Thursday, 8 April 2010

Yesterday I mostly dumfed in hot orange!

No not some weird pleasure of mine - dumfing along whilst bathing in hot orange - well apart from anything else, my machine is electric - could be dangerous!!

A customer of Wipso's requested orange brooches, so here is my stash of orange gorgeousness all ready to be dumfed into neat, little, hot orange dumflings!!

Ignore the tape measure - don't know why its there as I certainly don't measure my dumflings.

I just sat at my embellisher with the stash and a pair of scissors and just snipped, dumfed and beaded.

By the end of lovely day I had 6 juicy orange brooches finished. Wipso and D. came up for a coffee and collected them so that they could be on display ready for our favourite customer.

Here are the 6.
I will put the unsold ones in the blog shop soon.

Can you guess which one she bought?

I love warm, earthy colours so I may just keep my favourite for myself.

The pale ones may end up in our bridal department.

For anyone who is not sure what "dumfing" is all about, just follow this link to Wipso's blog for today, where she has composed an amazing description for you.


Julia Dunnit said...

Yummy. Cheerful, warming and pretty. Ilike the one withthe plaid background best.

Gez said...

Oh goodness they are ALL so beautiful how could anyone possibly choose just one. :) I do like the plaid one too.xx

mckinkle said...

What a super colour to dumf! Well if you're saying the pastel ones are going to be put into the bridal section in the shop then maybe she didnt pick them then!!
Couldnt possibly say what she woudl have chosen as theres the pastel ones and the hot orange, both sets are equally adorable! As Gez says, who could pick just one!

Super work Jo!

Keryn x

Lynne said...

Beautiful brooches, whenever I see your dumfings, I want to have a go myself! Love the colours.

Wipso said...

I really love them all and so did my special customer :-) but I know which one she bought :-)
A x

Jensters said...

I just love your Dumfing word now i know what it these orange brooches....well done.

Felted House said...

They are all lovely! I used to hate orange for some reason and had a very pastel and white phase especially in the garden, now I love it and grow many orange flowers (and purple and cerise - great contrasts!) xx

Paula Gale said...

I've seen all these IRL and they're gorgeous, very yummy and tactile.

Twiglet - it was so lovely to meet you yesterday, you are such a lovely pair of sisters and both very lucky to have each other, thank you so much for being a lovely hostess with Annie. We enjoyed it tremendously.

Big hugs

Paula x x x