Wednesday, 27 April 2011

WOYWW- Royal wedding week

"Good morning all you lovely WOYWWers - Scruffy and Cathy here!

Not much happening in Twiglet's work room this week - she has been too busy gardening for M. So Cathy and I have been left to wish you a happy Royal wedding week.
Twiglet has left a very patriotic table with red, white and blue ribbons and stuff.
Note the WOYWW regal pin cushion that Twiglet made for the last WOYWW anniversary.
Also note the beautiful order of service. No, she has not been invited to the Royal wedding!!
This one was all beautifully presented by Tina for her wedding service to Gavin a week ago.
It was wrapped in tissue paper with the little pink felted heart attached ready for us to unwrap before the service began.
The little heart on the front is a photo of one of Tina's own original artworks. Perfect for the happy occasion!

Oh and Twiglet said to show you the picture that you had a sneaky peek of last time. She made it as a wedding present for Tina & Gavin. It is their shop Indigo Moon at Montgomery.
They are about to revamp the shop so that it will be even better than it is at the mo. It is full of gorgeous gifts and vintage pieces so, if you fancy a trip out, pop over to see it.

I think that's all Twiglet wanted me to say - oh - except have a great week and enjoy the Royal wedding day!"
(Right Cathy - show me how to get to Julia's blog and sign up to Mr Linky so that we can go and snoop everyones's desk before Twiglet gets back!!)

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

WOYWW - April 20th!!

Late posting today as we have just returned from daughter M's birthday celebrations.
We had a lovely meal out last night and today, ordered lots of timber for a little garden project her Dad is helping her with.

So - better late than never.......
My desk today.
A fab card from Jozart - so clever - you pull the little ribbons and the sides slide out. All brilliantly decorated with little sewing accessories. I love it - thanks Jo.
The pinky bits in front are the remains of some free machine embroidery which I made into a card for M's birthday. She loved it as it matches her lounge colour scheme, so I am now busy mounting it, so that she can hang it on the wall.

The idea came from my Quilting Arts Mag.
There are some great ideas for textile art in the mag, so I may try a few more.

And lastly, just a little flavour of the lovely day we had on Saturday at Tina & Gavin's wedding.
It was a fab day full of sunshine, flowers, family, fab outfits and lots of love.
It really was a special day and we were so happy to be part of it.
We met some lovely friends and family members and hope that we can meet up again before too long.

Scrummy cupcakes beside the official wedding cake-

Beautiful flowers decorating a lovely room-
And  a fab pair of shoes!
Ok - Over to Julia's blog to put my name on the Mr Linky list and see what everyone else is up to today on the mad blog hop.
Enjoy this fantastic weather everyone and have a great week!

Wednesday, 13 April 2011


Good morning all.
Firstly, apologies to those folk whose desks I didn't manage to visit last week.
I always try to call on those who visit me and then as many as I can manage after that.
Sometimes its lots but last week it didn't seem to be many.
I promise I will try harder this week!

OK so what's on my desk today?
Lots of fabric on top  of a little secret gift - you can just have this sneaky peek today. I may let you see the whole thing another time.

The fabric is probably going to be made into crafter's aprons. We have neat little grey cotton ones in the shop - they are just crying out for someone to buy one to add a splash of colour too!! (I thought I might have a go at printing one with fabric paints to jazz it up a bit!)

You can also see my little bag. It was just plain silver satin and I decided to add a little dumfling to match the outfit that I shall be wearing on Saturday.

Here it is in close up.....

I dumfed some marbled silk onto some glitzy black/silver fabric and then added a little brooch and some beads. The brooch was just a little scrap that I picked up from the car boot - I knew it would come in handy one day!! I stitched the whole thing onto the front of my bag and love the look of it.

Well short and sweet today.
We are gardening, weather permitting, for daughter M. and hopefully having tea in Shrewsbury.
(Well it is my 37th wedding anniversary - I think I deserve a medal - not just tea!!)

Have a great Wednesday - now I must nip over to the lovely Julia's desk and see if she needs a little house elf to tidy it for her this week!!

Sunday, 10 April 2011

A splash of colour!

What an amazing weekend of glorious weather!
I just had to share the splash of colour in my garden at the moment.
Above is the Clivia with the view of Roundton behind it.

Next are the anemones - another gorgeous colour that makes the heart sing!

This is what Mum used to call Japonica but really it is Chaenomeles.

And lastly the vivid yellow Mahonia.

I love this time of year - don't you?!!

Oh and by the way - I saw a pair of swallows on a wire as I was ambling around the car boot sale today!

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

WOYWW - and signs of Spring!

Well here we are - Wednesday again - it seems to come round even faster these days!!
I hope you are all happy, healthy and busy. Thankfully, I am.

My table has a few things to share with you.
My Hangover and Hangabout are both hanging over my sewing machine and have now been added to our blog shop shelves. Both Wipso and I are busy making a few more of both, so by the time you read this there may be even more in the shop. (Click on the word "Hangover" in the left column in the shop).

So, you can see some lovely tartan and denim that I am going to make a more masculine style Hangover with.
Also, I found a gorgeous, deep pink jumper in a charity shop. It was just calling out to me to hot-wash and felt it. Not sure what I will make with it. Maybe another little outfit for a sock doll and some scented hearts.

The little note book has quotes at the bottom of each page.
I like this one ...

Constant kindness can accomplish much.
As the sun makes ice melt, kindness causes misunderstanding, mistrust, and hostility to evaporate.
Albert Schweitzer
(I am posting it in memory of another Albert - who died 22 years ago on the 5th April and who was the kindest Dad anyone could wish for.

And finally, just a few signs of Spring - hedgerow flowers, snapped on my walk down to our local car boot sale. No bargains but these lovely little violets, blackthorn blossom and primroses made up for it!

Have a great day everyone and I will pop over to Julia's tidy desk and join in with the WOYWW blog hop later.

Monday, 4 April 2011

Funday Monday!

As usual, Monday flew by with lots of laughter and crafty fun!
We sorted the concerns of the world and then got down to our planned crafty activities.
Firstly we awarded our final "Jo-annie".
Pop over to Sisters Crafty Creations to find out who won.
Whilst you are over there, check out the new shop contents list, with active links on the left hand side. It should make finding what you want easier.
Let us know what you think.
I have to say, we didn't agree on how to tackle the contents list - shock horror - Twiglet and Wipso near to blows??!!! Of course not - as usual, Wipso knew best and I had to agree that it looked good and will make life easier for all. We make a great team and can always sort things between us. "Give and take" as Grandma would have said.
(AND..... without Wipso's help, I have added my Hangover and Hangabout craft tidys to the blog shop. Sadly little Charity, my latest sock doll, never made the shelf. She was snapped up and is now winging her way north!!)

I had a great Mother's Day with daughter M. We had lunch out and then came back here to spend the afternoon in my craft room "dumfing". It was a lovely, girly time, spent chatting and creating. M. is a frustrated artist. She is just too busy to have much time just to chill out and craft, so it was a luxury for her to dip into our crafty stash and play!
Between us, we created some lovely little dumflings. She might let me show and tell when they are mounted.

Here is my card, that she made earlier.

And here is a little challenge that I was given last week.
I am really pleased with the result and think it looks good mounted up.

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Sweet Charity!

Meet little Charity!
Can you believe she is made from socks and a trimming from a charity shop item?
Well - plus a few hours of work too, of course!
Even her gorgeous, curly hair is made from recycled wool.
And yet, I think you will agree, she will make the perfect bridesmaid or party girl.

And then we have the neat little "Jozart" design for a "Hang-about"

I made this one in jazzy bright pink and black fabric with a black lining.
It has a weighted non- slip pad to balance it over the chair arm.
A great little aid for storing all those bits and bobs whilst you are crafting in front of the TV.

I shall pop them in the shop on funday Monday after we have awarded our final "Joannie" award.
Don't forget you have to be in it to win it!! Only 2 days left now!
The fab prize of mystery parcels worth a total of over £50 will go to one of our followers who has left a comment here.
So, if you want to sign up to the blog draw then pop over, become a follower and leave a comment!!
Good luck