Now, Ben is just beginning to say a few words.
He loves spotting clocks around the place - in shops, around the home etc.
When he sees one, he points and says "Tick Tick" (Well actually it sounds more like Tit tit!)

So the lovely nurse was consolling him and checking out what turned out to be his broken leg.
Ben points to her ample chest and said "Tick Tick" - of course he had spotted her tiny watch fastened to her uniform. He did get rather a funny look from the nurse until she realised it was the tick tick of the clock he had noticed not the ..... well you get my drift!!

Keep cosy on this chilly weekend!
I am out to lunch today.

If you want more smiles pop over to Annie's "A stitch in time blog".
Have a great weekend.
x Jo

Wednesday, 13 January 2016


Well here we are again - another WOYWW of open house on the Twiglet sewing table!

Maxine gave me one of her blouses - cosy brushed cotton. She wondered if it was worth taking off the frills and using the fabric for a little shirt for Ben.
Well of course it was!
This is the finished item.
I just reduced the sleeves/collar and button/button tabs to Ben-sized pieces and reconstructed it!
I just hope it fits.

Below is the little notepad that I found whilst tidying out cupboards.
It has a quote on each page and I thought this one was apt for our post today..

Have a great week blogging friends.
Sending a big virtual hug to all those in need of one!

x Jo

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

WOYWW - the first for 2016

Happy New Year everyone!
Thank you for dropping by to inspect my crafty activities on my work desk!
I hope you all enjoyed a lovely Christmas and good New Year celebrations.

Now we are looking forward to a busy and hopefully healthy 2016.

So, my desk today should be loaded with exciting projects and fun stuff to do... er... well maybe next week. Not that I am procrastinating or anything - I am just a bit slow off the mark!
This the view from the window side of my table - obviously still a bit of sorting and re arranging to do - but at least it is a useable if slightly over crowded space.

I have a list of things I need to do including curtains and a couple of refurbishing jobs but as yet I haven't made a start - no real excuses - just the Christmas slow down I guess. I think I need to detox and lose the extra pounds that I gained over the holidays and then I will be back to my usual bouncy self!

The little washing tablet boxes have my inchies project waiting for completion. I made quite a few frosty sparkly ones as Christmas cards but still have a few to finish for pictures or birthday cards.
The Yorkshire Calendar was a gift and is full of old railway posters which I love. Behind that is a box of pamper goodies - body butter and all that - so I will be a shiny, very slippery smoothy this year!

I hope you enjoyed the snoop - I will be tracking you down and checking out your desks when time allows this week so don't forget to join in the fun over at Julia's Stamping Ground.

x Jo