Friday, 12 December 2014

Friday smile

Happy Friday!

This is what made me smile yesterday.
My daughter was busy making a Santa sack for baby Ben and as busy as a new Mum is, she was picking up her needle and thread inbetween feeds to blanket stitch round his name.

It made me smile as it is proof that all the hours we have spent together crafting have paid off!
AND - she is a left hander so has to work out how to do each new stitch she tackles for herself. I did say there is probably a left handers embroidery book out there but she is happy to muddle through. She certainly did a much neater, more accurate job than I would have done. Well done Max!

I am sure Annie will have lots more Friday Smiles over on her blog "A stitch in time" so pop over and see what is making everyone else smile this week.

x Jo


Annie said...

How lovely.....and so much more special than a bought one.
Annie x

Laura said...

Georgeous and so neat - I expect you have to be talented to join your family! :)

Hettie said...

Great stitching there. I do love a good blanket stitch and a left handed one is even better!
I found a left handed pencil this week for my sister! I kid you not!!

Robyn Oliver said...

Hi Jo, happy Friday, beautiful work by Max - she's a busy lady. Cheers and enjoy your weekend Robyn

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Beautiful stitching ! My son and I are a lefty two some. We work well together ~!, I at one time found a "Left Handers" catalog, which I mailed to him and he loved it. Even Journals come for Lefties. I adapted to some right items as no special golf clubs back then for me. Hugs to all.

JoZart Designs said...

It is so beautifully worked. Lot of love in there, don't you think?
Jo x

mamapez5 said...

Anything with Ben on makes me smile because it is my youngest son´s name. The stitching is so neat. She does very well. All sewing, knitting etc are harder left-handed, even if you naturally favour that hand, so well done to her. Kate x