Thursday, 29 April 2010

A mixed bag!

Well, four drawers are tidied now after yesterday's purge!

These are the ribbons all set to go back in the drawer, now that they are colour sorted into their chopped-off sweetie jars.

The lilac/white wedding horseshoe, in yesterday's pic, is now finished and ready to go in the blog shop later. It sort of created itself really. I dumfed yarns on felt. Then I added a hand embroidered motif from my up-cycled tablecloth and some more hand stitching and beads. I think the end result is certainly different!

I popped to see Wipso and trim yet another pair of curtains ready for her to finish. She loved the horseshoe and also the gorgeous yarns that I took to share with her.

One yarn in particular caught her eye - a lovely, raggy, bright pink one. She had a go at dumfing it and it looked good, so I guess you will see it on one of her fab dumfy pics sooner or later.

I picked up a really fluffy wool called Patons Softy, in creamy browns.
It just said " a certain bird" to me so I dumfed a bit onto a tiny scrap of black felt.

Here it is.....

Well, I am sure it will become a little card or picture and maybe I will make a bigger one.
Its funny, I never knew I could do any of this. Doesn't it make you wonder -just what is in this little old brain of mine?

Thanks for all your lovely comments. Its good to be surrounded by folk whose cup is always half full. Have a great Bank Holiday weekend!


Annie said...

Love the owl. What an inspired idea.

Kathy said...

ohhhh I wish your ribbon pic was click-on-able - I'd love a closer look!

As for the owl, well he's just soooo adorable!

Wipso said...

I'm certain there is lots we are capable of doing that we haven't had a go at yet and I'm pretty sure we will have fun finding out. Here's to many happy times together exploring all the new possibilities :-)
A x



Anonymous said...

TAHNKS FOR YOUR SHARING~~~VERY NICE.................................................

mckinkle said...

Oh those ribbons look very tidy, quite rainbow like now!

Look at your gorgeous owl! He is just too beautiful!

Have a fab weekend!

Keryn x

Hands to Work, Hearts to God said...

Yummy ribbons! Love the idea of putting all the same colors in one container!

Calico Kate said...

Very impressed with your organising - I've some mess up here if you would like to visit??!!